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  1. SlaxX

    No enemies in Well

    Same for me. I had 3 enemies and wasted a lvl 25 char and a t9 item for this. Luckily theres shadowplay:
  2. SlaxX

    Game caps to 60 fps when watching stream

    That's interesting. But apparently other games have found a workaround for that? Not sure how many games i've tested this way before i knew about the limit, but rocket league definitely works on 144hz with a stream on the second monitor. Or do you mean that survived by limits the monitor to 60 fps?
  3. I was surprised today when i started survived by that it was capped at 60 fps. I later noticed that it's only capping when i have a stream running on my second monitor, and only when it's the active tab. It's not a hardware problem though, CPU and GPU are between 10-30% load.
  4. SlaxX

    FPS capped at 60??

    Bumping this thread. For me the game wasn't capped until now. No idea what happened Edit: found out it's twitch. opened up a new thread for that:
  5. As far as i can see, it'll choose the one closest to you.
  6. SlaxX

    Bug Tracker

    Is there a public bug tracker for survived by? If not, creating one might be a good idea. As it is right now, it surely works but knowing for which version the bug was posted, it's state (open,reviewed,fixed) with links to duplicates would probably be quicker and more efficient for both sides.
  7. That's indeed something that had to be adressed, and i agree with their approach, for me it's just a tad too much. For example i mostly cleaned out a T7 hardmode dungeon and got 102 enriched timber. (and some enriched cloth and leather). Because of the higher enemy count, thats more than you get raw logs in a normal T7 dungeon.
  8. Definitely agree on that. However looking through the bug reports, i noticed that the locus invincibility bug has been going on for months (at least 3, i didn't bother looking any further). I feel like that should have been enough time for it to be reviewed.
  9. I really love the idea of higher tier materials dropping "commonly" in hardmode dungeons. But i feel like the amount currently dropped is making crafting too easy. Probably half or a third of the current dropchance is more adequate. I haven't gotten into T10 crafting yet, so maybe it's just too easy for T9, i'd love to discuss with more experienced players on this thread.
  10. SlaxX

    We're Listening. Our Next Steps!

    I know that you have higher priorities since early access, but this the locus invincibility bug has been existing for months and i'm wondering how thats coming along. At least for me this has been the most annoying bug of all i experienced. In case it isn't well known, locus sometimes doesn't get out of his invincibility phase once you killed his legs. As far as i have observed it, it happens while he's summoning his minions.
  11. SlaxX

    Craftsman Bug

    Uh, new update: As i mentioned, i found this odd number that represented inventory space confusing. It took me until now that it doesn't say 19120 but instead 19/20 .... Yes i am ashamed.. Seems like it all cleared up now
  12. SlaxX

    Craftsman Bug

    Okay update: Issue was, i didn't quite grasp the concept of inventory space. Reason why i couldn't claim the item was because my Inventory was "full", meaning i didn't have any slots left for new items. The weird number that represents your inventory space (20k something) confused me quite a lot. probably the max amount when you hold 99x stacks in every slot? Because the number didn't increase when i picked up items, i thought materials do not use inventory space, only equipment. I think it would be a lot more self explanatory, if the number just displayed your used up inventory slots..
  13. SlaxX

    Craftsman Bug

    *bump* Same issue for me. If you already found a fix, please tell me! Restarting didn't do the trick..