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  1. Hey, so I have noticed that the challenge rewards are somewhat misleading. When you claim a challenge reward you now have a pop up which looks like you have actually been rewarded that item but guess what? you haven't. Surprise! So out of the four rewards I posted below, I received just the Valr. Maybe instead of showing the items you have a chance of getting you could just show the item you have actually been awarded. ❤️
  2. I have tested this and the shadow around the tar causes damage.
  3. So it happened again... I had completed 3 of 4 weekly quests and was planning on completing the 4th today but it has reset. The reset timer remains at its original countdown so will reset again in 2d 7h 57m 👎
  4. I have noticed that sometimes the weekly quests reset prematurely. For me the weekly quests reset on Wednesday 6th March and on the 7th March I completed 2 of 4. I was looking forward to completing the remaining 2 today the 8th for that helpful 7 day experience buff but they have reset and are now offering a different set of quests and reward. I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue as I have not been able to locate any other threads reporting this. ❤️
  5. Hey - You are probably aware but just in-case, its appears that the Sentinel Special is bugged as I do not receive the Health Regeneration, Damage Reduction or the Debuff Reduction.
  6. ^ This 👍 Auto Loot Loot filter Skins
  7. Hey @Dink If you referring to the XP and Drop Rate consumables you get with the supporter packs then this is a bug and will be fixed soon. More info here
  8. Could i get one of those emoji's as I did not receive the correct one. ❤️
  9. @BreadSlice Bravo! Very good job. 👍
  10. @hh_katherine Hey Kat hope you had a great weekend 😀 quick question - Is the first chat emoji for the daily login reward the same as the emoji you receive when you purchase the Birthright Supporter Pack? 🤔
  11. Also lost 10k silver 👍
  12. @Schumi Hey buddy, there was an hotfix to address an issue with the Auction House and The Exchange which also wiped a few hours of character progression. More information here 👍
  13. @SolarDwagon Removed the old free potion purchases from the Treasure Hunter 👍
  14. Great game, take your time & sort those pesky bugs out and all the best for 2019 😘
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