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  1. ii purchase something but in beta not on steam i will be refund too ?
  2. do what you want but if you just delete the legacy without any refund , i will ask to paypal and steam to a refund for my electrum i'm sorry but there's no way I'm starting from scratch again (lvl 1 after the tower dj, my old armor that I can't equip, and the only legacy I increased is removed so ...) good equity between players 🤨
  3. oooo and i can't equip my armor in the chest because i'm too low lvl ?? LOOOOL so I'm really sent back to the very beginning of the game. I lost everything. 🤪 and monster power from t5 to t10 are upgraded ? lol really just leave this game i'm sorry but it's to much for me
  4. get back the valr to the vampiric and rally user no ??!! 😡
  5. Lol i have only up Vampiric and i just do the tower so i'm lvl 5 LOOL so i loose everything 🤣 bybye survivedBy
  6. no but at the death i don't see them too , i only get 3/5 legacy for maybe 6 sucesses + to 200 valr ..
  7. when I read it again I realize that on the first spoiler there is a problem that I hadn't noticed... if we go to the last page and go back we have the objects from page 1 on page 3 that's probably why we can't find anything on page 2 and it's blocking, we get the page "0" which doesn't exist
  8. Ok here is the list of auction house problems in my opinion 1: already to start, the pages always end up blocking , at this moment if I go to the resource house, in the materials section are 4 pages, if I go to the last one and i wanted to go back to the first one, I block at the 2nd one and I have to leave the hdv, moreover I don't see the objects on page 2 2 : what is the point of limiting direct sales to 11 bloodstone? This makes some objects unsellable useless, if we not need them and the seller does not buy them? Because of this everyone drops for example the catalysts which allows beginners to create high level objects directly and "free" of charge which is a pity in my opinion 3 : Why if I put an item on direct sale at the same price as the bid price, do you add a "1" to this price? 4: Why do you place the LAST items for sale first? This is common sense and absolutely all other games display at the top of the list the first items available for sale 5: why did you make a page system???? that can't even be sorted for all the pages but page by page? Basically if I want to search for an item I have to type every page to see if my item is for sale? we find the same problem if we want to sort the objects by price and other, we have to sort ALL PAGES can you imagine the mess when there are five times more players or even 30 times more? 6: Why when I open the bloodstone and gold sale for the first time after my connection, I only see my sales in the all sales tab? And that I have to close and reopen the window to see the offers? 7 : and the final, I can't reproduce this bug at this time, but sometimes I don't see any items for sale in all the pages of the "mine" tab yet I know that I have items for sale and that I didn't receive the money, and indeed a few hours later I receive the unsold items in my mailbox good work
  9. i'm okay with that , everybody just drop catalyst on floor
  10. I have the impression that we are looting a lot of resources at the moment, no? I saw that there was a +10% boost but I have the impression that I am finding 100% more? the proof it is impossible to sell a single resource in market since 3 or 4 days maybe
  11. so where we found relics like journeyman , honing the legend now ?
  12. the game was so much easier before ^^' we could really buy 40% of xp bonuses with relics?
  13. i see on the gamepedia , one vendor who selling relic , t5 item and other thing but i don't found it in the game ? he is removed ? https://survivedby.gamepedia.com/Enhancement_Vendor
  14. I don't think it's necessary at the begining I didn't even think we'd have a chest to store armor after death. Knowing the map, the djs, getting an armor from the chest and the legacy is still enough help the goal of this game is always to try, die and return to level 1 ^^^ ' with more force and knowledge knowledge is power
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