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  1. FrostyHuy

    Lag and System Froze

    I just got steam key to play the game today, and I was so excited to play the game. I load it and play for a good 20 minutes until I release my game froze for a good solid 10 seconds, I make notes since I thought it was a bug so I continue playing, after 7-8 minutes it froze again. Keep in mind that I was killing mobs (not spiders since kill them is way too laggy) .
  2. FrostyHuy

    ive been selected but no key

    I don’t really know about this one, I just go on discord and Neon said that to me
  3. FrostyHuy

    how to try this game out

    You need to get a Closed Beta key to have access to the game.
  4. FrostyHuy

    ive been selected but no key

    This mean you can get a key not that you have one right now.