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  1. I could do conduit in 1 min/3 min on my alchemist vampiric and on harbringer with rally in the same time. I can still do It wih harbringer solo really fast, because the special skill has a long range and don't need to aim, being easy to avoid stuff. With alchemist is hard without lifesteal. But I agree with @Skate, and I like to play lonewolf style. Those balance things are very difficult to do, I think that a completely overhaul need a lot of tests to be efficient in all levels, fully t10 geared and relics and new players. Don't know how is ur schedule, but AL should be changed before wipe for all level players test It and see possibles exploits. But hope all works
  2. Hello Katherine, forgot to update here. I did kill the final boss and got those trick and treat rewards. I enjoyed this event and the new attachments/skins. The consumables that changes attack format are great, could add some for sell maybe? For me that boss was easy, but If It didn't have some materials stashed would be hard to get, craft to get all 8 keys in the period that the event was up. Did not die to test any graves, but they seem nice. Overall I liked it a lot. And hope to see new content. I saw some monster on ur stream on day 31 that looks amazing. Frost Hydra and the others. Looking foward to see the next one. Nice work
  3. That damage on t8 is from those hurricanes lava trail. It happens on T10 too, can kill anyone with perfect items really fast. Sometimes with lag it don't show. Can be other thing too, but the lava trail i tested
  4. This new interface looks good, and being able to queue is really nice. Seems very promising =D
  5. Nice. I only read about It today and made some crafts. Looking foward to test this event this week. Looks very promising. Nice work =D
  6. Had the same problem, did a test to see if was working, but no. And I didn't have more than 200 AL. Had 65 when I killed my character. Also bard isn't keeping the changes on al
  7. I died with a alchemist, with 2 pieces of t10 lvl 12, the rest of the items were T9 lvl 8. With vampiric(rare), veteran(legendary), alchemist master(legendary) and nĂªmesis(legendary) all lvl 50. Full relics and around ~850-900 endurance. Like nothing, I did react using a health potions(that was healing only 100hp). Simple died to 3-4 hits. Was used to not take any damage from simple mobs, just bosses
  8. We could get a rollback to when AL legacys were working =p. Good luck on fixing everything
  9. AL not working and the damage off. I checked the influence of the signs now and there is no kill on any hard Boss. This is a reflection of the effect of recent changes on the "high gear/lvl game"
  10. Following this changes regarding Halloween. My suggestion is to create a world boss in the center of the map related to some world events. Like a big halloween character, a scary mad bunny in easter, those chineses dragons(don't know much about chinese hollidays), a mad santa claus. And so on.. And to active I don't know, maybe a quest to get a key per account with a large cooldown. And these boss should be difficult, like getting a lot of players to kill
  11. Well, bard still not working. With follow-up my harb does 0 damage. I changed AL followup to a vital damage and the damage went back to normal. But after relog the AL went back to follow-up losing 3 bloodstones. I don't know If there is any changes on this, but T9 and T10 mobs are doing a lot more damage. I died with my alchemist on a T10 right after the hotfix(did not read the forum before going right in T10), and i died to 3-4 hits from simple mobs. Around ~850-900 endurance with the AL veteran legendary lvl 50, i looked my health dropping and uses a lot of health potions which are healing ~100 HP. I died with a high level equipment like nothing. Just pointing out that those changes should be in some kind of warning. I know It is beta and everything can happen. Hope u guys fix things up ?
  12. Healing potions are healing like 100 HP and hard dungeons are not displayed as hard and asks the wrong range of level to enter..
  13. Do we deserve a rollback before hotfix, dying because the character don't do any damage and don't heal is saaaad ?
  14. As the title says I had everything to craft a T10 ring, I also added a Power imprint. But everything was consumed but the crafter is crafting nothing. It is a lot of things. T9 ring lvl 8, 10k Silver, 5 t10 materials(+ 5k silver, 1k each excluding crafting other materials), pyroclast, Power imprint.
  15. It is the hard one... it`s t9 =p.. and there is no point in skipping things if you want to know the game
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