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    they do not return you anything, I already have reply for my ticket, just apologize there nothing more. So I quit game, there is no point to play till they do something, for example reach some cap (goal) and your relics that will be safe at this point by forever, or to extend HP of characters to prevent incident deaths.
  2. I have posted suggestion recently too, how to prevent dying in lags or when game freezes without change relic system, so it would cost much lower developers resources and time to implement in the game - until they fix lags temporary extend players HP in 2 times. this easy solution wont require to rebalance anything, writing new codes features and stop current development process. Just announce - its temorary solution and HP in future will be nerfed back, thats all.
  3. deadushka

    The 250K valr cap is ridiculous!

    BAD GAME DESIGN! @hh_katherine look, the main thing - you must to play in your game and feel the way of new players, without admin panel tricks. Only by that way you could understand whats wrong with it. To farm good legacies roster (only for 1 class) right now you need to spend around few month only for lvling and well jump, its insane! leave all gameplay and just jump into the well trial again and again over few month? I have spent around 12 millions of valrs (just counted all that I get for entire game) and I still dont have a lot of legacies that I want, because this stupid korean random is annoing, invest your time, in game where you can die in 1 shot at any situation and get nothing good as reward. I agree with topic starter - first allow us to buy multiply legacies at once (currently its not work), second rise the cap to 750k or allow us to buy direct legacy that we want by spending 250k valrs. Game should be friendly, hardcore its not about grind and korean randomiser, there is a lot of games and you will keep loos audince and get BAD Steam replies if you wont fix your game balance. Why there is still (1 year passed since closed beta) no any tutorial quest that explain gameplay, just add "speaking head" with subtitels under it that will introduce main game features to new players, do not put it on community. For me its really nice and interesting game, but design of main gameplay features such as legacies and relics farm, that you can loose in 1 second is very bad. When you zeroing user invested time and by not their fault, one thing if user made big mistake and die - another is go to farm for weeks, get nothing and if you get something you will loose it in lags, players will leave the game, just ask yourself are you doing game for yourself and let it die or for gamers and you want it to GROFIT (grove and give profit)? About valrs and legacies farm - I want to try new class, geomancer, but just 1 thought about current legacies grind made me upset and I trow away that idea. If you dont have good legacies - you will suck, its true, before "crit chance" update other classes was a bit playable, but now for new players with no gear, no relics, no legacies its really TOO HARD. Instead of nerfing everything you should do something with class balance and up their damage, alchemist should be reworked, his skill must have x3 larger area and do much more damage. Harb should choose its targets not by closest one enemies but only with player selection (on tab for example and fix on target), sentinel as low damage dealer should have x2 damage boost while he stands in his aura zone, geomancer turrets must shoot further and foe should fly faster. Suggestion about every ingame class, to prevent lag deaths here is SIMPLE solution that will confort anyone - just extend health in half (people wont be dead by any lag accident because they will have more chances to survive and mobs that currently can kill you in 1 shot , but you must spam a lot of attacks, will be balanced by this way too) Today I failed to invite people from my own discord (I have over 200 people personal auditory) in game because they read Steam reviews and says to me - if you are mazahist its ok but we dont want to play this unfair game.
  4. deadushka

    T9 catalyst

    Im sign under it, nice idea
  5. deadushka

    Server Stability

    Ok, I died too in server lag, just a moment ago, seems like I dont want to play anymore too, till developers improve stability, or do something with relics, so much time was WASTED to farm it up and now I died and loose it... Its like invest a lot of time and at the final it costs nothing... I have create ticket, to restore my progress, but I dont think they would do that.
  6. deadushka

    Server Stability

    Hey all its Dhornel @hh_katherine To improve experience of gameplay you should add into the game code - teleporting command, so if player not respond to server over 4 seconds (have any connection issues, server lag, pc goes on reboot or windows crashed, or game crashed troubleshooting) - immediately teleport him to Tower. Yes he could lost key, but its nothing in case to lose entire progress by not player fault. Another way is to put protection shield on character until player log in back and be able to move and attack monsters again. Another idea, that many people supports, to prevent people leave (quite the game) - to make relics account bound (not character bound), relic bonuses should be active for player characters only at lvl 25, with death relics should not to disappear, but to balance it - rise cap that equivalent of previous one relic (before the current update) to lvl 10 instead of current 6 (so people will have more stimule to continue farming and play the game)
  7. deadushka

    cannot join to any server in game except NA2 and 3

    everything was solved by itself. and now Im see 6 servers of each type
  8. deadushka

    Berserker has unnecessary "min" equation.

    berserker used only to lvl up twinks, its not playable at all on many classes. nerf=delete it from entire the game. no one will use it anymore.
  9. deadushka

    cannot join to any server in game except NA2 and 3

    Im already tried it, but here you go, game not respond after I pick up any of my characters, but everything is ok on NA2 for example. the problem appeared yesterday morning, 1 day before the patch, everything was ok since CBT over half year
  10. Good day! Seems like my discord messages could be ignored or unnoticed, I want to start new topic here. Since this morning I cannot play, because game wont let me join to any server except NA2 and NA3, but ping for me there is 320-330 and its make game totally unplayable. To be clear, I have contacted with my interned provide company (Rostelecom), they are do many tests and research, checked my network, wireline, hardware, everything is ok and stable. I can play any other online game or MMO with no issues, personally checked over 10 different online games - its fine. Company specialist tested ping to game server (one of attempts is on screenshot above) - its ok, not data loose. They have told me in official tech support written form - they do not block Digital Ocean servers or game related servers. Example with Asian server (it wont let me in too) So, the main issue is - "request timed out" message on character selection screen, sometimes game freeze and not responding, than it close itself, right on menu when I pick any character. Sometimes my character list is "blank", like characters not exists. I have uploaded every messages that I got today, also I have put to attachments "output log" file: output_log (2).txt to manage the issue. I have tried direct connection to servers with (for example) -hosturl https://eu6.backend.survivedby.com/ command in Steam game launch option (ofcourse game was restarted before to try new connection), but issue is the same, I cannot join. Plus, maybe it could be part of same problem - my server list has only 3 of each one (it was always like that since CBT), not 6 as other players do: I have tried everything - restarted the game many times (including restart game after selection new server to join), reboot my pc, reloaded web connection, steam, checked files for validation, re-installed game, called to tech support centre by my internet provider. Seems like its not on my side. Please help to solve my problem. Because I love this game and I want to continue to play. Sometime this bug pulls me back to the game menu with that message (after I select the character to play): One last thing that I forgot to mention before - I have issues only after selecting character, I can pass server selection and login button with no problem.
  11. another point of view - when you want to rush dungeon, because you dont have enough free hours to play daily, someone unexpected joined to your dungeon, boss and monsters became harder, so its ruin any plans to do few runs in your free minutes to play the game. Also when you want to clear the low level dungeon, just because a lot of daily quest monsters there, newbie players could not enter there, persons, who really want to enter there and lvl up or to farm some low tier gear is not allowed to enter, because of level restriction, so they need to stand outside and wait for few mins, its really annoying. Some private dungeon system could solve both problems, if my dungeon opened gate wont be seen by others.
  12. deadushka

    Survived By Week 9 +10

    but with spiders nerf you remove social activity that unite people.
  13. deadushka

    Survived By Week 9 +10

    its tomorrow
  14. deadushka

    Early Access Week 9 + 10 PREVIEW!

    too much grind.... better to concentrate on game UI (its designed really bad, im not about style of images, im about how bad it works and its not friendly) for example why we cant drop stack of items by holding space for example or why there is no button to equip everything that player tag as favorite in 1 click, or where is to swap weapons button or why game do not show that I have low HP more clearly way, many times I missed the moment to use some heal potion in that lags. About main therm, I got it that devs dont get enough resources to give us new content, so they slow down progress of gamers with new extended resources collection, craft time and now new relics system. This game is already quit hardcore, but make it from game to play for fun - to grind one like millenium mmos when players invest too much time to uptain little progress is too much. I think new relics system will be great ONLY if relics wot dissapear with death and bound to whole account.
  15. deadushka

    Quests are auto declining

    Got same bug recently