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  1. Matthew_Unsung

    Take us our energy !!!!

  2. Matthew_Unsung

    Major Shop Update - Coming Soon!

    100% confirmed now. We are getting pets!!!!
  3. Matthew_Unsung

    Closed Beta Week 19 + 20 Patch Notes

    I am really worried about the max time in the well and the auction house changes. To start, limiting a player to a single post in each auction house reduces the chance for any sort of player economy. And then further locking more posting slots behind Electrum adds in another paywall that does not need to be in the game. Moving on to the well, I understand that there are challenges with how much valr players are able to get within a single run and that issue needs to be adjusted. I don't think that putting a cap on how long a player can survive fixes that issue in a way that still leaves gameplay fun and enjoyable. There are other options like reducing valr gained per kill that still reward players for having the skill to survive in a place that should be really hard.
  4. Matthew_Unsung

    Major Shop Update - Coming Soon!

    I like this change a lot. I'm glad you will be making it easier to upgrade specifically what you want within the shop menu. I'm hoping there will be package deals that could be the equivalent of paying $x to get x vault spaces and x electrum. I think packages like that would be really nice.
  5. Matthew_Unsung

    11/14 Patch Discussion

    Absolutely, I don't think a bullet hell is playable without at least a little bit of sustain. As a temporary fix, I would definitely suggest returning Vampiric and Rally but nerfed by a bit.
  6. Matthew_Unsung

    11/14 Patch Discussion

    I like the idea of tying some sort of sustain to a stat. It makes a lot more sense than having it only be from an AL.
  7. Matthew_Unsung

    11/14 Patch Discussion

    I definitely think that the nerf to player stats is too much. The total stat that is shown is less than the bonuses you get from gear and level. The major stat decrease is what is leading to a huge change in difficulty.
  8. Matthew_Unsung

    11/14 Patch Discussion

    I think RyanJ mentioned it in the Discord server but I'd be totally fine if they moved the Vampiric and Rally benefits to charms. It is unfortunate that I need to use 25% of my AL space to allow for in combat sustain.
  9. Matthew_Unsung

    11/14 Patch Discussion

    I'll start off with talking about the Vampiric and Rally deprecation. I understand that the current state of those two AL is completely broken. They do need to be changed but completely removing them without adding in another method of sustaining hp during combat is not the best. I'd recommend returning them to the game but nerfing them, maybe 30-40% as a temporary fix until the major overhaul in January.
  10. Matthew_Unsung

    11/14 Patch Discussion

    Hi guys, let us do our part to help give feedback to the devs. I've made this post to collect our thoughts and feedback on the newest patch. Please keep the discussion here polite as we want to improve the game not trash on the devs.
  11. Matthew_Unsung


    I would be fine with the removal of Vampiric and Rally if they allowed for other methods of hp regen in combat besides potions. This could be done with either a healing class or allowing the Sentinel hp regen to work during combat.