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  1. Which prefixes and suffixes are the best for harbringer in your opinion?
  2. turbomuszla


    ALT+F4 if u see your health going down so fast. ATM thats all u can do but i hope they'll fix it
  3. turbomuszla

    Let's "bug" crafting again!

    But this game is still too easy and u want to make it even easier? It makes no sense. U can get almost everything in just 2 weeks. And dungeons are not made to solo them. If u are not at the end of the game (i am not too just 26 hours) why do u need mats for t9/t10? Just team up with someone who makes t9 its much better to do dungs with people and u can also meet nice people
  4. turbomuszla

    Let's "bug" crafting again!

    disagree, in t9 dungs u can drop enriched mats
  5. turbomuszla

    Do beta-testers really deserve it?

    2 DLC? I got only one lol
  6. turbomuszla

    Harbinger Power (Quality of Life changes)

    Disagree, i remember playing Harbringer closed beta with decent followup and its strong char. Just go forward and ignore this bat because u get energy so fast anyways. It would be broken if it chose enemies that u can actually kill. It would be just spam RMB and dont care about anything else char.
  7. alternative to well is good idea because i started yesterday from 0 and its really hard to earn nice amout of valr without having decent legacies
  8. turbomuszla

    Lost my most valuable legacies.

    I logged in after a break. I had 460 legacies, after i died i see only 200/200 legacies and there weren't my most valuable. After 5 days they are still gone probably forever. And still i can't consume new legacies again.
  9. turbomuszla

    AH Duping Glitch

    We need a wipe in my opinion
  10. But u have 112/5 Resin so u have materials
  11. turbomuszla

    How to consume Legacies fast

    Damn donMike is right, don't do that if u want to buy legacies, do that i u only want to delete them.
  12. 1. Click Consume 2. Slide your mouse coursor on "CONFIRM" Button 3. Spam Enter on keyboard 4. Spam Left Mouse Button on "CONFIRM" 5. Enjoy!
  13. turbomuszla

    Can't buy Ancestral Legacies

    I hope dev’s read this and do something with it or have solution because it looks like its only me with the problem lol.
  14. turbomuszla

    Can't buy Ancestral Legacies

    Yes i tried to reconnect relog everything