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  1. Darkolas

    Buying potions

    When buying potions, at first it appears like the first image, after clicking on a key and back on the potions it works normally if you have less then 10 potions but if you have 10 or more, it makes it so its the last key you clicked on. Youtube video
  2. Darkolas

    Invasion showing [0,0]

    I got the notification that there was an invasion at [0,0], I'm not sure where it actually happened.
  3. Darkolas

    T9 key crafting

    I am not able to craft t9 keys with the vault silver. I tried other items work fine, but for the t9 keys, I need to have silver on the character to able to craft them.
  4. Darkolas

    Relic levels reset

    So yesterday I equipped a bunch of relics and increased the level of them. Today, when I logged in, all my relic levels are back to 1.
  5. Darkolas

    Unequiped gear on login

    Just making this post to make it more known, but when I logged into my account, my gear was unequipped.
  6. Darkolas

    Survived By Week 9 +10

    Good work
  7. Darkolas

    Early Access Week 9 + 10 PREVIEW!

    Will relics stack up to more because we will need more of them
  8. Darkolas

    T9-t2h No pathways to rooms

    The bug that I got is dungeon related, it created a dungeon for me without any connection to rooms to go from the spawn room portal. I had no other option but to leave the dungeon as there was nothing to do inside it. I didn't get the dungeon ever since, but I have talked to other people and a few of them have had the same problem before. This is how it looks like: Youtube link
  9. Darkolas

    Low FPS

    Fixed ❤️
  10. Darkolas

    [Performance] FPS Drops

    Im having the same issue.