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  1. 500 Electrum for 10 Vault space. 250 Electrum for 10 Inventory space. 60 Electrum for 1 Legacy slot.
  2. It's only a minor bug/problem but I when trying to speak french with someone in game, I noticed that french special characters were not showing : Characters like : é è ê (^ on any letter â ê î ô û) ë (¨ on any letter ë ï ü ) ç à Some of these have their own keybinds on an azerty keyboard (because they are used a lot) so if they don't work it's a bit annoying because we have to go out of our way to type differently. I guess it does the same with other languages.
  3. NA servers have a lot of problems right now, we have to wait for them to be fixed. What you can try in the meantime : - In the main menu go to settings => server select and pick one of the european server; I'm playing on them since early access launch and never had any rollback (some disconnect yesterday but that's all) - If you happen to see a "Request timeout" popup I would suggest restarting the game to be sure the server is still saving your progression.
  4. I never got the cowardice debuff on it, are you sure you are inside its arena ? it's quite small. Once you know the tactic its probably one of the easiest boss, there is a safe spot behind the rock where you are 100% safe from its flame attacks and still able to hit it if you aim at its right side : The only dangerous part are the adds, just focus them asap.
  5. There is a limit on how many ancestral legacies you can carry. (this limit can be increased by dying in the well or with Electrum) It's on the bottom left, you are currently at 12/10, decide of 2 legacies you don't want, select them and click "consume". This will destroy the selected legacy and give you Valr in exchange. I see that you have 600+ Valr, don't forget to use it to upgrade your current legacies before clicking next or you will lose it. ( I suggest upgrading "Followup" It's a great one)
  6. I think the main problem with how the Business model is badly perceived by new players come from 2 points : Inventory frustration + Front-loaded cash shop Inventory frustration I know that the current inventory is manageable, I played like that in closed beta, it was okay. But new players don't have the knowledge that we do, they hoard plenty of useless items, don't know what to throw, what to sell, what to keep. The result is that by the time they reach T2 / T3 they are struggling with inventory, scrapping for every slot, feeling like they have to leave useful items behind because they can't carry them That's when the second point come into play. Front-loaded Cash shop What do I mean by front-loaded cash shop ? Well, it's everywhere ! I think almost every screen (Inventory, Vault, Auction house, Craftsman, ...) has a shortcut in it that lead to the Cash shop or spending Electrum. I don't think it's a problem in itself, I even think it's just good user interface. (And removing these shortcuts to just put everything into the store would just feel like hiding the dust under the carpet tbh) The problem is that new player are already frustrated with the inventory, and everywhere they look in the game they see the cash shop. It feels like a set up, like the game tries to force them to purchase more inventory while not giving them enough to work with from the beginning : It feels like a cash grab. What to do ? Educating new players on inventory management(what to keep / sell / throw) is not enough, most of them will never set foot in the forums and even less on the discord. I don't really like to tell people how to handle their business model, I don't want freebies (we already had a few) I already purchased an inventory / vault size I'm comfortable with. But right now new players feel frustrated playing the game, and you should never feel frustrated playing a video game (at least not continuously). ------- So what to do to relieve that frustration ? my take on it 1. Inventory start to become an issue for new players around T2/T3, that's when they start looking around and only see the cash shop. Give them something else to look at : I propose a quest (poping up after killing the T2 or T3 boss for the first time) from the Craftsman or another NPC, retrieve some T1/T2/T3 component for him and he will reward you with a +10 vault upgrade. 2. In the late game, have another +10 vault upgrade behind a late game / early late game achievement (maybe killing all the normal bosses ? or all the hard bosses for more late game) This will push the Vault to 40 slot, which I think is a good spot for it. It will still feel a little restrictive in the late game (charms and imprint start to take inventory slots, high level equipment start to become more valuable) but not enough to be frustrating. 3. I also think a third character slot could be good, It could be earned after dying in the well with each of the 6 classes for exemple. ------------------------------------- One last point, it has nothing to do with the business model. It's about communication. You are one of the most communicative Dev team I've seen but ... Right now your communication is not that visible to new players. A lot of new players won't come here or on the discord, their first stop will be steam and the steam forums. Some more interested users will eventually go to Reddit and right now your communication on steam forums and reddit is very light. I know that the whole team is very busy squashing bugs, fixing servers and other problems but presence on these media is required right now. When new players see a lot of cash shop, a lot of servers problems (registration, downtime, rollback) and no >visible< communication from the dev team, it contribute to make the game feel like a cash grab for them, like you don't care. It could be some pinned post on steam / reddit : a roadmap for them to see what is coming in the future, a post linking to Discord and the Official forums, a post acknowledging the current problems with the servers or the game, ...
  7. To unlock Sentinel => Die with a lvl 25 Infiltrator in the well.
  8. Were your characters on the yellow stuff on the ground ? If so it's normal, you can stay a few secondes on it but after that it start dealing damage and it ramp up fast
  9. By default you are limited to 10 legacies, on your first death you probably unlocked way more than that (I was at 45+ on my first death). Choose the 10 legacies you want to keep and consume the others (select one, click consume), this will destroy these legacies and give you Valr in exchange. Once it's done don't forget to upgrade your legacies with all the Valr you gained dying/consuming or it will be lost forever.
  10. In your craftsman you have access to recipe to transform materials into higher tiers of materials. For exemple you can transform 5 raw strands into 1 Thread, etc. You can sell them in one of the auction house (one is for item, the other is for materials) If you really don't need these materials you can also drop them in the center of town, I'm sure a lower level player will be happy to find them ^^
  11. If it's the first dungeon, it's only a solo dungeon now. From T2 and above you can enter with other people.
  12. You can queue crafting now, it is linked to the level of your craftsman. My Tier 7 Crafter can queue 6 items, he still craft them one by one but you don't have to sit around for each one, just queue 6, come back to claim them and re-queue 6.
  13. You can queue crafting now, it is linked to the level of your craftsman. My Tier 7 Crafter can queue 6 items, he still craft them one by one but you don't have to sit around for each one, just queue 6, come back to claim them and re-queue 6.
  14. The part of the UI where you choose to sacrifice gear or send it to Kin seems to be confusing to people, they spend their starting Electrum by mistake : https://steamcommunity.com/app/606140/discussions/0/1744479698801116088/ It probably could be more clear of have a confirmation pop-up to explain they are about to spend Electrum.
  15. This post is quite old, a good part of it is still relevant but take into account that some things may have changed since : This map show how to travel between zone (ignore the t6 quest givers mark) : There is also the official wiki, it's also not updated completely so be careful : https://survivedby.gamepedia.com/Survived_By_Wiki
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