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  1. I have a question, the xp bonuses that have been taken have already returned? If they cameback do I have to ask somewhere specific or will it come back automatically?
  2. And my daily bonus came 4x
  3. My experience bonus ended before the right day !! What happened?
  4. Could you take the space out of the name of my house since the bug does not let me talk in the chat?
  5. PedroHBA

    Game chat

    Space in the name of the house?
  6. What's this for? What do I do with it?
  7. PedroHBA

    Game chat

    Why can not anyone read what I write in the game chat?
  8. PedroHBA

    My chat

    My chat is not working, nobody can read my messages, what do I do?
  9. PedroHBA

    My key

    I've been waiting for my key a long time, I've gathered some friends to play and I'm the only one who did not receive my key, are they still distributing?
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