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  1. I am adding some brainstorming I had about some new classes in the game. After I thought the first 3 of them I read that there is a subclass system incoming and I was ''oops'', this changes things a little. Also the bishop class has been suggested recently again as clergyman I see (it's very similar). Despite these two facts I decided to add whatever I thought of, the way I thought of it, and then the devs can mix and match whatever they like from different posts/add features. The two first classes are support classes, they are supposed to have a playstyle that (even without legacies) is suitable to assisting groups of people. The two second are solo. CLASS: RUNEKEEPER Availability: from beginning Concept: Inspiration drawn by a blend of fantasy games were usually dwarves use runes to craft and augment their weapons and the blacksmith from Asterix (I realised I had the second one in mind while I was writing it xD). In SB the concept can be changed a bit to make him a human and add some original visual/lore elements. Appearance: Medium sized red hair and moustache (no beard). Carries a smithy's hammer and a round shield, a couple of sacks in his belt. Wears a standard celtic-roman fashion helmet. Gameplay: Standard attack: throws a magical hammer bullet. Special attack: emits a circular radius buff (like a shrine) that gives him and the surrounding allies extra damage for their next two attacks. Stats: High potency, normal-to-high focus, low endurance. CLASS: BISHOP Availability: die in the Well with Runekeeper Concept: A battle cleric, struggling for originality. Hey! He shoots white lightning balls (I remember in chemistry where we had learned that the purer a combustion is, the more the colour moves from orange to blue to white and I thought ''hey that is cool for the holy visual effect in fantasy games, bright white blinding light, not the usual beige'' ). Appearance: Bald, stern, no facial hair. Wears a robe with pieces of chainmail and carries a huge two handed mace/sceptre mix of a weapon. Gameplay: Standard attack: Throws a bright, pure white lightning ball. Special attack: heals himself a small amount and throws fast (I was thinking vanguard speed, so no exploitation by speed buffs) healing bullets in a circular radius that heal his allies for more. Stats: High endurance, normal-to-high focus, low swiftness. CLASS: HYDROMANCER Availability: from beginning Concept: An eccentric mage with the ability to manipulate water. Inspiration drawn from many different fantasy sources I suppose, I hope there is something original here. Appearance: Long grey hair, moustache, no beard. Has a face that shows benevolence and absent-mindness. Wears some kind of fancy robe, with two cloth stripes protruding and waving as he moves. The stripes are the weapons. Gameplay: Standard attack: Throws a jet bullet of water. Special attack: Becomes water and surges forward a small distance, damaging enemies for a small amount and being invulnerable while he does so. Stats: High swiftness and potency, low endurance. CLASS: PROPHET Availability: die in the Well with Hydromancer Concept: a prophet from the days of old, his lineage had predicted the coming days and what will happen in the future. He is a loner as his warnings, as true as they may be, make society fear him and shun him. Appearance: Medium gray hair, moustache, beard. Has an appearance that shows tiredness but determination. Few, simple clothes and carrying a holy book on one hand and a walking stick on the other. Gameplay: Standard attack: Fireball! Special attack: calls down the mightof his God, creating a vertical fissure in front of him that damages enemies and either stuns them or forming an impassable terrain (the second is more interesting but would be hard to be implemented with other players in mind) Stats: High willpower, normal-to-high endurance.
  2. The ancestral system is the unique feature of this game. It's what got me to say: ok something new, I will try this game out and invest some time in to it back when you guys were advertising on Facebook. I died today and took a glimpse of my family tree (Glory for house Mac Uwan!) but would like to be able to take a peek at that at any time during the game and not only when I am facepalming because I went to a dangerous area too quickly. It adds some flavour and it would be nice showing a friend this game and showcasing all the dead heroes who made your present day champion to what he is, don't you guys think? Maybe you would be able to see other people's family trees as well if they desired to share it with you with some way.
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