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  2. Katherine, which key factors influenced your decision to end the game? My guesses would be the dwindling player base, as well as the difficulties of creating updates. I think the game had a good direction, but the updates took extremely long, and the game was very hard for newer players to jump into. If you ever start a new game, I'd heavily suggest that it would be more welcoming to newer players. Another comment I had, was that the game didn't keep you interested; the over world felt empty, and void. If you ever create a new game, I'd suggest creating a global player-run economy. No game has ever tried this. What I mean by this, is that the players should be able to interact with, and influence the over world. An example would allowing players to create settlements. Not only would this encourage players to keep playing so they can constantly work on their settlement, but would encourage them to work with other players. I would also enjoy features besides just shooting. It may be a lot to ask, but I would've seriously enjoyed features like crafting resources, spells, custom character trees, abilities, etc. It would also be cool if you had races/clans that allowed you to play differently; what if you could play as a chimera character, and battle for control over the world. If you had control over a certain area via a settlement, you and your race/clan would have exclusive access to you shrines there. I know that this may not have helped that much, but I hope that you don't stop creating games. This game hasn't been out long, and yet it was a good concept, and was lots of fun to play. I hope you'll develop new games, and have a successful time.
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  4. I really enjoyed the time I spent with the game. Haven't played as much recently, but there were still times I'd come back to it for a few hours just to enjoy and de-stress. It's a shame that it'll be going down and I hope that everyone involved in making the game will be able to go on to make even more successful games. Also, I appreciate the Steam Wallet refund, although it really wasn't necessary. Once I've spent money on a game, I want that money to support the devs. But it's a very honorable thing to do, since the game is going down. I don't think that most devs would do that. Anyway, best of luck to all of you in your adventures! See you after respawn! <3
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  6. Came after break, saw only NPC's and old bugs just like it was before.. Went to forum just to say what do I think about that situation and then I saw this statement... Damn, i knew that It could happen since few months ago but still had some I still belive and had hope that maybe dev's will finally take a right course till game has some last chances to get up from knees somehow attract players to itself. Tbh There are no alternative games with that kind of gameplay other than rotmg or.. idk, have no other games like that in my mind. So much emptiness that this title had potential to fill up :< And now there are no other titles to migrate, spent too many hours in rotmg to even consider gettin back ughhh. Still have a little bit of hope that someday I will see unexpected msg in my mailbox about some ppl who would see trully potential of this game and try to make it right this time!
  7. PS - thank you, that seriously means the world Thanks for supporting the project, and thank you for the kind words!
  8. Hiya @RoryOz!! Yes, absolutely - full refunds will be issued. We have seen that sometimes these are rolling out in partial refunds, where a portion of the refund will be applied to Steam Wallet and the other will be applied to your credit card. For others, all of it is going to the Steam Wallet but Electrum purchases are being refunded before Support Packs go through. The full refund will process in the coming weeks, but if there are any long-term issues, please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll tackle it.
  9. There is no reason to get snippy. I'm sorry that it's somehow confusing to you but I read what you were saying just fine. This isn't what I wanted the end of my gaming time to be like here. And yet it's foolish to think any *online game* is going to still be there to play in the future. These games end. It's about value for the time being played. Going back and playing an emulated version of the game has nothing to do with anything, it is neither here nor there. Let me try to say a do-over to what I was saying and see if that helps. Before I talk about my original reply, what I was saying was this: The vast majority of us also only have time to play games one time, so that time is temporary, no matter if the games still exist or not. For *most of us* the games are a brief thing we enjoy and then move on to something else. We're getting value for our time. Yet that reply wasn't to you or about anything you said. You made a reply as if I was speaking to you. My original reply was to Trash Panda,. It was in direct reply to a statement he was making. I wasn't replying to you. I wasn't saying "all games end get used to it." to you. I was replying to the statement that Trash Panda made that said people are stupid to spend money on games that end. It had nothing to do with anything you were saying. And that's still what I'm talking about, value for money in games that end, people not being stupid for spending money on online games that go away. You act as if I was speaking to you for some reason. To clarify what I was saying to *him* - I wasn't saying they shouldn't be doing refunds. Refunds for money spent recenty or over certain amounts definitely is something most companies should do (the majority of "AAA" companies that have closed games have never given me refunds no matter how short of a time the game was up and it would have been nice if they did). I'm just saying that there is value in time played. I'm saying that people like Trash Panda who jump in and say "hahahahahha you dumb blippty blop you spent money on a game that's closing hahahahahaha" don't have that valid of a point because there is value in game play time. This game was always going to close eventually. Yes, we all would have wanted it to stay up as long as possible, but nearly every online game is going to go down eventually so it's about time value for the money and what that entertainment is worth to someone. Definitely there are recent charges and high charges that should be refunded, but even if they weren't there is still value for time played in games and I enjoyed my time playing here. Trash Panda doesn't have a point either way because there are refunds happening here, and I didn't mean to sound like I thought that shouldn't happen, but I just mean all games are temporary for the most part and so we get value out of spending money in them even if they aren't around anymore. What that value is, how much it is worth to you, that is up to each person and can and will be different for each individual. They are right to be doing refunds here, but there is also a value in the time played even if a game closes. It's about having fun in the moment, sometimes remembering that fun into the future, but it's about that current enjoyment. It's not about it being there forever. Although yes, I would have liked if this game was here forever. There are limits and amounts that all come into play but it's not a blanket statement that someone is dumb for spending money in a game that is closing. If I had only spent up to say $20 here, I wouldn't care if it was being returned or not. I had fun while it lasted so I would have got value out of that amount of money anyway, for instance.
  10. I have to question how much of my comment you actually read, or if you were just reading what you wanted to read. Not all games are temporary. I loved Dungeon Siege from back when I was a kid, and as an adult am still able to return to said game. It's not a live service tied to a central server, I'm always going to be able to go back to it. I enjoyed my time with Survived By and its development process, and now that experience has come and gone, but it would be foolish to think that all things are this way.
  11. Our game play time with them is temporary. How many games that you play and finish do you go back and play again? We still own the game, but it's very rare to play through them again when we're done with them. We keep our saves as if it makes a difference and to have our work, but our play time is a temporary thing. Are you saying you agree with Trash Panda? It's fine if you do, but I don't think what he is saying has much merit personally. Games are temporary, games as a service especially, they always close, but our game time with every game pretty much ends. We pack them up and move on. The majority of us don't keep our old consoles and games forever. It's about having fun while playing them. So Trash Panda laughing about people spending money on the game is ridiculous because we enjoyed it while playing. It's about the amount of gameplay time and fun we had while playing it. Sure, in an online game that closes too early that we spent too much money on that can be cut short, but for this game that our money is being refunded it doesn't come into play. And yet if it did, all games are really us temporarily playing them. We pay $60 for 20 hours of play quite often, then the game is shelved and doesn't get taken back out again, even if the option to do so is there.
  12. Hey, I'm really sorry about the decision the developer's team just made. I've spent a lot of time playing it: above 400hours on the beta test and the official release. It is a REALLY good game, what a shame it had to close down. I've read that there's gonna be a money refund to the people who spent money on this game, and I've seen people getting emails saying that they were qualified for a refund, but I've yet to get one. I had plans to keep on playing this game, but announcing you were closing it was a huge let down, but it's ok, things happen. I would like someone to ensure me I'm gonna get the money I spent supporting this game. Thanks in advance: Rory. PS: I don't know if it has to do with my emails. My steam email is different from my ingame email. steam: geomeep1@gmail.com and in-game: geomeep2@gmail.com PS2: OH YES, before I forget: @hh_katherine, you are one of the best community managers out there. I just wanted to say thank you, you are an amazing person, and I'll make sure to follow you on twitter
  13. Well, we're talking about live service games here. Traditional games aren't really temporary unless the physical medium is damaged or the digital files are corrupted/ lost.
  14. Yeah I had a lot of fun playing the game, I didn't waste anything. All games are temporary and only there to have fun while playing them. Just because I finish playing doesn't mean I've lost anything, I still had fun during the time I played. What game do we play forever? It's about the fun we have while taking part in them. And we normally don't get our money back at the end of our time playing like is happening here!
  15. Trash Panda is just our own little griefer and fail troll here at the forums. At least he admits he is trash I guess. Someone needs to give this little boy a spanking. I bought all the packs as well, because I work and have money to spend. That's hard for someone who doesn't do so to understand. They want their Mama to buy all their stuff for them, so assume that's what is happening when other people purchase stuff in games as well. There are ways to say things that get respected and listened to without making a complete weiner of yourself, but there are those that do not know how to do that. Spoiled children with no respect for others get to get away with this kind of stuff online, but won't last very long in the real world acting like this once they get out from under Mommy's skirt. Possibly he is a coward that only acts like this online and pretends to be a normal person in real life, frightened and trembling in fear to show who they really are unless they're anonymous. If this message needs to be deleted, so be it, but he's railing on people and being a jerk, so I should be allowed to respond to him as long as his posts get to stay.
  16. Since they returned the money they got from us, Steam took most of *our* money, not theirs. But hey I'm glad that you're so thrilled about it. PS: Fail troll is fail.
  17. I really liked this game. It is a pity that it was all over and I did not understand why you say that you returned the Steam money. The money was returned to you by the developers as promised in another topic. I did not regret the money invested in the game. I liked everything.
  18. Which is being refunded to me, and I got a fair deal of enjoyment in the process. Got to make multiple new friends and enjoyed using the discord emotes from the server.
  19. Guys I Can't stop Laughing I told you they would never bring back Auction Hause! 😆 there was one dumbass who spent all his time farming relics I forgot his name but there goes your farm 🤣! this is why you spend your time and money in game you know wont fail like final fantasy xiv a grind worth doing.. not this shit. . im glad steam took most of The Developers money because you guys were terrible terrible fucking developers and I feel bad I wasted 10$ on this game but feel happy steam took most of it 🤑
  20. hahahahahahahahahahahah I cant stop laughing all you idiots expecially that one dude who wasted soooooooooooo much money supporting this game!!!!!!!🤑
  21. Hey there, Ancestors! We've received a number of questions about what will happen with our official forums and Discord after our servers come down on April 19th. Because our servers are tied to the forums login, our forums will no longer be accessible and will be removed on April 19th. We have also decided to close the official Discord on the same date. We'll let you know specific times for the game, forums and Discord closure in the next few days. If you have shared any content to our forums that you wish to save, please take this opportunity to copy it to another location.
  22. 😭 There are some seriously heartwarming messages on here, thank you all for your support and appreciation for the game and the folks who worked on it. This doesn't have to be goodbye! Feel free to send me a friend request on Discord (HH_Katherine#7632) or on Twitter (@HH_Katherine) if you'd like to keep in touch. I'd like to host at least one more dev stream so we can have a little going away party for Survived By closer to April 19th. Stay tuned for details!
  23. Hiya Rehtael! Feel free to send me a friend request on Discord :)
  24. I am really sorry to hear this. I admit that it was a few months that i didn't play the game but in these days I was saying "I really should play Survived By again". It was really fun for me, even playing alone, and it was special in some way, because I played it since the alpha release. I would have really liked to see it develop as a complete game because, in my opinion, it has a great potential. However I understand your decision as developers. I will play again until the servers will be shut down, to say good bye to this amazing game. Thank you for what you have done for us players.
  25. A - This could be one of the best games on Steam if you fix all the bugs, relic loss problems, and AL problems. B - People would spend a lot of money on this game if the auction house and exchange were working. (Even more if you fix the broken crafting economy and sell drop rate potions.) C - New players would stick around for longer if you fix the Valr system. D - High level players would stick around for longer if they had something beyond Goliath to work towards. E - It is not impossible to create a clientside anticheat with serverside sanity checks to save money. F - All KPIs are deflated during Early Access due to uncertainty and preview mentality. People are waiting for you to 'finish the game'. There are only short-sighted reasons for something like this... either from the developers, their bosses, or the people funding it. Someone somewhere is not thinking very far ahead. Either that or someone ragequit and you don't know how to replace them? idk, but this is my favorite game and I am extremely critical of games, so think about it for a minute with careful consideration.
  26. Yeah, sharing and selling would keep the game alive. Try to sell drop boosters in store and I think it'll keep the game up
  27. @hh_katherine thanks for bearing with the community that threw some hurtful words to the team and especially to you. I really enjoyed this game despite being a buggy one, I wish you guys can still make the game alive because I really find comfortable playing it. I enjoy it despite being full of bugs and even though I die and rage one time, I went back here because I really enjoy this game. I was hoping that for years, game will thrive and be able to compete with some other games, but if that is not the case then so be it. Goodluck to the team and sending so much respect to @hh_katherine for being the very best community manager that I have ever seen in every games -Aeolia, fellow SB Player
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