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  1. Zergggrrr

    Game Typos and Grammar Errors

    @BreadSlice Bravo! Very good job. 👍
  2. Zergggrrr

    Survived By EA Week 5

    @hh_katherine Hey Kat hope you had a great weekend 😀 quick question - Is the first chat emoji for the daily login reward the same as the emoji you receive when you purchase the Birthright Supporter Pack? 🤔
  3. Zergggrrr

    silver going from x to 2

    Also lost 10k silver 👍
  4. Zergggrrr

    Lost Consumables from Supporter Packs - Update

    @Schumi Hey buddy, there was an hotfix to address an issue with the Auction House and The Exchange which also wiped a few hours of character progression. More information here 👍
  5. Zergggrrr

    Survived By EA Week 3 + 4

    @SolarDwagon Removed the old free potion purchases from the Treasure Hunter 👍
  6. Great game, take your time & sort those pesky bugs out and all the best for 2019 😘
  7. Zergggrrr

    Craft Queue Results in 1 Output Item

    I also have this bug 😒
  8. Zergggrrr

    7 days buff xp

    @Thrym This also happened to me last week, I believe the devs know about this bug and will re-issue the potions once fixed. 👍
  9. Zergggrrr

    Hitchhiker's Guide to Survived By

    Thank you for putting your time and effort into a great guide. 👍