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  1. Put a server to the south of America please it is frustrating and disgusting to play with much lag .
  2. I also noticed the fact that they did not notify the patch notes of the entry of oil in the last patch, so what happened was that the players thought the fact that the equipment was not gaining experience was a bug, maybe they were forgetful of notifying the oil in the patch notes. I did not like the idea of oil very much, it really needs some adjustments so that the oil is more pleasant .
  3. 1-Tempering oil stays active for how many hours? 2-The relic that increases the experience gain will also increase the experience gain to raise the level equipment?
  4. Upgrading equipment is not gaining XP.
  5. Many players complaining that they have the same problem, I have it myself, I believe that as there are many players complaining they should already be on the lookout for a possible solution
  6. StarGate

    FPS Drop

    I have same problem
  7. The enemies I do not like are those that apply poison, slowness and burn
  8. hahahha how much varl, did you get this all from harbinger?
  9. Eu vi que no servidor oficial de Survived By não tem um canal para falarmos em português , então resolvi criar um servidor para comunidade Brasileira de Survived By , por lá poderemos trocas ideias é ajudar uns aos outros tirando duvidas e discutir sobre o jogo no geral em nossa linguá nativa português , aqui estar o link do servidor para os que quiserem entrar (https://discord.gg/qaJG9fy) , todos serão bem vindos ?.
  10. Lately the servers are somewhat unstable, I think the dev are already aware of the problem
  11. What is the maximum varl that can be obtained by killing wraiths?
  12. Pretty BloodStones atualmente eu não possuo toda essa quantidade de Bloodtones ?
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