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  1. SlaxX

    We're Listening. Our Next Steps!

    I know that you have higher priorities since early access, but this the locus invincibility bug has been existing for months and i'm wondering how thats coming along. At least for me this has been the most annoying bug of all i experienced. In case it isn't well known, locus sometimes doesn't get out of his invincibility phase once you killed his legs. As far as i have observed it, it happens while he's summoning his minions.
  2. SlaxX

    Craftsman Bug

    Uh, new update: As i mentioned, i found this odd number that represented inventory space confusing. It took me until now that it doesn't say 19120 but instead 19/20 .... Yes i am ashamed.. Seems like it all cleared up now
  3. SlaxX

    Craftsman Bug

    Okay update: Issue was, i didn't quite grasp the concept of inventory space. Reason why i couldn't claim the item was because my Inventory was "full", meaning i didn't have any slots left for new items. The weird number that represents your inventory space (20k something) confused me quite a lot. probably the max amount when you hold 99x stacks in every slot? Because the number didn't increase when i picked up items, i thought materials do not use inventory space, only equipment. I think it would be a lot more self explanatory, if the number just displayed your used up inventory slots..
  4. SlaxX

    Craftsman Bug

    *bump* Same issue for me. If you already found a fix, please tell me! Restarting didn't do the trick..