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  1. Yes, 1 imprint= 20% chance for It. It reads right there in the crafting recipe..
  2. For stats, use primary and secondary as indication of the stats, like they are ingame. ( seen in char creation) I like the sound of couple classes here.
  3. Search kelphaz in youtube
  4. We have set items as gear prefixes. But i guess thats not what you mean here
  5. Frag is overall a Very solid prefix. Good dmg, good range, good energy gain. Wavy penta has the potential to best DPS. I woulndnt use this prefix on squishy classes tho, unless you are powerful enough to 1 shot everything. Including t9/t10 content. All of the 4+ shot patterns fallen into that gategory, penta does More dmg per shot than quad, But quad wavy has much better shot pattern, making It easier to confirm all bullets. Long rico is only good for energy gain, it has propably the lowest damage out of all prefixes. Piercing could be good on other classes But harb. Just have to aim a little. I believe its dmg stays the same compared to standard bullet pattern. Double helix and triple shot are decent. Not best at anything But not total garbage either. Short But powerful has like 75% range compared to standard. 1.3x damage modifier tho. I recommebd using multiple shot prefixes
  6. I agree that they should 1) make AI much harder. More complex bullet patterns, faster reaction time for shooting real players, faster fire rate. 2) give players More abilitys, maybe in form of legacies, which would alter your special ability. Example. Geomancer turrer count. More turrets. Less turrets. Druid bear basic attacks, ability to have penta, or double helix, or long range richo, gives us options god damnit. Sentinel aura size. I want an aura that is the size of t4 boss area. I also want an aura size of 6 tiles, so i can barely fit into It, But make It for example, reflect some bullets back. Maybe make this aura rectangle to make It easier to aim. 3) give bosses More Moves across the board. I want oryx like moves, where there are different dodging phases, or anything But straight forward shotguns.
  7. DoT's used to be alot stronger. Good old days of having full t8 and Still dying to 1 poison projectile from t8 Obviously they nerfed all dots, But oozes are Still extremely dangerous. And you might have found the reason why, "greater" mobs are t9 monsters.
  8. And/or time leaderboards for Every t9+ dungeon. Fastest clear. ( maybe seperate leaderboards for solo and party )
  9. Very well made post and as stefan, i agree with pretty much everything. Good research and valid points, HH take notes fast GB Shade
  10. Most imprints modify your basic attack dmg. In this case, long ricochet greatly weakens it, in trade for long range and homing projectile bounce. Simply reroll prefix to fix It.
  11. Hi, i managed to make t10 bow ( First t10 item in EA? ) Anyways, i added 5 imprints, 3 of them were prefix imprints, and the bow came out with double suffix. Now i dont know if this is intentional, but it seems like a bug to me. And i would be ever grateful if you could fix it somehow. ( maybe somehow add prefix to it:D )Dedication of dedication seems not right to exist. i have video proof of the crafting cause i know something can go very wrong when you craft stuff, and well, i was not wrong
  12. So yesterday, i still had multiple days left on the potions, and when i logged back today they were gone, again. seems that the bug isnt entirely fixed? ive seen people complain about the same bug on official discord recently. EDIT: seems like they are also gone from my vault, which i hadnt used yet
  13. Yes, It kinda sucks you cant change the MAIN color in most of sentinel skins, just some small details that are left unseen. Same with New harb skins.
  14. You can see the chimera status buff in the buff bar. It shows 30s timer and counting.. But i do agree that they should make It clearer. All the things in this post are valid
  15. When i last tested it, It turned me into druid bear.
  16. Search for House of TAG tutorials in youtube
  17. Ryan. Suffix crafting is not a issue, never was. It is perfectly clear. Prefix crafting however is really unlcear. Tons of New items (brändin) that there is no explanation how to use and where to use. Do i need all of these items to upgrade 1 prefix level? Or just some? Which ones? If i need all items is It really worth? These New materials are SUPER expencive and we dont know the benefit of upgrading prefixes yet.
  18. Its not really a wall. The game just becomes More unforgiving. Dodging and using your energy smart etc becomes so much More important. Me and my friend have multiple times ran new player experience runs, meaning we dont use our bank, or our legacies. Our current record is getting full t8 set in 2h and 30mins with brand New fresh characters. Its all about game knowledge and less about the gear. Recently we duod a t3 hardmode dungeon using only thorns gear. No relics and our legacys were lvl 1. So no real benefit there either.
  19. Here is TAGS video explaining it
  20. You rejoice in the fact that his sons will benefit from his sacrifice.
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