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  1. A question: Why did your character logged into a boss room? 🤔
  2. Any estimated time for servers go up again?
  3. Dando aquele UP novamente pra galera recém chegada encontrar o discord.
  4. Brasileiro é igual ao Julius... "Quando você estiver jogando, eu estarei lá!"
  5. It's my pleasure to help the devs and our community with the best I can do.
  6. I got stucked after have died on T7 dungeon and didn't gained access to valr/legacies screen, so I tried everything and yet nothing happened... Then I clicked on return(R) and my char teleported back to Tower ALIVE! (this I can complain 😶), but this don't seems right to me and I am here reporting.
  7. I know it sounds stupid, but me too. 😅
  8. A south america server would be nice
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