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  1. Hi, all daily quest bosses have been heavily buffed. T3 Lion King was a long fight as a 25 lvl harb, T4 Wolf Boss almost killed me. I don't see these changes in the patch notes. I didn't test regular dungeons yet.
  2. Thanks! But please look into their special attack as well, I'm talking about the big circle that covers the entire screen and hits you when you are inside the circle I don't mean to make the game super easy, I just want attacks to be avoidable.
  3. Hi, thanks for responding. I'm not just talking about T7 animas but animas in general. Their attack pattern is too frustrating and unavoidable.
  4. This is most deffinitely too much for new players. Please consider making number of imprints required dependent on weapon tier. After all, less sophisticated weapons should be easier for the craftsman to modify. Also, it should be possible to add imprints to already existing weapons.
  5. You can re-type the coordinates in chat [xxx,xxx] and then click on the hyperlink
  6. 1. Something should be done regarding the attack pattern of spirit animas (?), the little ghosts with special attack which hits like a truck and you can't avoid it because it covers the entire screen. This is something that makes especially the T7 impossible for some new players, because it's extremely easy to die. Two animas and you have 50% hp and you probably won't even see them. It's bullet hell, you are supposed to dodge bullets here, not get hit automatically. 2. T7 shrines quest is too damn hard. The mobs just like animas spawn all around you and either you are going to gobble potions constantly or you won't do it or die trying. Pls fix it, either make the quest more doable by letting the player circle around the shrines from a nice safe distance taking the mobs down or make the mobs less threatening. It's a barrier for new players. 3. Consider adding autotravel option which lets you travel by clicking on the map but without teleporting, yes you can die if you are not careful but this is the price of comfort. Having to either tp or travel on foot with WSAD should not be the only options in my opinion. There's room for more.
  7. 1. Sometimes the game bugs itself when returning by "r" teleport, moving your character results in "lagging" and takes you back to the middle of the Town 2. Resource nodes sometimes appear inside waypoint shrines tps with pixelated graphics (usually quartz) 3. Descriptions of the new challenges and achievements are missing, you have to track them to see what you are supposed to do
  8. 1. Quests point to the same hole, you can farm quests in the same spot, was this intended? 2. Sometimes quest holes appear in weird places, like "in" house tiles, blocking the entrance 3. In T6 corrupted beasts kill progress sometimes won't progress despite killing a few, then progress normally
  9. Today I discovered that all my gear is gone. Who is going to compensate me for this and how?
  10. Can't claim my crafting rewards, cant craft at all because of this.
  11. Admins, if you don't compensate your players for this one somehow I'm done with this game.
  12. Hi. Locus, the T5 boss, becomes permanently immortal and is impossible to kill. This happened 3 times in a row. T6 boss didn't appear at all after the Christmas update.
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