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  1. Awesome! Going to be fun always being surprised by an invasion!
  2. These websites typically use stolen credit cards to provide you with Premium Currency. Their websites IP address resolves to Russia.
  3. They mean you can't pay Electrum to the returner to save gear. Or at least I assume, as this is what they said in the stream.
  4. Ditto. Also, at this time on a Saturday?! When do you all take breaks?
  5. Sentinel in late game has a very strong Projectile blocking AoE shield. Harbinger is great if you can consistantly dodge projectiles, as is Infiltrator if you have a multi-shot weapon in my opinion. Geomancer is great as his turrets tank shots.
  6. If you have Discord, make sure you join the SurvivedBy channel. https://www.discord.gg/survivedby If somethings happens you can typically find out instantly what's going on. It always helps me when I have any issues! Also on weekends when the Studio is closed, there are many Admins/Moderators and players willing to help.
  7. Also, sometimes it's an issue with steam not updating your game. I always have to restart steam every time the game updates, to get the new version.
  8. What type of bug is it? : User Interface Bug What should happen? : The Server Auto Select button should deactivate when you click on it, while it is active. What actually happens? : Nothing happens, it just stays active. Can you replicate it ? : Yes. (if you can) How can you replicate it? : You can replicate it by turning on server auto select. Now you can't turn it off unless you restart your game. First of all, this might be intentional. However, I have noticed in discord in the #in-game-help channel there has been recurring instances of people getting stuck on server Auto-Select. The UI is not clear to a new user. Here is the Region select, and the Server select. The `Minor UI Bug` that is in the spotlight in this thread, is that you can't turn off Auto Select Server after it's on. The only solution is to restart your game. Which a lot of new users don't do. This screen could either be redesigned, or just make it so users can simply click the Auto Select Server to toggle it off after it's on. Perhaps show a visual indicator such as a check mark when it is active in-case it's not clear enough for some people. That's all for this issue.
  9. Yes, but another EEA participant such as ourselves, took his name.
  10. Yea, it sucks. I'm the other way around. There is already a Michael on the forum, but I've always had Michael in game! Haha. Nothing you can do unless another wipe happens, you know?
  11. A few other games have successfully integrated Level Up Consumables that drop from high tier content. I think it would fit well in this game. For example, have an item called "Ancestral Book of Knowledge" or something... This would grant your character one level, however these could be rare and only drop from T9+ content while being Account-Bound.
  12. Would it be possible to get a notification in your current active chat window when you get a new Mail? Would sort of be like game wide PMing. Currently the notifications on the far right aren't very significant, as newer players can miss that easily, and some don't even know what they are for.
  13. Hello, I'm proposing that SurvivedBy expands on current in-game social systems. In particular Private Messaging/Whispering and friends. Currently, you can message anyone on your CURRENT server with the command "/msg FAMILY_NAME MESSAGE_TO_SEND" This is great! However, you don't get notified if the recipient is offline when you message them - often creating a confusing situation for the sender. Also, it would be VERY convenient if you could message players game-wide. This could probably be done with low engineering cost from your team with a master social server. Where all players are connected to it no matter what region. I think this would be beneficial to the community of those people who are social, and looking to play with people from other Regions! Perhaps also show what server your friends are in? Or at least what Region they are playing in. I don't think many issues would arise from this, because even having a 400ms delay between someone in North America, and someone in Europe wouldn't be an issue. As it's just chat messages! Anyway, this is my suggestion! If you read this, thank you very much for your time. Tell me what you think!
  14. Could integrate reCAPTCHA v2 or the newest v3 for post creation. I'm sure Invision has a plugin for this!
  15. You don't need electrum to play the game. I've never once paid money for this game, and I can solo T8 dungeons. You can get from level 1-25 without using any bloodstones as well.
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