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  1. RIP, just not enough players. At least this will still work. https://archive.org/details/zx_Atic_Atac_1983_Ultimate_Play_The_Game
  2. Where you getting the formula from? (Not that is matters since 50 is max) Why do you think it needs nerf? Only experience players will have card levelled. Good t5 equip is better to level to 25. t9/10 give better stats too. Only when you get many relics you can boost. Berserker good for well since no loss (assuming no relics.)
  3. Must be a new bug. Had 11 in past and couldn't get more. (pots from daily took me over.)
  4. There weren't any in first 6 days of month.
  5. The least annoying way is to stand on a portal and hover over the points. You can just hold shift and click the map to ping, but this gets posted in chat.
  6. T9 (sand at least) just got meaty (ie my damaged nerfed or they gained massive amount more HP.) Getting 250k valr is quick into well run so wondering why all the extra time doing essentially no gain kills is needed. Easy to survive to timeout, (Note: in game display is bugged.) by just running up and down one side, they stop respawning (eventually) and then if you want to pass time, go kill a small pile on other side (but not everything, if you want easy 20min time run and not max kill run.) Leaderboard bug already with 0s taking top spot.
  7. Show a screenshot. Best to stick all but one in vault. p.s. keys are craft item at 9 so should only buy if rich.
  8. Your probably best using eu server; to check use `ping eu1.backend.survivedby.com` and `ping as1.backend.survivedby.com` then pick the one with lowest time. Looks like just being on a too distant connection to have stability. Could try running `ping -t eu1.backend.survivedby.com` at same time as game is running. (with same server.) See if there is fluctuation in the time. No idea why you don't see the 6 servers. That's due to update that has just happened.
  9. Although two player trade would be good, implementing it has the same problems that AH has for duping. Are you sure dedicated players aren't leaving because they have finished t10? There is little point to continue to die to collect valr or farm to craft. Not much team system since HP change. The non dedicated seem to quit once (or a bit later than) they hit 25. There is not the influx of new players since no longer the newest game.
  10. Stick both in craft since your not going to have many (5) of either. Getting the silver again for a failed craft is a pain. Or just wait months for devs to change system.
  11. Your character lives and dies on the server. Closing your desktop copy does not immediately take your character out of the world. ie always logout somewhere safe.
  12. The bad drop rates similar for me. I think "Odds of Lootbag" is way too high (t8-9) in your table. (I assume that is single items of Gear. If you get multiple then adds to the odds) t8 keys or keys from quests in general seem too low. (skel key is fine.)
  13. I lack silver. Don't get a t8 every other run to cover the cost of two keys. Quests give keys infrequently. t9 also seems to be around the 1/10 mark.
  14. Chat logs show nothing. Give a video and show the players equip/stat page. There are many false reports in chat.
  15. No time has been given, Is not part of weak 5 patch. Was mentioned in
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