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  1. (not true ) Was probably the first/second person here (check my first thread post boo boo )
  2. Not important: this is kinda stupid and not something important but someone changed my forum name from "MEME" to "MEME3" HOW DARE YOU... SHAME... (just kidding) Important: And! how do you switch from accounts my brother and I both have a SB account (with their code) but we cant switch accounts once we logged into one account. (even after uninstalling the game
  3. 1 step ahead of you. I like the pixel art tho.
  4. placeholder? (pssssst remember we're still in the beta)
  5. same problem here. I think we have that problem because we bought the ingame inventory slots and character slots already.
  6. MEME3

    Sum bug

    using [tab] to get to [accept] and click enter (not sure if that works) Tell me if it does/doesn't work
  7. he's talking about getting acces to the private forum thread (alpha tester forum threads) @HH_Katherine maybe you can help him out?
  8. dude... Same problem here... people say you need to kill stuff in the desert and in the burning sands. to get 1. but never in my life have I found 1.
  9. you have acces to the alpha (in-game) but you're still a Member on the forums. you'll need a different kind of code to get acces to the more juicy stuff on the forums. I'd just enjoy the game for now. and wait untill the Devs say something about it.
  10. First of all. Hi! -I'm sure im not the only one who had this problem. but sometimes after dying all my stuff disappear (Even after recovering it) -When opening the Mailbox to get your items back. all my mails are invisible for like 5-10 seconds everytime I recover/open 1 mail. (it kinda gets annoying since I have like 500+ Items i have to recover. and it takes like 5-10 seconds to see your mails again) imagine.. 5 seconds x 500+ = a lot.... - You can be invisible.by teleporting from a shrine and nexusing to the tower at the same time. - You're able to speedhack in-game (I tried and it works. Might cause a lot of problems in the future.) (I just tested it . I never used it to gain anything from it in-game) - People randomly spawning on the minimap when using the shrine. example: using the shrine to go to the tower. but you are on the far bottom side of the map (on the minimap) These are just a few things. I'm sure the more obvious bugs have been reported already.
  11. cool but wrong forums section. https://forums.survivedby.com/forum/23-fan-art-concepts/
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