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  1. You can farm some T8 keys and sell the items to get silver originally. You don't have to buy keys, it just makes the process quicker.
  2. Foreword I see many people who have issues with the current crafting system and say it is tedious or needs to be reworked. I agree with these people that it definitely needs a rework, but I also have some tips to speed up this part of the game. Background The method is actually pretty simple and involves dismantling. Certain tiers such as 1, 3, 5, 8, and 10 have a set of increasingly expensive materials that must be made from 5 of each specific material from the previous tier. This makes any attempt to farm these materials for the higher tiers tedious. However, dismantling an item of the same tier of material you are farming for (usually to unlock the crafting tiers or craft up to a higher tier material) yields multiple materials of that tier. Method First, go to the treasure hunter and buy as many keys of the tier of material you want to farm. The prices may seem pretty high, but you have to consider the fact that T8 items sell for 5000 silver each. (Also note that for each tier of keys you buy, the dungeon boss can drop the next tier's key while the dangerous chest can give you the same tier's key back) You can do runs of the T8 originally to gain a small fortune to fuel your material farming. Now, go farm the dungeon for as many items as your keys allow you to get. As I said earlier, this method allows you to get materials of the same level the items, allowing you to get loads of T8 materials while skipping the other tiers of crafting. Final Word This method still takes time but for right now it is the most effective way to farm materials until a rework is made for the crafting system. Have fun and have a good day!
  3. While what Katherine said is true, an effective method is to farm lower tier dungeons many times to find items to reroll and then dismantle them once they have the preferred prefix and suffix.
  4. If you press R to return to the tower right before entering a portal it breaks your teleport and continues the animation indefinitely. You can function normally other than the fact you can't teleport back to tower.
  5. If you press R to return to the tower right before entering a portal it breaks your teleport and continues the animation indefinitely. You can function normally other than the fact you can't teleport back to tower.
  6. You still walk with the wings so that isn't an issue at all. Either way there should be a warning or a change.
  7. You should be able to use one footprints and wings together. Especially because it shows nowhere that you can't use one of each at the same time so people will buy them without realizing they can't stack.
  8. They send out keys every Wednesday.
  9. You might want to check the join date on my profile as well. It's entirely possible somebody joined before you.
  10. Your name was set to MEME3 because there was 2 other people who set their name as meme before you.
  11. I'll edit the guide to include the location.
  12. The scavenger relics increase drop chance by much more than they say they do. It is a massive difference and very obvious when you have the relics.
  13. Are you asking how to get to it or how to actually complete it once you're in it? For the former, you have to craft a hard key from the T9 material section in the crafter (you have to scroll down in that section) and open the T2 portal with the hard like normal. For the latter, there is a section for the T2 hard dungeon here.
  14. I'm gonna go over this part specifically a bit. I will agree some of the pricing is off, but it's in testing right now and will probably be tweaked in the future. You can get electrum from the bloodstone exchange once there is a market going. "It seems to cost money just to use this game's form of a bank?" Just not true at all, what do you mean by this? And you absolutely do not have to spend money to play other classes at all, it may need to be more clear but reaching level 25 with a class for the first time gives you a free character slot (Note this is the first time with EACH class allowing you to unlock multiple character slots for free).
  15. Look under materials in the T9 crafting. You'll have to scroll down, but they're there.
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