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  1. Peat

    Crash during character select

    Seems like it's true that TMNET blocks port 6667 https://www.bolehvpn.net/announcement/tm-streamyx-and-unifi-block-irc-port-6667/
  2. Peat

    I played Alpha

    Same here
  3. Peat


  4. How can I unblock/open the port through ISP or firewall?
  5. Peat


    There's a spam bot spamming in the chat
  6. Peat

    EA Week 4 Hotfix 1

    Mind if you tell me how to recover the map data?
  7. Peat

    Mirror Client (Avoid Steam)

    I think what he meant was he doesn't want people to multibox like what happened in rotmg I guess?
  8. Peat

    Can't log into the game

  9. Peat

    I played Alpha

    Same here Somehow my alpha title went missing after closed beta ends
  10. Peat

    Embers 要如何取得?

  11. Peat

    Embers 要如何取得?

    A tier 1 or 3 material? I guess.
  12. Peat

    EA Week 2 - Hotfix 2

  13. Chat Exception: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond