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  3. Gerard_le_crabe

    Changes to Electrum Pack Pricing Incoming

    The free 150 electrum is great. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ For the open beta, I strongly recomand to wait after the rework of the crafting system and probably a balance/rework of the classes. The craft right now looks to much like a mobile P2W feature and may scare the players. And the classes balance doesn't feel good (at first glance: why play something other than harbinger?) My point is: nowaday triple A games use this term to put demos of their games, and so for a lot of player it means "demo of a almost finished product", and you risk that a good part of the steam comunity that will have access it will look at is as such, and may downvote it, hurting the visibility of the game. Anyway, it's just my opinion, and you probably thought about all of that, but I love the concept of your game and would hate to see the game faill because of that (a lot of bad review early one can really hurt a game). In an other topic, does the account reset will reset the ancestor name? My forum name and my ancestor name ain't the same and I'd like to correct that. ^^'
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  5. HH_katherine

    Changes to Electrum Pack Pricing Incoming

    Only the lowest one will be impacted! I can't say anything about the Early Access release date yet, but can't wait to share more with everyone.
  6. Ssslither

    Changes to Electrum Pack Pricing Incoming

    Does the value of the other packs change? Or just the cheapest one And can you hint us with open beta release date? Also is there going to be any sales soon? ๐Ÿค”
  7. Weโ€™re making changes to the content and pricing of Electrum Packs as we approach Steam Early Access and Open Beta. Upon launching in Steam Early Access, the plan is to change the 650 Electrum pack to contain 500 Electrum instead. The price will stay the same. There are many reasons for this change. Firstly, we wanted to reward Ancestors who were playing during Closed Beta and thank them for their support with larger amounts of Electrum for their money. Secondly, as part of launching in Early Access, we will be distributing 150 promotional Electrum to every Ancestor! Use this Electrum to kickstart your adventure in the Heartlands and begin building your legacy. When accounts are reset for Open Beta, you will receive the amount of Electrum you purchased, regardless of the price change. So if you purchased the 650 Electrum Pack during Closed Beta, you will receive 650 Electrum once Open Beta begins. If you have any additional questions about the change and what it means for you, donโ€™t hesitate to ask them in this thread!
  8. My bad, thanks for the correction
  9. After I crated account I will be stuck at please wait then it will crash. I tried banishing the character but it does not work. Please help!!
  10. Ssslither

    In case you are just coming back...

    t5 doesnt have level requirement and t6 is lvl20. T7+ is 25.
  11. Tazo

    Stats points messed up, or not?

    The hotfix solved the problem! My stats are alright now, and I didn't see anyone complaining about theirs anymore
  12. Last week
  13. HH_katherine

    In case you are just coming back...

    OH no!!! My brain eyes have failed me... Thank you @Skate !!! Forgive me, it's Monday... ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  14. Oof Mah heart mah soul
  15. HH_katherine

    Beta invite

    Hey there! We set your account as "active" on the backend manually, so you should be able to log in now Let me know what happens!
  16. HH_katherine

    I can not create a weapon

    Awesome, happy to hear it! Let us know if you have any other questions
  17. weapontinkerer

    loot resource

    so in a way you are getting 2x loot. because current loot drop rates are 10%. so if you add another 10% to that with the buff it is 2x or 100% more.
  18. SzRaPnEL

    Beta invite

    I have created new account on new email via the game menu. The email came and I was able to login. So I guess the original email will never come. Can you resend activation email to szrapnel@Gmail.Com?
  19. HH_katherine

    QoL change to quests

    Hey there Grizzly! So happy to hear you're enjoying the game - I recommend using the Challenges menu (its on the upper right corner of the screen under the minimap, looks like a ribbon.) From there, you can pick up new quests and challenges that can be activated from any place.
  20. HH_katherine

    Gaining Valr

    Hey there! Complete achievements and go on quests - that can be done at all levels and you will be awarded valr. Even low-level legacies can be turned into valr which can help you level the ones you like most!
  21. HH_katherine

    Some imprints don't display on the dismantling menu

    This sounds like a bug-I'll move it over to the other forum
  22. HH_katherine

    Beta invite

    Hey there! Don't forget to check your spam folders - some players' verification emails are being routed there and they are getting lost.
  23. HH_katherine

    In case you are just coming back...

    Thanks for making this @TheBlackKnight ! It's always helpful to have a compact list to save time if players prefer not to check out the patch notes.
  24. DangerCZE

    Multiple Suggestions

    Ah, sorry. The part with pets wasn't finished, copied it from my personal notes. There was supposed to be more. Anyway, latest update felt much better (with the attack not preventing regeneration). Some charms or legacies could for example provide some % of the regen to continue even when being hit. It would be nice mechanic to have 5-25% of your regeneration to work even during combat and when you step out a bit, you get full regen speed ๐Ÿ™‚ In any case, I'm in strong favor on polishing early/mid game and then focus mostly on endgame. You are inevitably going to end up with players strong enough to slice through early/mid game content easily. But that's fine and similar to max level character in any other game coming to start area. Only thing you need to handle is to prevent low level players getting through content easily with help of strong ones and you already handled this (low level players won't get XP this way and if they go to some hard instances to have chance for strong items, they have high chance of dying). That's why also think that level requirement on gear should not exist and instead it should be restricted just to any character on account being at the boss kill. Else it's just extra step for players to get next biggest advantage in order. So now players won't wear t9 on characters at lvl 1, they will equip t5 instead for leveling. If you decrease it, they will wear t4, etc... but they will need to store multiple sets and waste more inventory space. I personally prefer not laying annoying obstacles in front of players and let them enjoy the game with top gear they farmed hard and wish to risk wearing. Just look at RotMG, no level requirement. If you die at level 5 with your t9, it's your problem. In a game designed around dying, it will quickly become biggest reason to stop playing if you make the player to go through identical level 1-25 (new player without his top gear) experience before he can start doing something more fun at level 25.
  25. HH_katherine

    Help us pick our holiday skins and attachments!

    I love the idea of a snowflake set! So cute!
  26. HH_katherine

    Multiple Suggestions

    Thank you for your patience - lots to cover here! I'll take a pass on it and then send it along to see if others are able to chip in with their thoughts. T11 Dungeon - I love the idea of something happening above the clouds! Because the game does take place on a World Tree, it seems feasible that at some point we will be able to explore the branches at the top - perhaps this space could be surrounded by clouds? It would be fun to get in another diverse biome, so something up in the sky would be a lot of fun. Dragons are always super cool too - I wonder if we might be able to introduce some into the game apart from a new dungeon? Player Experience (Early-End Game) - I've heard some feedback that the early game is a little slow, but the addition of health regeneration in-game has made it more accessible after the removal of Vampiric and Rally. We're always looking for new ways to spice up the early game (like the new tutorial quest that was added recently) so please let us know if you have ideas there too! For second life -- I like the idea of gear being connected to boss kills on the account. I don't do the balancing, however, so I imagine that there's a reason we have this system in place. I'll see if Ryan is able to hop in on that. For mid-game -- I've also heard that T6 isn't as popular with players. I imagine that the slowdown has a lot to do with that, it would certainly be worth revisiting and considering the addition of a path. Chests/Potions/Loot - The feedback on chests is helpful, we're always continuing to balance things like that - the concept of pre-loaded "emergency" potions is neat too. We do have some ALs that activate that way, so perhaps this is something we'll be able to revisit in our major overhaul this January. Adjusting loot drop rates at higher tiers may also be feasible, although I know we moved away from loot dropping too easily, which is the problem we used to have. Perhaps in the process, this swung too far in the other direction! Game modes (challenge mode) - This would be really fun for post-release, some players have even advocated for the addition of a PvP server just for fun. It might be interesting to make a hard mode server that serves a similar purpose. Pets - ...are on the way! We've been planning on adding them for a while now, I'm very excited for them to arrive. Structures - have been requested a lot in accordance with clans/guilds. We have a few ideas on how players might be able to create structures (that wouldn't take over the Heartland or allow structures to get in the way of gameplay) that we'll share at a later time when we decide whether or not to move forward with it. Special End-Game Quests - this is also something we want more of in general - currently, there is only one Raid. More will be on the way! I like your idea of it being something that comes in waves, however, kind of like a special Well that can only be run with several players. That could be another fun way to earn Valr!
  27. weapontinkerer

    Stats points messed up, or not?

    we did have some issues with stats. we are still looking at them but the hotfix should have gotten it in a better position.
  28. weapontinkerer

    Prefix drop items bug

    we went from 90% or so to 5%. we had it so high before to let players test it in our beta.
  29. weapontinkerer

    Tempering Oil not working anymore?

    we are working on a fix for that. we noticed it locally as well.
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