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    Controller Support?

    Is the SNES compatible, or unsuccessful on the test? Any bugs there??
  2. Draculyan22

    Login to R.I.P's Character

    Bug Report: I had 1 lvl 25 max., and 3 other characters. Played for an hour then logged off for the night. When i logged on the next day each character was R.I.P.'d separate all in safe locations by the crafting zones. Why were they R.I.P.'d? How did they R.I.P. is what concerned me on this bug. Can i get some free legacies?? Thanks, Draculyan22.
  3. Draculyan22

    Any Brazilian

    Phenomeno pes es vario'sos:todu beyn con pase joga pase y anda ala algum peses...