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  2. Hello, yeah, when the hell did this got changed? Only can transfer one item right now after death and cant use eletrum anymore? Thats freakin stupid, lost some T10 gear now... Regards
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  4. Penrock

    PvP ideas

    I feel like you couldn't have pvp in this game without changing the whole game. I rather see clans in the game and have a more key dungeons with a leaderboard and do time trials with clans. Focus on adding more legacy cards so you can come up with different builds. Add more interesting dungeon mechanics to the raids.
  5. Kohder

    Error: User not found

    Same issue here... I created the account from inside the game, the "create account" option in the main menu, maybe the bug is because of this.
  6. HauteBanana

    Geomancer Improvements

    I started playing Survived By on early access launch. Since then, I've had around ~30 or more hours on geomancer alone and have solo'd every dungeon in the game except for t10. Geomancer IMO is a really fun class but is in need of some tweaks to make it more viable. In a stack ranked list, for the average player geomancer is the second worst class in the game, only above druid which is completely unplayable at the moment in end game content. From having been a main geomancer, here are my observations and various suggestions on how to improve the class. Observation: Geomancer's can play much more risky than most classes due to the turrets autoblocking bullets. At end game, each turret can block 1 bullet with a very brief invincibility frame. Turrets also shoot projectiles but these currently do negligible damage. Given that the turrets have limited use outside of bullet blocking, the majority of the geomancer legacy cards are useless. There are also some mechanical issues with the turrets such as them getting stuck behind walls. The class currently is not rewarded for risky play (up close) but turrets also don't do enough damage to try and keep them alive. Tuning the ability to reward risky play would be interesting as the game is currently missing a up close shotgun class. Alternatively, the ability can also be revamped to encourage long distance play through having high damage droppable turrets or auto-locking projectile turrets with increased damage. Example: In t10 harbringers and alchemists can do long distance ability damage and sentinels provide AOE bullet block with infiltrators scouting plus up close ability burst damage. Geomancers turrets don't do enough damage long distance (or any really) to justify using the ability. I usually play up close with a penta wavy but arguably sentinels can do this better while providing team wide anti-bullet coverage. Geomancers are currently like a more mobile but significantly gimped version of sentinel. --- These are the immediate issues that should be addressed: #1: Give turrets the same move speed as the geomancer. At end game, you walk much faster than the turrets. This leads to the turrets disappearing off screen and getting stuck behind things. Alternatively, just always have them circle the geomancer #2: Rework all of the turret related geomancer cards. The AOE splash causes massive lag for the entire party in dungeons while doing no material damage. The damage reduction is useless as each turret only absorbs one shot end game anyway. The poison DOT from turrets also does no material damage. #3: Taking damage while the turrets are active leads to screen briefly flashing red as if the character was hit normally. This is extremely confusing because you can't immediately differentiate between being hit with turrets active, and just being hit normally. #4: Turret ability requires manual reactivation when all crystals are broken. The sentinel has a AOE shield that blocks all bullets for the entire party as long as energy lasts. Given the limited nature of geo's ability, why can't it also automatically reactivate or be contingent on energy availability? --- Suggestions: As turrets are currently meat shields that do limited damage, the ability should either optimize the meat shield portion, or, damage. Examples would be: #1: On the meat shield end, turret projectile can be removed completely. Instead, each crystal that is up should provide a bonus to stats. For example, each crystal provides a 10% damage buff. Ideally, these crystals automatically reactive given energy availability #2: On the damage end, maybe have the turrets be droppable. This would be similar to the alchemist splash poison except the droppable would be a turret that targets monsters in its vicinity. Would be cool to have this droppable turret take aggro priority from monsters. #3: Just substantially increase the turret damage. Maybe short range turret shots, or, auto targeting long range shots. #4: Alternatively each turret could provide a party buff / enemy debuff. That way, the geomancer is incentivized to not break crystals as his party damage would suffer as a result. Happy to discuss any of the above.
  7. vanRooD

    Adding mounts to the game

    Sounds great to me, thumbs up
  8. Zomby

    EA Week 2 - Hotfix 1

  9. TwojStaryPijany

    Adding mounts to the game

    It seems to me that added mounts that would give us bonuses to speed or could somehow help in the fight, what do you think about it?
  10. Maka06

    Duplication items

    Obviously some have found a way to duplicate items! 6 bow for sale t10 lvl12 same prefix/suffix.... What are you going to do to correct that? Reset our accounts again? 🤬
  11. DisgracedVirgin

    Error: User not found

    I let my friend log on for me from his PC and it worked, just that I can't log in from mine.
  12. Pink

    Introducing: The World Tree Warden

    We have a big issue, of duped T12 bows all the same on the market and needs urgent attention. lots have already sold. but they keep making more
  13. Keie

    EA Week 2 - Hotfix 1

    Jumped in well again, still same max slots (as seen with creating new and with bard). Is there some limit to times new slot is given?
  14. A person who has invested his real money to buy Electrum has the right to choose for what price to exchange for a free game currency in the game.
  15. @HH_Amethyst Just saw this, thank you so much! I was so happy when it was fixed. now we face another issue though.. dupers are taking over the market, please be available ASAP.
  16. Pre-Distortion

    buffs missing

    I bought the Birthright supporter pack today and activated potions to increase resources and experience, after death the buffs disappeared. Strange, but the buff on reducing crafting remained.
  17. depzaikogiongaj

    Error: User not found

    i have the same issue but i can't fix it.
  18. demminik

    EA Week 2 - Hotfix 1

    This wasn't fixed. The Auction House has this problem aswell.
  19. Hello, I have started playing quite and noticed that jump from tier 6 to tier 7 is significantly harder than any before. I totally understand these are dynamics of the game but curse of cowardice (that werid debuff stealing your stats) makes it impossible to solo it with full T6 equipment unlike any dungeon before where you could solo any next tier when fully equipped with tier lower equipment (it was hard but possible). I can not solo dungeon T7 to get catalists needed to craft items T7 so I can not get items T7 so once again I can not solo this dungeon nor any tier higher. Depending on other players is almost impossible 99% of times no one is even around T7 entrance. (I ask quite frequently if anyone is interested in t7, but in the long run it may just cause me to get muted by half of the server) So my final conclusion is that any debuff punishing you for time you take to kill the boss is just a very dumb idea, because it pretty much make you depend on higher level players to complete it and with current size of playerbase, good luck finding someone with higher level willing to help you with that. tl;dr remove curse of cowardice in t7 dungeon this makes it impossible to solo that dungeon with t6 equipment
  20. BreadSlice

    How to equip prefix in weapon?

    Prefixes can only be added to items when crafting, not to already existing items. When you attempt to craft an item with an appropriate prefix/suffix in your inventory (or vault), you will see an "Add Imprint" button appear below the ingredients window. Each imprint formula adds a 20% chance to generate the weapon with that specific imprint. Therefore, it will take 5 imprint formula to guarantee 100% certainty the item is crafted with the desired prefix/suffix. Existing Items that already have a prefix/suffix can be re-rolled to a different prefix/suffix with a somewhat similar process using the Reroll Prefix/Suffix menu, but again it is not possible to add a prefix/suffix to an existing item that does not already have one.
  21. TermsOfService

    EA Week 2 - Hotfix 1

    Whatever was done to the game, i can't play again, it was working before this update, now i'm locked out again
  22. How to equip prefix in weapon?
  23. TermsOfService

    EA Week 1 - Hotfix 6

    I was able to connect to NA servers for the past few days, now i'm back to square one and unable to connect to any servers, "Error : Request timed out" is all i keep getting. My internet connection is fairly decent, i have tried to select every single server in the settings without using Auto-Select Server with no results yielded. I really wish this Hotfix was set as a priority due to it being a major concern that doesn't allow people to play the game at all, it should be fixed before in game bugs causing problems to players. I really am trying my best not to get frustrated but i'm sure you can see why i would be frustrated when i spend a lot of time just trying to login, sometimes hours and then giving up. Also i am from the UAE, in case you were wondering.
  24. BreadSlice

    Sub-Servers/Realms Issue

    If you view the settings BEFORE logging into the game, the SEVER SELECT option is available. Using the drop-down menu, you can select a specific server. Avoid hitting the "button" below the drop-down menu, as I think it may "override" your manually selection.
  25. SearedConscience

    5+ Crafting potions in AH by same person

    Only possible to get one of these per account? Unless you buy them off other people, coincidence that the same two people are flooding the market with potions? I bought a few being pissed off at the fact that I still haven't gotten mine back. Hope I don't lose these too lol
  26. 我已经注册了一个帐户并进行了验证。为什么我找不到USER?
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