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  1. because you kill the legs too fast try not to kill the last legs when he invoke adds
  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, sorry to laugh
  3. The game as the little quests/hunts, what about some bigger hunts, in form of a sign game (you know the arrows), you need to follow them and find a bigger mob to earn a reward (that could apply to daily quests also)
  4. maybe let left click pressed for him to charge, and have like a stamina bar?
  5. you need a weapon with a prefix, pex example Pentashot bow of ...
  6. no but after a certain number of legacies, you dont see them anymore (i need to die to test)
  7. no it was because forums always need some text and i had nothing more to add
  8. https://gleam.io/Q5X6I/survived-by-closed-beta-key-giveaway-9
  9. i know but no one would buy them, as you can sell to minimum 11
  10. Druid that can turn into a polar bear geomancer: christmas tree with christmas balls(?) as turrets sentinel or hardbinger: inuit
  11. i mean you drop them every time and cant sell it... you just throw them on the ground
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