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  1. Grayanotoxin

    Health not regenning until being hit

    What gets me is in the second video in my above post you can see my health go from 75%ish to 50%ish then jump to 90%ish within about a second. It's not game breaking until you get frozen at a lower health value, because that first jump downward can outright kill a character before the health resets to the proper value. How does this get to a dev or anyone? I have not seen posta followed up on by anyone except the community
  2. Grayanotoxin

    Health not regenning until being hit

    I got a capture of the bug in action spread across two video clips, unfortunately I did not record the actual moment it triggered as I didn't notice until a few seconds too late. The files are attached below. Luckily testing here didn't kill my character, however if that first jump in the second clip had reduced by character to 0, or my hp had been frozen at a lower value, I would have died instantly despite that not being my accurate health value. The bug is game breaking as it can cost people characters that would otherwise be fine. Health_Bug_No_Regen.mp4 Health_Bug_Double_Jump.mp4
  3. Grayanotoxin

    Health not regenning until being hit

    This is different than what I experienced but still awful. I will be playing with "record that" running in the background so that if this occurs again I can post a video link here for everyone to see. no turrets were out. My legacies are geomancer master, fractal obsidian, refined obsidian, and jagged obsidian. They're just damage and Aoe buffs to the turrets and a stat boost for Geo so nothing there that I believe would hurt anything. Hopefully will update everyone soon as I'm going to be intentionally trying to recreate the glitch while running today.
  4. Grayanotoxin

    Health not regenning until being hit

    I have only played geomancer as it is the most interesting character to me so I do not know about the other characters. What I do know is that health potions do not clear the glitch and update your health to the proper value. Yes, I lost a character to this doing t2 hardmode today, I got hit by one of the mob projectiles and it dropped me slightly below half health, then my health did not regen as I ran around avoiding damage with the obsidian turrets out despite having regenerated health multiple times over the course of the fight beforehand. Then I was hit by another SINGLE projectile after around 20 seconds had passed and a health potion had been consumed, my health shot to 0 because the value hadn't updated and I was immediately killed. Health potions and time don't clear the glitch and since the character hit 0 on my end it just registered as a death. It takes about ten seconds for the gravestone to spawn as well when you die this way which I have not experienced on my many many standard deaths. I don't believe this is related to the buff/debuff glitch as I have also had those happen to my characters, unless there is a hidden debuff that prevents health regen for a certain period after taking damage that just isn't expiring but also isn't "tracked" visually like the rest of the buffs and debuffs players can experience.
  5. Grayanotoxin

    Health not regenning until being hit

    I can guarantee that it is not. If you are hit while it is active your health does two jumps back to back, one to a lower value than the glitched value then an immediate jump to the proper value. The issue becomes when you are left at a low value and the first jump is made to a value less than zero, your character instantly dies despite only being dealt half or a quarter of their health in damage because it doesn't have a chance to "jump" back up to the proper amount.
  6. Sometimes when playing on my geomancer my health will get stuck after being hit and will refuse to regenerate until I am hit AND take damage a second time, this becomes an issue in higher keys especially. While a character can survive a single hit usually, taking the second hit to be able to "update" your current health value drops you to below 0 and kills the character outright regardless of what SHOULD happen.