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  1. Heyya, I thought that the EXP potion affects other characters as well? I used it on my Harbringer and reached level 25, I noticed that the buff was already gone but only 30 mins or so passed after using it. Tried swapping into my Sentinel Character still no buff.. Was it supposed to be like that? And btw the Invulnerable Locust still occurs 2/5 runs
  2. Quinsly

    Druid building in T7 area

    OHHH Thank you good sir
  3. Quinsly

    Druid building in T7 area

    Daily quest lines?? I don`t know such thing. T_T
  4. Just stumbled upon a "Druid Circle" structure near the shrine in T7, just wondering if you can interact with it if you are a Druid class? *Tried doing the bear form and nothing happened* Thanks