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  1. Nopepad.exe

    Invalid login Credentials

    It's been four days and I still haven't been able to play the game because I've been plagued by errors, first error 400 that I was told to just "Switch servers" in order to fix which didn't, now this. Every time I log in I get "Invalid login Credentials". I've tried switching servers, re-creating my account to make sure the info does indeed still exist and changing my password, but nothing. I'm getting pretty fed up at this point and I feel like it's just error 400 renamed and was never fixed.
  2. Nopepad.exe

    Error 400

    Just tried and I'm still getting error 400. I've all six servers listed.
  3. Nopepad.exe

    Error 400

    I downloaded, created an account through the client, verified and tried to log in to get Error 400. Tried repeatedly and error 400 every time. Even verified my game cache. I looked on the forums and saw that it could be due to mismatched username/password so I retried that repeatedly with no success. I reset my password and confirmed my username was what I was entering and I'm still getting Error 400.