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  1. Keie

    hacker and communicate and lie

    Chat logs show nothing. Give a video and show the players equip/stat page. There are many false reports in chat.
  2. Keie

    Auction House

    No time has been given, Is not part of weak 5 patch. Was mentioned in
  3. Keie

    almost 1 month feedback :)

    I have never viewed HP potions as being there to do content. Only for surviving an extreme situation. Maybe adding a timeout so players stop running and living on HP potions is a better solution than making HP potions easier to get. Death needs to be more likely not less, just the grind after rebirth needs fixing. I also view the game having bad design that the only sizeable rewards are from killing the boss. Promoting race to boss rather than more gameplay.
  4. Keie

    almost 1 month feedback :)

    Keeping t6 at least partially frozen would be good.
  5. Keie

    EA Week 4 Hotfix 2

    Most of all glad action is being taken. Had nothing major lost so far, reacquired daily. Bugged double cards, hope will be fixed without another rollback, please @HH_Amethyst post as soon as you can confirm action to fix has been decided. Will just delay play until it is fixed. Disappointed that HH has made game system so easy for hackers. You can be practically certain it won't be the last. Won't condemn those that are doing the hacking, it's part of the internet and the alternative is evil. (authoritarianism.) The responsibility lies with the game system developers. The intent of hacking is to succeed, not their problem others don't support success.
  6. Keie

    Dungeon Host Limitation

    Penalty for not killing as team is much better solution. The game mechanics need to encourage cooperation or it will kill the player base.
  7. Keie

    A Legendary Legacy

    There are pics in the wiki. On my monitor in closed beta they looked almost the same as gray/silver. System of getting the cards changed since going open. Possibly t9 (hard) achievements give them.
  8. Keie

    Survived By EA Week 3 + 4

    I translate this to Increase raw material cost by multiple of 5. It is currently very high to craft t10 this will be just too extreme. /me runs into un-updated game and starts crafting as much t3 as possible.
  9. Don't get hit then. Need to start buying and using hp pots. T8 is the same (just not with the undergrowth.) T9 mobs are meat bags so group always required.
  10. Keie

    EA Week 2 - Hotfix 1

    Jumped in well again, still same max slots (as seen with creating new and with bard). Is there some limit to times new slot is given?