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  1. @quipham read my message on forum
  2. @quipham Are you on WIndows 10? I'd know 1 easy fix
  3. A video of someone beating the well would be the best gift to beginners in my opinion. I've been farming 30 hours lvling and dieing in the well and i believe that i got the best tactics!
  4. my experience: This happens and everyone can reproduce it! If you spent to much time on the screen where u can upgrade legacys and buy new ones stuff like that (you get there after u die xd) As i said if u spent to much times it'll give you most liekely a blackscreen and you need to restart the game! then you click play and you'll get back to your legacys screen and again if you spent to much time there (couple minutes upgrading legacys and stuff) you'll get that blackscreen. Im saying this because this seems to be related to the empty vault bug @HH_Amethyst I hope my experience can fix this problem easier!
  5. Bug No 2 should get fixed :3
  6. I really like helix and heavy shot! I'll chcek long range ricochet out! i personal dont like frag shot but in close boss fights it'll be usefull the most i think!
  7. Is there a way to upgrade gpu usage? o.o If so r u going to improve it
  8. Look the server was most likely full and he got transfered to the next one. The steps you need to do, enter a less populated server (I recommend 4,5,6) Or you have to go Options, Sever Select and lets say you both on EU1 but u cant find each other on the map( because your friend got transfered to the next server) he needs to select one different server EU5 example and then back to EU1 and then he'll be able to join you most likeley. Its a visual bug if the servers are full and you get transfered to the next one, the selected server wont change(It still says EU1) in options but the server u are in is different @HH_Amethystbug report
  9. @HH_Amethyst you can try to register a new account to survivedby this should work if not you probably lost your first account password and created a second and this might cause issues. everyone who is facing this problem and none of my first steps help need figure something out to recover there first account or need to register a new steam account followed by a new survivedby account. Have a nice day
  10. I've been facing the same problems. It'll help the Server perfomance aswell if you don't have to do this login/logout process many times in short times to sort your inventory and stuff like that! I can tell you that they are working on " Add a way to switch characters without going back to the main menu/login screen " for sure! I did suggest to make gear you wear not affecting your space and do increase the number on each material stack (99 to 200 or more) these were good points! From my experience its a difficult step to reduce electrum costs for items for @hh_katherine no offense. ( just what i've heard) but much love to the admins! I do imagine that they are working on many things the list is long and till it gets to inventory and vaults, its just a question of time! "Add a menu to see items that a player's other characters have" Thats future music tho but i really like this one! especially if players got more characters! i'd just suggest increasing the number of how many times you can buy "more backpack space" from the treasure hunter and maybe increase the price each time you buy it! And even add "More vault space" to the treasure hunter for bloodstones. -Reducing and increasing bloodstones costs or even Electrum is a really interesting topic i'd say related to if u buy more space more times thanks for reading aswell especially if u are admin! i'll just transfer one idea from my old topic! About gear not affecting inventory space and stuff! The gear you wear has probably pockets by itself! (backpack space is still to low for the most) Example: Each gear part you wear from T1-4 adds 1 Space, T-5-8 adds 2, T9-10 adds 3! Full T9 gear can increase your backpack space by 15!
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