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  2. "Clearly...I will go sailing, no more" The Legacy of survivors has ended. The Tower is now desolate and abandoned. Those few who live now in hiding. They were unable to recover the legacies of war. Their beacon of hope is now crushed. These are dark days. Humanity has lost the fight.
  3. I second Ultimax: The game is pretty broken now. You die and you don't get your stuff back, fusing charms to level them up freezes the blacksmith and you can't use that one anymore. You guys should unlock all crafting for free and 0 craft time so people can enjoy the game for the last week.
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  5. can you unlock everything too since there is no ingame purchase available now?
  6. I signed up in september 2017 in hopes of a very quality game (also got to aquire a og name <3) I still have yet to touch this game but its sad to see that it will be going away 💔 . orginally for whatever reason i was never sent a beta code till i brought up to the staff that i had been signed up for a year and no key had been sent to me and had a small issue where my name was changed which was very upsetting but all said and done it was fixed ❤️ . i will see you guys back on rotmg
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    Game chat

    i had a friend who had the same issue thank you for the fix <3
  8. Most of this patch was work we already had completed, we just wanted to release these updates to make the rest of the game's life a smoother experience and to add a few fun skins we had ready for spring
  9. so why are you patching a game you decided to stop developing patching is a form of developement
  10. Any chances survived by will thrive?
  11. A quality of life update for those still playing, plus a few departing gifts... Gameplay Added T11 and T12 Conduit of Fire Added T11 and T12 equipment and relics Season changed to Spring Added Nearby, Search and Disband to Social menu Added Bunny and Bee skins Server shutdown notices are now more obvious Weekly bloodstone cap information added to Objective menu Replaced low health heartbeat sound with whispers Removed confirmation screen when spawning a bounty monster Fixed a bug where character create could break when pressing Esc Fixed a bug where the Ancestral Legacy screen could break after dying Fixed a bug where Valr totals could be incorrect Fixed a bug where completing a Challenge showed every reward you could get not every reward you did get Fixed a bug where item modifiers were not correctly displayed before dismantling an item Fixed a bug where selecting Main Menu would log the player out Fixed a bug where only one Legacy could be purchased at a time with Valr Fixed a bug where pressing backspace while in the Ancestral Legacy menu would select a legacy Fixed a bug where reaching level 25 for the first time was not unlocking a character slot Fixed a bug where the Sentinel buff was not applying immediately to other players in the radius Fixed a bug where quest interactives were leaving collision behind when they were not present Fixed a bug where new account registration could silently fail when double clicking on the creation button Fixed a bug where damage scaling was not working properly in the T10 Conduit of Fire Fixed a bug where players were not getting free Ancestral Legacy slots for dying in the Well if they were already at the cap Fixed a bug where the FTUE could break if the player reached level 10 before turning in the quest Fixed a bug where quest givers were still showing ! even after the quest was complete Fixed a bug where Rose to the Occasion flowers didn't drop for nearby players on the same quest Fixed a bug where the tooltip for the cowardice debuff was incorrect Fixed a bug where the buff from the Obsidian Crystal Cluster was not stacking properly Fixed a bug where consuming a relic for the first time provided twice the bonus until logging out then back in again Fixed a bug where players could skip quest steps by click spamming Fixed a bug where empty quest progress could be displayed when not on a quest Fixed a bug where emoji binding was active outside of text entry Fixed a bug where cowardice debuff could be applied even if the boss was dead One more attempt to fix the Locus getting stuck in an invincible state
  12. when i will be refunded? sorry for this but u mentioned.
  13. sadly I didn't get any refund to my wallet, but it was a good game while it lasted.
  14. ii purchase something but in beta not on steam i will be refund too ?
  15. @hh_katherine why not sell to deca games the game
  16. I guess it's time to go to Steambirds Alliance now
  17. We haven't finalized our plans for the time between now and April 19th since development has stopped, but I will keep you posted if this is something we can accommodate.
  18. Can we take off the valr cap since the servers are going soon?
  19. Hi Sniper! We haven't settled on a release plan quite yet, but we'd like to try and make more of this content available before the servers go down - stay tuned and I'll update as soon as I can!
  20. I enjoyed the game, too bad it didn't work out. Since you guys are shutting down the game in a couple weeks, can you unlock everything in the game? Make all dungeons and crafting free/cost 0 materials so everyone can enjoy all aspects of the game they didn't get a chance to get to. That would be pretty awesome.
  21. I enjoyed the game, too bad it didn't work out. Since you guys are shutting down the game in a couple weeks, can you unlock everything in the game? Make all dungeons and crafting free/cost 0 materials so everyone can enjoy all aspects of the game they didn't get a chance to get to. That would be pretty awesome.
  22. Pretty sad. But the development was pretty slow, and with things that were not fixed for a long time. And you tried to publish it in early acces? why? Anyway, good luck to the team. And if you would expose the "vision you originally conceived" to the players, and why you feel you won't be able to reach it... that'd be great.
  23. Katherine, which key factors influenced your decision to end the game? My guesses would be the dwindling player base, as well as the difficulties of creating updates. I think the game had a good direction, but the updates took extremely long, and the game was very hard for newer players to jump into. If you ever start a new game, I'd heavily suggest that it would be more welcoming to newer players. Another comment I had, was that the game didn't keep you interested; the over world felt empty, and void. If you ever create a new game, I'd suggest creating a global player-run economy. No game has ever tried this. What I mean by this, is that the players should be able to interact with, and influence the over world. An example would allowing players to create settlements. Not only would this encourage players to keep playing so they can constantly work on their settlement, but would encourage them to work with other players. I would also enjoy features besides just shooting. It may be a lot to ask, but I would've seriously enjoyed features like crafting resources, spells, custom character trees, abilities, etc. It would also be cool if you had races/clans that allowed you to play differently; what if you could play as a chimera character, and battle for control over the world. If you had control over a certain area via a settlement, you and your race/clan would have exclusive access to you shrines there. I know that this may not have helped that much, but I hope that you don't stop creating games. This game hasn't been out long, and yet it was a good concept, and was lots of fun to play. I hope you'll develop new games, and have a successful time.
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