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  1. ApfelSwag

    Server Stability

    The latest update made running hardmode dungeons impossible for me due to rubberbanding. I don't disconnect though, I'm stuck in a spot and the mobs still hit me. After my first char died, I had to alt+f4 every other run to avoid dying again. The weird thing is that it didn't happen in the normal dungeons during leveling to 25.
  2. ApfelSwag

    T9 catalyst

    A stack into one relic sounds good. 10 runs for a guaranteed relic is not too much to ask now that you need hundreds and thousands of them.
  3. ApfelSwag

    T10 crafting

    @hh_katherine please clarify this / pass it on. Still no sockets in the newest patch. I just want to know if it's intended or not. Edit: WeaponTinkerer (a dev) just said on Kelphaz stream that you should get sockets. So it's a bug.
  4. ApfelSwag

    Screen Shake

    Yes please. I don't have any problems with the earthquake, but the constant screen shake on projectile hit is really annoying.
  5. ApfelSwag

    T10 crafting

    I don't know if this is a bug or if it's intended, so I would like to get an official statement. I've heard from multiple sources that you can't get sockets on T10 gear anymore. Was this change made to make Iris Mountings even more valuable or is it a bug?
  6. ApfelSwag

    t10 boss secound Phase is bugggy

    This also happens in phase 1. Empty health bar, not dying. Leaving the boss room and re-entering filled the health bar completely, but he was still immune to damage. Locus told me to send his regards
  7. I think the ETA was April/May, but as I know them it will probably be later than this. So way too early to worry about it and you won't get detailed information on the update either.
  8. ApfelSwag

    Early Access Week 9 + 10 PREVIEW!

    55 relics to achieve the effect of 1 current relic AND reset on death? So relics are useless for the average player. And I don't think killing every boss 5000-10000 times is good endgame content. Although I know that Kelphaz would disagree, he really like his T2h.
  9. ApfelSwag

    Well run without any mobs # triggerd

    Alt+f4 a few times works to fix it. Also don't go down straight away, wait a few seconds so they can spawn.
  10. ApfelSwag

    We're Adding Weekly Quests! Ideas?

    You need to add if new players should be able to complete these challenges or not.
  11. Title is self explanatory. Now that T9 got nerfed, at least make the useless resource rooms drop T5.
  12. ApfelSwag

    T7 Dungeon Fix

    Yep it is, which is very misleading. You are supposed to hide behind the rock to avoid the fire. Then the only thing to deal with are the minions, which is fairly easy with harbinger or infiltrator.
  13. ApfelSwag

    T7 Dungeon Fix

    I agree with the cowardice debuff being too misleading. When I started the game I thought it was a default debuff to make the boss harder. Just put an NPC at the start of the dungeon that tells you about it or something like that. Other than that I think the game is too easy and now that it is a solo game you basically never see anybody die. It's nice to see that people are actually struggeling with a boss.
  14. ApfelSwag

    T7 Dungeon Fix

    You died with T9 gear? I'm sorry but then you are just bad. T7 with harbinger is super easy, the boss can't even damage you. If anything they should make it harder.