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  1. When it comes to the spiders, I would like to oppose it's unique. It WAS unique place as it offered tougher challenge (they were strong and also had strong multi-shot attack) that offered balanced amount of XP for increased hp and dmg of these enemies. Now it's unique in negative sense, it's just wasted area on map where no one will waste their time ever. Instead of making more places like this offering challenges and leveling areas for players who are sick of leveling in repeating and crowded dungeons, you removed one. You could make the game much more fun by: - adding more places like this - balancing silver drops across all tiers and adjusting crafting prices - removing level requirement on gear, instead add single conditions that players can equip T6+ gear only if they ever reached level 25 on any character
  2. Yea, that would be nice. It's how I meant it too with the button. But if it was easier to implement, it doesn't even have to be a button. Just server name as you suggested would be good enough:)
  3. Thanks:) Anyway, could you review some of the individual ideas related to silver, imprints and the shrine event? Some of the features would be nice to have even on normal servers and in near future. This was meant as list of suggestions rather than something that must be implemented all at once. Also only reason for this post is lack of balance which is something that doesn't take that long to do. If you are worried, you can start changing it by smaller values and you can keep balancing it each update as many other games do.
  4. As BreadSlice had many comments, I can say I understand and agree with most of it if I was looking at it with eyes of new players who doesn't know everything about the game and especially the endgame. 1) Concerns of inflating Silver. Right now, Silver works quite fine until tier 8 and is still acceptable around tier 9. But there is no source of Silver for tier 10 players, yet the prices of re-rolls skyrocket. With 150k needed just for single re-roll that ends with random result we are already in 6-figure area and to roll entire set of 5 items to what you want thanks to the RNG you need probably around 30 million Silver. The suggestion I made is not to inflate it, but to fix it. A lot of players including me would be farming right now and working on the tiny upgrades if we coiuld farm Silver more efficiently. The only way is now to farm t9, where you kill everything in single shot and solo kill boss in 3s while getting average of 1 item worth of 10k Silver per run. To get 30 million, you need to do roughly 3000 t9 highly repetitive runs. No way... As Kate explained me in PM, the team is looking for making this more balanced, but it's been weeks and nothing happened. 2) Experience gain right now is fine. My suggestion to increase it is offsetting the difficulty increase in the other point to keep the leveling speed same as it's now. So really no change happening or being suggested here if you understand. 3) Bloodstone injection on first day added millions of bs to economy. As long as most of it remains in the economy, best way to get some will be by trading (once AH is working again) as there is more supply than demand. The suggested 10 bloodstone per instance would be fair according to other available sources and if they wanted to limit it, it's pretty easy to just get inspired by my suggestion instead of accepting them as I say. Just change it that only first dungeon chest of any unique t9 dungeon you open on any day gives you bs or something like that:) There is 7 such dungeons and it would give players reason to go other dungeons not only when they need relic. Also the rewarded amount was based on price of items in bloodstones (mostly the gems, one-time use colors and re-rolls as I think that 6 per attempt is too much and either would remove this requirement or add more bs sources as I suggested). 4) The T1 dismantling is terrible and annoying. Would be way more fun to let players craft it and create demand for this new required ingredient. 5) Duping check. I think best way is to do single check during dropping (on ground from your bag as attempt to trade it) or re-rolling (so you cannot turn it into different item after being duped and try to trade is as unique item). Only if it's done there (just one extra safety operation, no loop) it can prevent further damage, especially to the buyer. 6) The Deep Night.... well, this is something I would love but I agree that nonstop it might be not good. So maybe it could be that deep night is one day in the week or something like that instead of one week in a year. 7) Increasing health and damage of enemies would simply make it much harder... this is mostly solution to fix current situation where we are missing any endgame to play until new content arrives. What I meant by saying that game can be finished in single day on new account is that if you know the game and have good avoidance skills, you can skip most of the content and start farming t8/9/10 after 1/3/6 hours in the game. I know there is just few players right now who can do that, but knowledge is spreading fast and I was trying to share our research from beta. Anyway, this suggestion has only goal, to increase the minimum time required to beat the game, while decreasing the time needed for endgame progress. Many of these adjustments can easily be done on the normal server and I would love it as I don't want to fragment the community. It's just strange the team says that endgame is their priority and then we see Resurgence event with t8 cap and honestly... as players aim for t9/t10 gear to replace anything else, lower tier drops are nothing more than poor source of Silver from vendor. I really wish the team used what the community is offering and created small team of players who would be under NDA and could review changes before they are going live and could give feedback to things they are starting to work on. This will save a lot of work to the team and let them avoid implementation of features that are meant good but will be poorly accepted by players. Don't take this personally, but some of the things that got into game make me thing like they were not tested at all. Or they were tested only to match to design but not to make sense.
  5. I think players should be given the option to play this game with intended and expected settings and properly balanced. As these weren't addresses in last month, I think the best way would be to setup additional server and let players have it more challenging. It's just an idea but would solve the problems with current content that can be beaten in single day even with new account (and no one helping you if you know the game well). Also introducing few new features or changes that would help to improve the player experience. So the ideas are roughly: - only one piece of equipment can be preserved after death for free (no other items can be preserved, not even for paid currency) - electrum is going to be purely for cosmetics and slots - deep night theme active all the time, there is always night! - enemy health increased to 500% of current values - damage received increased by 50%, but there is cap for how much damage any player can receive in single hit and that's 90% (after all reductions are applied) - experience gain adjusted accordingly (to 500% of current values) as stronger enemies should grant more experience to offset the difficulty and time required to get to level 25 - damage over time capped to never reduce player under 1 hp (so you will always have chance to survive as these effects cannot kill you directly, but anything else can finish you easily)... of course, while under effect of damage over time your regeneration doesn't work and if you get another poison effect before the first one ends or any other hit, it can kill you - silver amount dropped by enemies increased by 1000%, the silver is now automatically collected in radius of 7 tiles and you see text popup saying how much you looted - bosses are now dropping 50-100% of the silver value of average item price on that tier, same applies to quest bosses, but these are dropping only 10-20% of that amount - Valr gained for non-Well activities increased to 1000% of current values (will make beginning a bit easier) - add sources for first-tab relics and make these permanent (these should be giving bonuses for xp, crafting, etc... and it doesn't make sense to have these effects disappear after death) - Well should get a bit slower when it comes to spawning enemies and Valr should be increased (to 500% of current value) to offset the higher difficulty of enemies - new world drop (special orb) would allow players to summon Invasion portal in any place in the world (power of the instance would be based on area where you spawned it) and get in with another up to 10 players and do the Invasion together... this would give players more control and because the event would also have really good rewards, it would motivate players to do these events. The drop rate would be higher in the higher tiers and motivate players to actually fully clear t9 and t10 dungeons and these orbs (or similar rare items with actual use) could also be used as trading currency by stronger players for expressing value of valuable items (once secure trading window is implemented). The idea of drop rate is roughly 0.15% drop rate in t10, 0.075% in t9, 0.05 in t8 and it goes down to 0.01 in t1. It's world drop, so not only dungeons but anywhere and should be announced by sound when it drops and marked on minimap. - amount of materials dropped in the world and dungeons decreased by 80% - amount of materials dropped from chests increased by 100%, chests will now also drop small amount of Bloodstone (10 in t9 dungeons), but only 1 chest (randomly selected) has this drop in any single instance. - imprints can be crafted. Players will require a lot of given tier materials (as you know, each imprint has tier of gear it can be used on) and Empty Scroll. Empty Scroll is new item that can drop from instance bosses (0.5% per tier, t10 is best for this as it has 3 bosses). It's also guaranteed reward for the final quest in the daily quest chain (can be done once per account per day). - shrine teleport costs removed. It's rather annoying feature as everyone who spent more than hour in game will always have Silver for teleport. But most of the time he won't have it in bag and will have to hurry back to vault... just wasting time instead of playing. - Auction House disabled. Also create secondary table where you log all dropped and crafted items with some unique item id. If the server ever sees event where player is dropping or re-rolling item that has not unique id or is missing in that table (source is unknown) or the timestamp seems to be off, just remove that item from game and mark the account for investigation. This might be bad idea, but if it seems to be hard to have one system working well, it makes sense to me to create another monitoring layer that makes sure that if cheating happens, it's detected and resolved immediately. - instead of AH, create working trading window that allows exchange of any items the two parties agree on.
  6. Yea, it should at least be possible to kill them right away after resurrection not granting them shield. I would actually like mechanism that let's it enter the immortal phase (they stay in place) and use their attack, but be mortal. If players can kill them in few seconds, they will die permanently. If not, they are resurrected and enter the flying mode again:)
  7. You have to admit that in order to craft you need to hoard 🙂 So you have some resources to craft with. And actually the game was designed that it allows players to have tons of slots. If you unlocked 100 slots, every next character (for 600 electrum) has them too. I'm personally managing over 800 slots right now.
  8. - should be able to sell them to NPC for Silver - dumping it on ground is not fun and takes long, also feels like waste
  9. SB is obviously very different from ROTMG and way more friendly when it comes to space management, item stacking etc... so I see it very viable due to nature of the game. SB is built around hoarding and crafting, forcing you to have multiple sets of equipment because they have level requirement. Also relics and other stuff. And adding such kind of inventory tabs would be perfect source of income for developers. It offers comfort, no combat advantage.
  10. After finishing T10 maybe 30 times I can say that combat is great but for very long time already it lacks proper rewards. In T9 you get relics, silver, equipment, keys and dangerous chests with materials. In T10 you get relics. I'm not counting catalysts because they are material that just takes too much space in inventory/vault and not worth looting more than few times. In T10 there is no Silver (not counting small pieces from mobs), no equipment, no chests, pretty much no reason to repeat it. And very often even with all drop rate buffs you get absolutely nothing. I understand this from mini bosses, but final boss too? My suggestions to make T10 more enjoyable and motivate players to clear it instead of rushing. - as you are already able to say when room of enemies is cleared (to help you, it's the moment when you disable spawn for that room), you can easily add extra line of code that spawns special chest at the place where last enemy of that room was killed. Let's say there will be 30% chance to spawn chest (drops Silver, it can also be source of your new "mark of kin" item you revealed yesterday and T9 materials), or you can even preset these rooms (that will spawn it) when instance is spawned. Additionally as motivation to players - if they fully clear all rooms on the shortest (direct) way to final boss, the final boss will also drop elite chest after being killed. This chest drops a lot of Silver, guaranteed mark of kin and T10 material(s). - first mini-boss is joke while second mini-boss is tougher than should be. Adjust their HP by +100% for first and -50% for second. - higher difficulties of Conduit of Fire should have walls (or even some traps on floor), so players are forced to clear it out and have issues when returning from dead end instead of just running back through lava
  11. This seems to affect all tiers but it's most visible on T10 as people are saving the imprints to use for the ultimate weapon. If you craft weapon using 5x imprint for 100% chance (in my case 5x Staggered Frag Shot), you receive weapon that has two prefixes. My is Pyroclast Master Sword of Fragmentation of Fragmentation. While it's stats are way higher than my previous T8 Sword of Fragmentation, it has much lower damage than Tier 8 making the weapon pretty much useless. I think it is caused by the prefix issue and while the actual pattern is used only once (so no double frag shot), the multipliers to damage and attack speed are applied twice which renders most expensive weapon to get useless. This is what I observed so far. Right now waiting for support to get to my ticket and replace my weapon with functional one
  12. I really like how Path of Exile handled inventory issues. So how about sell players special kinds of inventory tabs that automatically manage some types of materials and support way bigger stacks (like 5000)? - Catalyst Tab - Relic Tab - Imprint Tab - Material Tab - Charm Tab It would mean to create some special kind of database for these and give players ability to convert them from/to classic inventory. But it would also allow players use inventory/vault mostly for equipment, not for tons of materials and make these materials account-wide. I am personally now using 6 character slots (100 inventory slots each) just to store it all and it's barely enough. Not mentioning the need of re-logging each time.
  13. Yes, making the marks a drop that let's you keep your gear is interesting idea. People should realize this is not RotMG and behind items is way more work than in RotMG where you use items exactly as they drop. It's still punishing as hell... just imagine losing character that had ALL relics. Not just these 2 tabs, but way more. Another approach is to reduce costs of everything and make people actually lose all but single item. It's easy for some players to say they want permadeath more punishing when their entire experience is about running t5 and dropping tons of gear over and over. But in the endgame the time needed to get best items increases exponentially. And T10... that is currently something you complete few times for relics and then need to go back to insta-killing everything in t9, because t10 has tons of enemies that give absolutely nothing useful. It would help to make bosses drop Silver, spawn there chests with Materials and to incentivize players to clear all mobs instead of rushing bosses. I think good mechanism would be if 30% of the rooms in T10 had chest supposed to be spawned when room is fully cleared. These chests would primarily have a lot of Silver and maybe other stuff like t8-t9 materials, charms, imprints or even some special relics. Additionally, one of these chests would be Elite and after activating respawn the room, but with stronger enemies. Reward for clearing this would be t10 materials and nice bag of Silver.
  14. The Thorns would make more sense to be part of some Beginner's Pack offer. Just merge the items so they can be used by all classes (as rings and amulets) and there is only 5 of them as entire set. It's bad that it has power to scare some players away when this is item you won't ever touch again after you get tier 5. Also, due to way the gear upgrades work, I don't think that complete loss of items when you die would be good. I'm not against punishment, but not that kind when you lose item you worked on hard for weeks (cannot be compared with rotmg where even the best items are just drops and can farm them). But I can hear the argument that some may thing it's pay to win. Then just make it core mechanic of the game and let players preserve items after death even for other currencies (Silver) or make the item broken. That means that player will receive broken version of that item in mail and can use crafting station to repair it. So it's a setback, but not one that drives you away. I personally think that game should work in a way where gear is something you want players to always pass to their descendants and the really painful loss is designed to be in relics. Yes, relics. If you have them all, it's really big setback as you will need to do tons of t9/t10 runs to get it back (and as you will be weaker than before, with higher chance to die).
  15. This is caused by economy being injected with tons of bs. Only the top players are accumulating, I think 98% players will have hard time if cost gets increased. And for the top players the price change won't change much anyway as they can already craft them at intended prices. Prices should automatically get down to the intended levels as players won't have much bs left and the top players won't buy at inflated prices. I think only change needed for hard modes is to make the dungeon hub faster to get to and connect it through path to the stairs so we don't have to walk around all the time.
  16. Thank you, but this is not what I meant. Either if solo or with friends, you should have control over who can join the dungeon you are opening. Not guild related and way more urgent. Also not a solution. Just workaround that forces you to log in over and over again until you find non crowded server (if lucky).
  17. It's really annoying when you are leveling new character, have dungeon keys and want to use them to level up on monsters inside. It's ok if someone else joins you, but there is enormous number of lvl 25 players who keep camping low level dungeons (t4, t5) and as soon as you open it, they just rush and kill everything and boss before you can even get there. Private (Friend-only) instances should be added ASAP. Simplest implementation: 1) Add "Friend-only" dungeons checkbox to options. 2) Add condition to dungeon opening code: IF player(opener).friendList.contains(player(this)) THEN action("E") = enterDungeonOfFriend(opener) ELSE action("E") = enterPublicDungeon Should take few minutes to add as data needed you have already available. Thank you.
  18. With a lot of people coming to the game and servers crowded, players will want to play together and you will need some way to put them into same server without going into menu, changing server, logging in again and entering the world (while needing to communicate what server is everyone on). So the suggestion is to add button at the end of line in friend list that will show you one of states: [1] - Icon indicating you are on same server. [2] - Button letting you to connect to friend's server. Additionally, there should be option in server settings to automatically connect to server with most of your friends online. This would be temporary and quick solution. Eventually you will need some instancing to let players play together without worrying about server limit.
  19. After yesterday's update I tried to buy some new skins. I had Harbinger Boreal Skin unlocked from before and I had also access to it even after patch. Actually still see it green as purchased in the new Shop window in the Skins tab. I noticed issues when I unlocked Harbinger Alt 4 skin (that is missing in the shop window) from the NPC. But when I go to the NPC to apply the Boreal Skin skin, it's locked and unlock button is disabled (grayed out). I think there is some issue because your shop window and the NPC that let's you apply the skin are using different data sources (the skins are different in each of these lists) and then it creates bug like this when player has skin purchased, but see it locked and cannot apply it.
  20. Could you give players the ability to refund any cosmetic effect if he does it in 15 minutes after purchase? I tried few skins and only way to know how it looks like with some dyes and with other effects is to buy it, so you can easily end up with something you won't like. As we get our electrum back after launch, we can test stuff now, but players after EA won't have this option and your support might deal then with requests for refund or reports like this. So one way is to simply add refund button for each item (skin, dye, wings, etc.) that will be visible only in first 15-60 minutes after purchase. Player can test with multiple combinations and then decide what he keeps. This should not be abused as it can be only done with electrum (means that player already paid to you) and no paying player will really bother with returning to town every 15-60 min to get his electrum back and buy it again. Another way is to improve your preview, which would be nice, but wouldn't give player the freedom of testing multiple lookouts before paying. And finally, you should add option to preview dyes before paying for their unlock. I bought about 8 colors and I like maybe 3. Would be great if players had more control about what parts of the texture can be dyed.
  21. Quests scroll drops are broken since yesterday and it's limiting players in what they can do, because only source of keys is now from the NPC in town and they are too expensive for higher tiers. I think this is not intended and as a bug should be fixed asap. I'm making this post as it looks like developers are not aware of it. As I'm continuously testing "new player experience" (lvl 1 using only stuff that new player with his first character will have access to, which is pretty much nearly none), I noticed few bugs and issues. - when buying electrum using the new shop window, balance is not properly updated after the purchase in the shop window - when capturing the chimera statue as part of t3 quest, it doesn't show progress and area where player needs to stay... there is no feedback and you get progress only after staying roughly for 20 seconds in place... that is really boring:) either make it more fun by showing capture progress and spawning some mobs around player or just give player quest progress instantly after pressing E - could you make sure that there are always some quests in challenge board that are combat oriented? seeing quests for craft X and craft Y items at the same time is not fun... actually I think crafting should be taken out of challenges completely... challenges in game with "Survived By" as name should be all about surviving out there... and not thinking about what useless items will you craft to get some quick rubies - well is still broken and unplayable as reported by some players, so I'm wondering... was anyone internally testing it in last 2 weeks without godmode? - enemies required for t3 quest are not spawning during night (21:00 - 4:00) which can be really confusing for new players. They should spawn all the day and night or make it drop from other enemy that is always available. Also make sure that quest drops are shared. It's very annoying to play in group and have independent progress which perfectly de-synchronizes entire group - could you add option to disable difficulty warnings when entering dungeon? (only dungeons, not well)
  22. The bug with scrolls not being dropped should be hotfixed asap as it is very limiting what can be done in the game at this moment.
  23. Priority is to do anything to make Well playable again. It's broken for last two weeks and it doesn't look like anyone from the team noticed all the feedback about it when only change today was the timer to make sure player dies in 150s. Crafting is also priority, but next in order, because queue won't save current crafting that has very little use, but functional Well is critical part of the game and player progression.
  24. Auction House - I think that if the game becomes popular, your solution will only cause someone to write simple auction house site where plays can list their items and get a way of contacting each other to realize the trade in-game then. And with trade window missing in the game to realize safe trades, this will of course lead to scams, so in the end your support will have to deal with these. I think some restrictions are fine, but please, think everything twice and think about consequences before implementing something. Right now it doesn't matter but after launch some changes may be fatal. Well - I like the attempt to limit it so players are incentivized to play very actively and risk by pulling more enemies and either dying faster or skillfully avoiding and killing more wraiths in order to deserve more Valr. This also means you need to let players know about the countdown and show remaining time + Valr in some more fancy and visible way. Also, it doesn't make sense to kill the character if he manages to survive for 150s. It just feels stupid. I would be fine with being killed by some crazy, but avoidable attack or series of more and more intensive attacks, but dying just by scripted timer? I think it's bad decision and I don't like it. I'm also worrying if you somehow made the well more playable in this update because since you increased the range of AoE attacks, it's broken and unplayable. Want simple change to make it both challenging, rewarding but limited to 150s? Here is my suggestion: I don't remember name of the big enemies at edges, so I will just call them BFG (Big F* Guy). Also remove all enemies from well, it starts empty; then remove the chains and create more room for running; players shouldn't be able to hide for longer time period, only shortly. And finally, decrease damage of wraiths and BFG. Fair damage to fairly geared player would be around 10% hp so one or two mistakes won't kill you, but multiple in row should. 1) phase 1 (30 seconds) - start spawning small wraith (100 Valr) in middle of map (random angle) every 2 seconds and make them follow player no matter the distance; wraith will first be transparent to indicate he is about to spawn and materializes (with some visual effect) after 1 second; if player is killing them faster and there is no wraith living, immediately spawn next wraith (out of the scheduled order) and reduce duration of phase 1 by 2 seconds (just to be clear, out of schedule means that one wraith spawns without affecting the natural timer, so theoretically total of 2 can spawn at nearly same time) 2) phase 2 (30 seconds) - same as phase 1 but with stronger wraiths (250 Valr) 3) phase 3 (30 seconds) - repeat phase 2 (but reduce wraith spawn to 1 second), add BFG to 4 corners of the room (every 10 seconds, random one of them fires the AoE, make sure this AoE is avoidable, there should be roughly 2/3 of projectiles they have now and should be slightly smaller); there is flashing effect in the direction of BFG 2 seconds before the attack (applies to all further phases); these BFG are not attacking in other ways then using it's patterns and can be "disabled" (killed, but in real the game will just make them invisible) for extra Valr (number of phase * 500); they will automatically revive (become visible) when it's their time to attack 4) phase 4 (30 seconds) - same as phase 3 but with strongest wraiths (500 Valr), random one BFG fires every 7 seconds 5) phase 5 (30 seconds) - repeat phase 4 (but reduce wraith spawn to 0.5 second), BFGs are now firing in groups: left 2 BFG fire, then 5 seconds nothing and then right 2 BFG fire 6) phase 6 (30 seconds) - same as phase 5, wraiths are now being spawned in groups of 3 7) phase 7 (endless) - repeat phase 6, BFGs are now all firing at once, every 5 seconds, this time gets decreased by 0.1 sec after every attack until the player dies:) Perfect run length for maxed character? If lucky, slightly over 3 minutes:) I'm just average programmer but as you have all the tools you need, I think this is around 1 day of scripting (phases, simple countdown based attack patterns and adjusted rewards, health and damage) and testing. What it means for players? In case players can kill ALL enemies and even the BFG, they should get roughly: phase 6 complete: 189,000 Valr phase 5 complete: 89,000 Valr phase 4 complete: 47,000 Valr phase 3 complete: 24,000 Valr phase 2 complete: 11,000 Valr phase 1 complete: 3,500 Valr I personally see this as well designed progression. New player on it's first visit of Well should be able to get around 2-3k Valr to get some basic upgrades and common legacies. After few deaths he should be getting around 10k Valr per death. More skilled and better geared (t7-t8) players would be able to get to phase 4 and around 50k Valr. And finally, t9/t10 players with full relics would be getting around 100k Valr and learn how to survive and get closer to the upper limits (200k). This feels fine as 1 death should be enough for such player to either try his luck and get new legacies, or upgrade 1 legacy to max level. So no more millions of Valr as it was before, but something way more balanced. Every death would still feel rewarding.
  25. Ah, sorry. The part with pets wasn't finished, copied it from my personal notes. There was supposed to be more. Anyway, latest update felt much better (with the attack not preventing regeneration). Some charms or legacies could for example provide some % of the regen to continue even when being hit. It would be nice mechanic to have 5-25% of your regeneration to work even during combat and when you step out a bit, you get full regen speed 🙂 In any case, I'm in strong favor on polishing early/mid game and then focus mostly on endgame. You are inevitably going to end up with players strong enough to slice through early/mid game content easily. But that's fine and similar to max level character in any other game coming to start area. Only thing you need to handle is to prevent low level players getting through content easily with help of strong ones and you already handled this (low level players won't get XP this way and if they go to some hard instances to have chance for strong items, they have high chance of dying). That's why also think that level requirement on gear should not exist and instead it should be restricted just to any character on account being at the boss kill. Else it's just extra step for players to get next biggest advantage in order. So now players won't wear t9 on characters at lvl 1, they will equip t5 instead for leveling. If you decrease it, they will wear t4, etc... but they will need to store multiple sets and waste more inventory space. I personally prefer not laying annoying obstacles in front of players and let them enjoy the game with top gear they farmed hard and wish to risk wearing. Just look at RotMG, no level requirement. If you die at level 5 with your t9, it's your problem. In a game designed around dying, it will quickly become biggest reason to stop playing if you make the player to go through identical level 1-25 (new player without his top gear) experience before he can start doing something more fun at level 25.
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