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  1. BreadSlice

    How to equip prefix in weapon?

    Prefixes can only be added to items when crafting, not to already existing items. When you attempt to craft an item with an appropriate prefix/suffix in your inventory (or vault), you will see an "Add Imprint" button appear below the ingredients window. Each imprint formula adds a 20% chance to generate the weapon with that specific imprint. Therefore, it will take 5 imprint formula to guarantee 100% certainty the item is crafted with the desired prefix/suffix. Existing Items that already have a prefix/suffix can be re-rolled to a different prefix/suffix with a somewhat similar process using the Reroll Prefix/Suffix menu, but again it is not possible to add a prefix/suffix to an existing item that does not already have one.
  2. BreadSlice

    Sub-Servers/Realms Issue

    If you view the settings BEFORE logging into the game, the SEVER SELECT option is available. Using the drop-down menu, you can select a specific server. Avoid hitting the "button" below the drop-down menu, as I think it may "override" your manually selection.
  3. I think you hit the same issue as the thread below. Strange that it didn't advance for you and the other poster. Every time I've seen it, the game sort of gets sluggish, and I think I'm about to crash, but it eventually advances on its own. Sorry to hear about your death. If it makes you feel any better, I bite the dust at least once a day.. but usually due to my own stupidity
  4. BreadSlice

    Map Gone

    Unfortunately, that backup is not guaranteed. I'm not sure if it stored it there when I updated steam or if a crash caused it to be stored there.
  5. BreadSlice

    Map Gone

    I'll point you to this thread:
  6. BreadSlice

    Cant join other players in Dungeon

    Would this be the first dungeon outside the Tower? The T1 dungeon is a solo only dungeon. All other dungeons allow entrance by multiple people after the door has been opened.
  7. BreadSlice

    Need help with Legacies

    Yea, I think I commented in another post, I think it only gives you the highest of a multi-tier challenge or something. I'm not sure if that is intended or not
  8. BreadSlice

    crash report

    Did you crash zoning out of T5?
  9. BreadSlice

    Numerous NPC's have vanished...

    Nah, leave it for other people to search and find. I'm not sure if it fixes it for all people, but at least it apparently does for some
  10. BreadSlice

    Numerous NPC's have vanished...

    Is your game permanently like that, or was it a one time until re-log thing?
  11. BreadSlice

    corrupted message after character select

    Are you using Nvidia Geforce Now? I'm not sure if there is any resolution, but that has been a common theme with that error message.
  12. BreadSlice

    Stuck on Legacy menu

    Below is an actual screenshot of the dialog you are looking at, courtesy of another player who was stuck. Notice the red bar indicating they were 16 / 12. They needed to pick different cards and use the consume button to remove them. This rewards a currency called "Valr" that can be used to upgrade the cards. Valr is use it or lose it. You must use it on that screen to upgrade cards or buy more legacies. If it is not used, it will be lost. Don't worry, it does give you a warning popup stating that info before you move on.
  13. BreadSlice

    NPCs are gone?

    They dont exactly run away. What I meant by that is players have reported seeing them right as they should appear on the screen, then they vanish out of existence. If you have that bug, I'd image you would waste a key only to find the boss wasn't there as well
  14. BreadSlice

    Stuck on Legacy menu

    Below is not the exact screen, but it should look similar to the count you see. The reason you cannot advance is likely because you are overloaded with legacy cards. You need to pick a few to "consume" in order to remove them and be below your limit. The default starting limit is 10.