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  1. ive been working many hours so i havent been able to play much. i didnt know launch came out until today(early access) everyone from beta should have been able to keep their house names no ifs ands or buts. I am Suicide. i want my house name ;-; it wont let me have it
  2. when you search the material auction house for a specific item, it will only show the item for the page your viewing, not the whole auction house. then it bugs out if you try to switch pages
  3. eventually everyone will just want to know drop rates for transparency. something rotmg has never done
  4. i still play realm. just under 7 years now. ive put no money into my pet and its almost max legendary. i played before pets so its just a bonus for me. love getting white bags
  5. yay more skins i cant buy ;-;
  6. yep been annoying me for a while but at least now if you look in your inv you can see how much you have. i would like this qol updated lol i put everything in vault except 500 whenever i go do stuff yes plz diablo for pc* would be so much easier to see what all i have in my inv ok so this is a big thing for me i would like to earn so much more bloodstone because people post so much stuff i want to buy in the auction house currently we can only get 30bs from quest board if you have 5 character slots able to complete the 6bs quest. i dont have money for that i but i was able to buy 1character so i can get about 26bs if i used my 3rd char. the world npc guy( who seems to have gone mia?) only gives us 20bs a day. cuz people probably dont log in every 14hours to make sure they get those. i would like more bs(pun intended) im iffy on this idea..it would have to be on super rare weapons like conduit drops if anything. that would make the game sooo ez to fight whatever you wanted yeah right now the heartland is pointless. needs more involvement in game play other than annoying mobs being in my way while walking to a dungeon cant wait for more content in this game its so good so far and only getting better ❤️
  7. yeh thought something was bugged up. the green slimes in t7 area almost killed me a hundred times from thier piles i wasnt anywhere near
  8. Lol I think your talking about cult? I don't really do halls in Rotmg. I'm still trying to 6/8 all 14 char slots I'm about half way
  9. Sounds like a great job done by the team!!! Can't wait to see chat bubbles. How long do they show for? Can you give more specific details on the stat and aggro optimizations? Oh I keep forgetting, can we get an option to turn off work shaking when ppl die? It's getting annoying
  10. ok so i started with the same bug. you can only select ONE item to be marked for kin. anything else costs 100electrum<< didnt find that out till waay after i needed too rip gear and electrum close your game and restart the death process. but pick the right item you want to keep. hope this helps
  11. tldr: if you have a fresh char no gear: run each tier in order up to 5 collecting full sets of gear before heading to the next one. after getting full t5 gear from farming it you should be level 25. if you have good gear for you char (i suggest full t8) run around killing small enemies till lvl 3. run spawning nest till level 7. burning sands till 14. frozen haven till 18 and forge of corruption to lvl 22ish. after that be careful and run t8. youll be maxed in no time. if you have little experience with the dungeons, follow fresh char no gear rules
  12. been fixed since hotfix before last i believe. mines only reset once but not after the hotfix for it
  13. game hasnt changed that drastically with this change for hp regen. i just think it should regen after 3 seconds of not taking/dealing damage. not shooting. i wanna shoot air while i wait to regen. its a gaming habit
  14. ok t3 is oil and t5 is resin. along with lava, are the three floor tiles that do damage if you sit in them too long. if you stay in under 5 seconds or less you wont take damage. ive died to all of them now you learn. nerfing is not necessary. just some sort of sound clip when you step in it
  15. everything takes a spot (stuff in your materials too) except silver
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