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  1. The T7 dungeon is just not "balanced" at the moment. I got stuck too and went straight to T8. It's a big jump. Dodging and moving slow is certainly going to help you but yeah... for now just skip T7. The boss is really hard w/ T6 gear. T8 is crazy easy though.
  2. Qareca

    SA Server

    This makes me very, very glad. Thanks! (y)
  3. Qareca

    Question about legacies

    Oh, no. It's definitely consistent. Hahahahaha. I didn't know about "chance" thing. I just read, complete this and premium legacy, assumed there wasn't a chance involved. Thanks @KararTY and @hh_katherine. (y) Maybe this should be explicit inside the game, in the tutorial or the challange / achievement UI.
  4. Hello! I'd like to know how the challenges and achievements system works (regarding rewarding legacies) or if there's something off at the moment. I've been completing them and killing my characters but the amount of legacies that I get is different from the amount of challenges completed. I get far less than expected. So I'd like to know if there's something off at the moment, if it's a bug, if I'm missing some information... Thanks in advance. (y)
  5. Qareca

    SA Server

    Hello! I live in Brazil and I can see some of my fellow brazilians playing SB and absolutely loving it. I would love to know if there are any plans on opening a SA server so we can play with a ping better than 150 ~ 170. Thanks in advance and see you guys in game. (y)
  6. Qareca


    If I'm not mistaken you can check that at Steam.
  7. Qareca

    Lobbed Projectiles and walls

    You. Are. Absolutely. Right. I never got that either. This kind of projectiles shouldn't hit the player until the landing.
  8. Qareca

    A letter to the devs

    Damn, that's a well written letter. Couldn't agree more with both points/suggestions. Hope the devs see and answer. I would love to see more involvement from the staff in specific topics such as this one.
  9. Qareca

    Gear EXP

    Apparently gear doesn't get exp just yet.
  10. Qareca

    legacy selection

    Definitly a must, among other things. Improve QoL (quality of life) should be on the to-do list. - Drop itens w/ quantity should be easier (make the default amount max) - Improve how we see the itens at the inventory/vault/vendors. Either make a 6x6 8x8 etc. box, or... I don't know. - Same thing w/ legacies, and of course, allow multiple selections. - Improve the Tutorial in general.