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  1. Crafting Modify and Dismantle Auto populate (They automatically select an item when entered) Modify and Dismantle can now see vaulted items "Upgrade" button should be disabled when viewing Max Crafters Non-Maxed Crafters still show "Max tier Obtained" in initial window after another crafter is maxed Upgrade crafting follows different convention than the other tabs by having the next tome Green, even when all mats are not available Slightly strange to show roman numerals for Item Tier materials that do not exist The "Random Charm" is charm refinement is misleading. It's all required, so not filling one does not result in a "random charm". But, "random charm" can be used to remove a charm that has been placed in, maybe call it "Empty Charm" Multiple "random charms" can appear in inventory "Purple Exclamation" appears while an item is crafting, before it is completed OTHER Incomplete challenges occasionally have a "check" in the challenges list as completed Relics window is modal Leaderboard still behaves incorrectly if viewing "Time" and leaving. When you return, the "Kill" board will be visible and "Time" will already be depressed and unclickable. You need to click again on "Kills", then "Time" Quest Giver text is difficult to read Can "Inventory" and "Character" screen become two different things for keybinds? This would cut down on clicks by allowing the bind to go directly to the materials Weekly Quest timer has dashes infront of timer to make it look negative (maybe it is negative?) Were the T9 Achievements removed? There are only 6 achievements on the menu, from reaching max level on each character
  2. I reported this bug before, but it seemed like people were unaware during the live stream. If you manually select a server, then close the game at any point, the game will forget your server and put you on a default server. It will, however still show you that you are going to the server you manually set in settings. The green text is a live look at the output_log.txt. Notice the Invalid backend url, and the second log is NOT going to US5, but US1. At the end, I show it still shows US5 in the settings.
  3. The Settings menu when closed with the red X at the top and then opened via the Escape key again will open and immediately close. Hit Escape to open the Settings Menu Click the red "X" to close the window the mouse. Hit Escape Again Likely related, if the escape settings are opened by clicking the cog wheel under the map with the mouse, escape must be hit twice to close the settings window.
  4. Adding issues as I find them: The Leaderboard remembers the last tab selected (Kills or Time), but always defaults to Kills view, resulting in a situation where the "Time" tab is selected, but the "Kills" leaderboard is shown. View Leaderboard. Select Time Close Leaderboard Open Leaderboard Tutorial is only accessible on the "Play Options" screen if the "settings" was not viewed on the Log in screen. If you click this button: The tutorial will remain disabled on the "Play screen" when you click this button: Closing the Settings screen with the escape key does not prompt for unsaved changes, but keeps the changes. However, those changes will be lost on logout and/or rezone. Example: electrum potions will revert on rezone. Fullscreen mode will revert on logout. Also, if you then re-enter settings, you will not get a prompt about unsaved changes when switching tabs. Unsaved changes seem to be completely lost. If you go back in and make a second change and save, the first change is still reverted on log out and in. Example: While logged in, Select Settings -> Gameplay -> toggle Display Ping. Notice the change is immediate. Hit the escape keybind. Notice the change is still in effect. Go back into settings and switch tabs between Graphics, Gameplay. There is no "unsaved changes" prompt. Log out and in. Notice the Ping Display will return to original state. Repeat Steps 1-3. Select Graphics -> Toggle Enable Weather. Save. Logout and back in. Notice Display Ping is back to the original state. It did not save with the secondary change.
  5. It seems similar to the previous charm bug, where if the charms were in your vault, the craftsman couldnt see them to upgrade. I know when players were having issue, asking them to put silver on their character instead of in vault has seemed to allow them to craft. Im not sure if there are more initial conditions. I lost it on my SECOND run, where I was trying to test something else, so the "0" time run likely didn't factor in, as I already received it during that death. So, if it is related to simply DCing in the well, it may happen to others. Only speculating here about the possible cause, however, because I'm relatively sure I did get the mail after the death and it disappeared after, I think it may have had something to do with the "unequip" bug. The unequip bug seemed to only occur after an item gained XP AFTER the last patch. If the item didnt have xp, hadnt been used to gain xp yet, OR it was maxed previously, it would not unequip My bow would not have gained any xp until I did the well, as I equipped it right before doing the well that second time. This one isn't really a bug. Modal as in you cant take any action until you confirm the dialog. It may be ok since all the mailboxes are in town, but it is something I feel should be steered away from in a permadeath bullet hell game. The dungeon "warning" messages are similar. I assumed so. It's just not entirely clear that a run on your Druid isn't going to show if you don't beat your Harbingers record, since the class is shown. I was semi taken by surprise. I'll also add if you DC in the well and do not break your previous best, you have no way of seeing how you did. Sorry, I didn't originally write this list for other humans to read. I got lazy and just pasted it in from the spreadsheet. Still trying to clarify this. @Darkolas originally posted it here: His Youtube video highlights it well. I found a smaller issue here: Where the number selector for the potion seems to remember what was selected previously (hard to see). Notice how the Energy potions selector depends on what was visited before it. The buying pots over 10, I can't replicate because I dont have over 10 pots. I know that if you are capped, then claim a daily login claim, you can go over 10 potions. People were reporting somehow, after exceeding this threshold to be able to buy more without limit. However, the people I asked to confirm don't seem to be able to replicate it either. I'm not sure what they were talking about.
  6. 0 time/kill leaderboard Fixed in Week 10 Hotfix 1 Leaderboard ties for time seem to go to unknown factor, microseconds? 1 leaderboard per account, regardless of class T9 key craft - cant pull silver from vault Relics reset level Relic old + new interaction Fixed in Week 10 Hotfix 1 Gear unequip bug STILL happens; gear that has gained XP AFTER the patch will be removed on log-in Fixed in Week 10 Hotfix 1 Buying pots while over 10 has no limit 99999 electrum displayed when first visiting store buy potion If potion capped, store button + cost for previous selected item Attachment delete message is modal Removed imprints cannot be added to item; no error message Mobs crit defense now based off player level? Orb Spider is a 23 (T4) in 26 (T6) area, but has 6k+ health compared to level 26 3k health Accelerating BOW no longer has increased range, Dagger still does. Does change only effect new items or only bows? Item disappeared; T9 level 4 bow used in well for the first xp gain after patch. Could be related to Gear unequip OR alt+f4 in well, but I am 80% sure I did receive mail
  7. @Kelphaz is the only player I know of to have had thorns gear drop with an affix. The odds seem to be incredibly low. I do not believe there is a way to craft the gear with an affix. My instinct is that affixes on Thorns gear is unintended.
  8. BreadSlice


    I'm really not sure. If you would have seen 3 servers per region, I would have had at least a little conformation. I believe this is a network issue, which most players previously have experienced when playing through a hotspot, but there might be other ways to experience the same network issue. I'm less convinced it has to do with the Digital Ocean IP / Russia block because you did manage to fully connect to the game. My only other guess is that different information for the game is located on different servers, and one portion of info for the game is unable to reach you. That's complete speculation, however. Just to rule it out, I would try to validate the game files by: Right click on Survived By in Steam Properties Local Files tab Verify Integrity of the Game Files If that does not work, you could also try re-installing the game, but again I am leaning toward a network issue, and both of these things will likely result in the same problem. Hopefully @hh_katherine and @amethyst_hh will have more ideas that can be of help.
  9. BreadSlice


    When you are looking at the server lists, do you see 6 servers for each region or only 3?
  10. BreadSlice


    I'm not sure if this is causing the issue, but the game uses Digital Ocean to host the servers. Russian ISPs seemed to have blocked many of the DO servers, particularly affecting the EU data center choices and some of the Asia servers. That is why I recommended trying the NA servers. Below is an article which goes into more detail: https://meduza.io/en/news/2018/04/18/russia-blocks-tens-of-thousands-of-ip-addresses-owned-by-the-cloud-infrastructure-provider-digitalocean
  11. BreadSlice


    Some players have had success by changing servers. This can be done by navigating to Settings -> Server Select and selecting a server from the drop down list. I would suggest choosing an NA server first, no matter where you are trying to play from. If that fixes the issue, try different EU or AS servers depending on your location. Which country are you trying to play from? Certain countries internet service providers have had restrictions in place which has made accessing the game difficult.
  12. This is a known issue that should be addressed in the upcoming patch. I would wait until then to do further runs. The patch is scheduled for tomorrow (2/6/2019 CT)
  13. If a legacy was deprecated, I'd assume they would determine the Valr required per level obtained and return it in full rather than the normal 500, or at least that is what I had hoped.. I'd also like to see the static consume 500 changed under normal circumstances to return a percentage of the level. Anywhere from 30% to 70% of the total Valr invested. While the Well has had some issues and allowed for.. an easier Valr gain than I think was designed, 500 Valr returned from a level 50 Legendary does not seem like an adequate value in any case.
  14. Some of the affixes have had their apply chance set to 0, which means you will never find them drop naturally on an item. However, they can still be obtained through crafting and the imprint through dismantling, which I believe is unintentional. The following items are deprecated and will appear labelled as such: Paired Wave MeleeShot Powerful Piercing Wave Paired Piercing Wave Tri Spread Shot Also the following prefixes can likely still be upgraded: Heavy Shot (not deprecated) Paired Helix (not deprecated) Melee Shot Powerful Paired Piercing Wave Paired Wave
  15. There has always been some issues with receiving certain buffs from alters. Sometimes, another party member activates an alter, yet it still seems activatable. Other times I activate the alter alone and don't appear to get any buffs. I have heard reports that if you are in an instance and someone activates an alter, everyone SHOULD get the buff regardless of distance, but I don't know if this is actually the case. I'm not sure if it is an issue with the buff just not appearing and the effects are received, or that the buffs just are not working in general.
  16. Closing and opening the game should fix this. I'm not sure if this "textured" background is the same as seeing an all black background, but usually it seems to indicate there is a memory issue and that you will likely crash soon. It's best to always find a safe spot and restart the game before that happens.
  17. If you are still trying to access the beta on steam, Dream23 is correct. It no longer exists and you should download the full/EA version on Steam. If you already have the early access version, try clicking on Settings -> Server Select and manually selecting different regions. Even if you do not live close, I would start with checking one or two of the North American servers. If you are able to connect there, then try the EU or AS servers. What country are you trying to connect from?
  18. BreadSlice


    Are you using a mobile hotspot? That seems to be a generally theme with this issue. Another thread where people seem to be running into the same problem:
  19. While the game does shake globally when someone dies, there is also local screen shake whenever you kill a mob or are hit by a projectile. I have pretty sensitive eyes, so it can affect my focus as well. I wouldn't mind a feature to turn off both the global earthquake and local screen shake. Worse for me is the very strong contrasting light radius when doing areas such as T2 or T5... or the overworld at night. Over the years, I've tried many things: changing monitor brightness, "computer glasses", yellow gaming glasses, 3rd party lighting program Flux, bias lighting, etc. Some help more than others, but I know if the game has a lot of lighting contrast or I have to do a lot of micro-managing/tracking based off small or fast moving object, I'm going to have a headache and my right eye is going to have a red bar of broken blood vessels the next morning 😛
  20. Is this the boss spawning mobs or the general mobs in the dungeon?
  21. The port has since been changed. You should be able to access the game from Malaysia or other countries / ISPs that have the previous port blocked.
  22. It sounds like you were just a little on the unlucky side. Below are what I estimate the silver costs of each dungeon run to be. In terms of average silver per run, T9 is actually the most profitable by a large margin over the others. The table above excludes any mob dropped silver or dangerous chest silver. Those are pretty minimal compared to gear sell prices at later tiers. This is also without any drop rate buffs. Time was not used as a factor in any of the above calculations. Also, any time I'm doing math, I should always put some kind of disclaimer to be very skeptical 😛
  23. Yea, sorry, changed my wording above. I meant it probably needs one., this is a common question.
  24. Is your inventory full? They should implement an error message, but the craftsman will not let you claim if you cannot fit all the materials.
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