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  1. @hh_katherine I bought all of the packs fairly early on to support the developers (and a bit annoyed that's how this ends), but I was unable to really play the game much due to the business of my life as of late. I honestly was really enjoying the game, so it's a shame to see it go. I'll also miss you, since you did help out not just me, but a lot of people. So.. goodbye Kathy, I guess.
  2. Luckily this doesn't seem to have effected me, seeing as I'm a bit of a hoarder and I haven't used a single one yet.
  3. This happened to me as well.. somehow I feel like they hadn't fully implemented the skin yet. :v
  4. The leaderboard definitely bugged out, considering for one.. it won't reset for a year. But I also got about 24 mail for my spot on the leaderboard for apparently.. 5 different placements? and none of them actually counted my actual placement which was around 43 when I went to sleep. I'm just bringing it up here because I grabbed about 24k Valr which is essentially nothing considering upgrade costs, and I really don't want to get banned for "Exploiting a bug" for something that is actually fairly useless. Especially since I bought all the starter packs to support this game. Also, I don't really know if it was a bug, but for my placement of 43rd I got about 244k Valr.. and I was only in there for around 90 seconds. I probably killed around 240-ish of the Wraiths with about 30 of them being greater wraiths. I've NEVER done this good before since I never went into the well with good gear, but thanks to the offerings I was able to bring 3 pieces of t9 in. But that's fairly close to the 250k cap isn't it? I was just curious if the game somehow bugged out and awarded me a stupid amount of points considering usually I only kill one wraith and that only gives me about 10 Valr. I absolutely spent it on my only Legendary, even if it probably wasn't the best one:
  5. Whoo! Apparently Locus is no longer a god!!
  6. That's still fairly low in terms of chances, and I'm unfortunately unable to safely do hardmode dungeons. Still, it pretty much just means the best place to grind pre-hardmode is T4-T6 where enemies are still decently weak and still give that 5%. But damn... for what I assume is a 1 time use recovery charm, where you need 10 per is... brutal in terms of grinding.
  7. I will state that a part of the reason why I'm going so slow with the legacy slots is partly because I've reached a point where all of my legacies are silver, gold or "platinum" in quality. (I still think gold trim with sort of a galaxy theme would've been better for the best legacies.) So I kinda have to keep chucking out ones I really want or chucking out ones I just simply don't have room for.
  8. So the new mechanic with crafting and divying up ancestor's belongings for their kin via charms I assume in lore teleport to safety upon death makes me really happy to see, but one of the components is astonishingly rare to the point where in the natural process of bringing a character up from level 1 -> 25 (and grinding out 10 tier 6 keys and then doing said t6) only amounted to me getting 4 Blue jade out of the required 40 (+10 for any extra gear you want to keep in the event you died before storing it) and like... I had about 10 Waystone gems, when I needed like... 4. It's like trying to mine for Gold, Platinum or Diamonds in places they don't naturally occur. I get that you don't want players to be able to easily save all their end tier gear and never have to grind again, but it sorta feels like you set the drop rate for blue jade to be about 0.6% or lower and left it. Early to Mid game players tend to have two goals: Kill off their characters in the well to get extra legacy space & get a ton of Valr to level up said legacies. The process is made significantly longer when they can't bring anything beyond a single high tier and a bunch of low tiers, without of course sacrificing a ton of gear and having to grind that out again to just jump into the well once more. The fact that Blue jade exists seems like a good opportunity to bring in better gear, but the drop rates are so abysmal that someone realistically can't end up with 4 Waystone offerings as they reach level 25. I personally don't see a point in making blue jade rarer than it needs to be outside of purposefully having players sell them for stupid amounts of bloodstone, or to satisfy end-game players who really need to feel that burn from grinding. As it stands, I don't think anyone will be able to have an excess of Blue jade for as long as they have characters to throw into the well. Literally the only players who could are the ones who have already gotten most of if not all of their grinding out several updates back when they probably could get about 120k Valr in a single trip and have all their legacy slots unlocked. So all they'd have to do is get the necessary 40 for every character and just not die as they stockpiled for the market for when it re-opens... which is kind of just a statement about the game's current "end-game" content. Personally, I'm still mid-tier since I wasn't able to abuse the old dungeon mechanics where having 4+ players didn't turn enemies into literal brick walls you had to punch through like some people did and got really far. So I'm still stuck in the loop of slowly bringing up my legacy slots by 1 (currently at 32..), trying to get better gear (I have actually gone as far as t9 and beaten it, but t8 is my limit) and simply attempting to get enough silver and materials to unlock the final crafting slot to get access to t10 gear that I'll never be able to get without a month straight of grinding at the current point I am in and the current state of the game. My opinions simply stem from what I've heard and personal experiences, this whole post can simply be summed up as "I'd prefer it if blue jade was at least a little more common, considering the sheer amount needed for a single character's lifetime, with what I assume is a single use item."
  9. I just... said all that. .3. I might've left out the part about the sentinel being great with a build, but I pretty much... just said all that.
  10. That's just sort of it. Sentinel is currently the only proper tank in the game, if they added another one it probably wouldn't feel as nearly as bad. And think about it like this: The specials on the other classes just aren't that good for DPS. The Harbinger probably has it best without any gimmick and just raw damage, Infiltrator just drops a rotating AoE where you have to get in the middle of enemies to use it, Alchemists drop AoE puddles that can go over walls but don't really do the best damage, Geomancers have shitty rotating turrets that do a fraction of your crit damage and lag the game out and can be broken in a single hit in a bullet hell game and Druids have it worst by being a Bear that charges whenever you click. Of course when you compare Sentinel, the only other balanced special is Harbinger which has literally no gimmicks. Infiltrator apparently can be stupidly broken by making you invincible with the stealth mechanic and probably would let you run right to the boss of a dungeon, but it needs a specific build of imprints to do this. Sentinel is LITERALLY made to survive and protect others, if its tanking ability was garbage, no one would use it and it'd be "Rising of the Shield hero" where the Sentinel is the reject. But that's just me.
  11. Something harder to catch would probably be Crit rate or Just outright damage, since if you 1-shot enemies the damage numbers don't show up.
  12. This personally still screws me over time to time. xwx; It's such an old bug.
  13. People have things to do matey, and sometimes adds can kill you so you so sometimes it's better to run through if you're able to. Enemies are tanky and deal a lot of damage, they're pretty time consuming to kill if you're not running in the middle of them asking to take a bunch of hits. And I guess I'll bring up that only one piece of my gear isn't t9 (markets closed and people were charging rediculous amounts or other people just bought before me) and it's all level 1 & has no charms or imprints. I take about 180 damage per hit so I pretty much can only take about 5 hits before I die. So I'm going to have to take it as slow as possible tbh.
  14. I'm actually annoyed by this infinitely stackable debuff, I went through my first t8 ever but I'd decided to rush through the enemies since I was an Infiltrator and it was kinda taking forever to slowly get rid of them... of course my Infiltrator is so fast that the skill actually nearly got me killed due to rubber banding so I guess the game and I are even. Something I like to do sometimes is to kill the boss, and then go back to clear out the rest of the dungeon in case I missed any valuable rewards like danger chests as sometimes I might not actually have the time in my life to spend half an hour clearing everything out on my own and I might decide to skip any alternate pathways if I run into the boss early (with lower tier dungeons I almost always clear the entire thing for exp, I think an exp bonus might be nice for doing that but that's not the point of this post). But Cowardice struck again as AFTER I'd killed the boss I STILL got the debuff for leaving the boss room, this is honestly annoying as I absolutely need to level up my gear and there was probably about 50-200k exp still in the monastery. I couldn't believe it so I decided to check if I'd somehow accidentally gotten the debuff during the boss fight, and no! The actual range of the boss room here is MASSIVE! I can actually go all the way down to the hallway without getting a stack of Cowardice, I absolutely got this when I went to head back... and through multiple tests I ended up far too weak to clear the place out and had to leave to ensure my character didn't die. You should not get Cowardice after a boss is dead, and Cowardice should disappear after the boss' death. I'm fairly sick of this debuff already as a friend of mine had lost everything to it during t7 and the fact it infinitely stacks and doesn't update to show how screwed you are. I also feel like there should be a warning when you're close to getting the debuff so you don't accidentally end up giving it to yourself when you're seriously trying to fight a boss. I understand people don't care about this debuff as usually people will just bum rush the boss, but for anyone who actually wanted to go back to clear the place out this debuff is currently a nightmare.
  15. So it seems like with the potential dungeon features came people wishing to friend you when they see you're doing the dungeon and happen to be grinding it. However, I noticed that I couldn't actually accept the friend request when I got it, yet the person still ended up on my friend list when I went to check later.
  16. It's not just the mountain lions..
  17. There might be a weird setting in the game where + friction is adding a negative effect so +1 friction means +1 to effect [-1 Friction]. Either way, I'd like to see -2 friction, I kinda picture the slipping on a banana peel gag with it. x3
  18. I think the issue is that the end game just stagnates, so all these "Materials" aren't really going anywhere... particularly if people are being stingy and saving their best gear whenever they go down the well. The game absolutely is not friendly for players who are unable to really bring friends into the game and have trouble with meeting people with a similar timezone, so having higher grade materials drop late game would be ideal and fairly welcome in my opinion, considering I personally still haven't even attempted T8 yet out of fear of losing gear I probably spent about 400 bloodstone from the supporter packs on despite going for serious "discounts" as much as possible. If crafting was a bit more of a viable option for me I'd probably risk going into stuff like hardmode more often, despite the fact crafting costs an arm and a leg + 6 hours of your life... and if I knew that the drops for t5 were apparently so appallingly common in t9 I'd have jumped in and farmed the crap out of it to get rid of all my garbage t0 that is wasting space in my Vault. If you're getting too many mats, just don't pick them up (or throw them away before leaving, at least until the market comes back) or treat higher tiered gear like as though it is less precious and make "spares" for things like the well or solo attempts of end game dungeons. Just as a reminder, this isn't a typical MMO where having end game gear makes you untouchable, it is a Rogue-lite (because you can store things), where you lose everything you currently have on you upon death. So you should treat it more like a roguelike when you're actually at the point where you have the supplies to care less about end game gear and play less carefully to take risks and feel far less frustrated if you die since all you have to do is bring your character back up to 25 and re-equip them with end game gear... which with friends able to boost you in later dungeons should be easy. And honestly, if having too many materials is a freaking problem, start up a project like making a Penta wave t10 weapon where you'll have to deal with horrible rng that somehow despite having a 1/4 chance, I've failed what feels like 30-50 times in a row to grab imprints off items. Finally, here's the part where instead of simply complaining, I actually throw my own coin into the mix on how I feel things could be improved. The original complaint essentially said that chests weren't rewarding since you got t5 gear from the monsters, so the simplest solution for that isn't to nerf something, but instead to simply make chests actually rewarding all-round. Simply put, Chests are nearly pointless until t6 once you have 10 HP and Energy potions as the silver they give you is barely noticeable and they don't offer any kind of reward outside of "rare" materials until t6 where they'll start giving out charms on rare occasions. The solution is to simply add a little more silver onto the pile (you did just fight a wave of slightly more powerful enemies), Make charms more common and have it that higher leveled charms can show up at later tiers and to have a chance for imprints and imprinted gear to show up in chests. The pool of Imprints would likely be restricted to the tier, so people wouldn't just be able to farm t2 or t3 for the best imprints and have special imprints that can only ever show up in later tiers that would be far rarer, could only be imprinted on t10(+?) gear and would make people a whole lot more excited than "Oh great, t5 mats that I had the drop rate nerfed to make finding these exciting again". As for the drops of mats, why not have t9 drop t5, t8 drop t3 and t7 drop t1? Allowing people who aren't so rich in resources to just spam end game dungeons to catch up ever so slightly quicker? T7 is of course the first actual difficulty spike in the game since the "adds" there really drank their redbull & protein shakes before taking you on, so it'd make sense as to where that'd be where the tiers would start. As for t10, it might even be best to turn off material drops and make it that attempting it would be solely for the rewards, or do something with it to make it more unique or challenging, perhaps having different keys for it with different levels of "handicap" that each have different drop rates & end game rewards, having harder difficulties drop stuff that might be able to further enhance t10 gear and have one that'd works kinda similarly to the Well in the sense that to use the key you'd have to have end game gear specifically made to enter it (probably having it that the gear only gives you stats inside the dungeon, and maybe can't be taken off until either death or completing the "nightmare raid"), so if you die in the attempt, you're forced to lose that gear and have to re-earn it. This extends the endgame further beyond just t10 and makes it more grindy so that end game players who can afford to spam what should be expensive end-game content won't complain about slightly "less end-game" content as they'll absolutely need those materials as fodder for something far more expensive. I apologise if it sounded like I was giving sass or something, but I'm fairly tired of people complaining about high tier'd stuff dropping in end game situations, it feels kinda like people are barking in the wrong direction as you could just as well say "Lower the drop rates to make it less common" instead of wishing for crappier items in higher amounts. @9R_RyanJ Just in case you don't end up looking back at this before doing anything serious, although it sounds like my input won't really amount to nothing.
  19. Yeah, being able to dye three parts of the outfit instead of two might be better. Also, "Brighten up my Dye (day)". Make it a thing. xwx
  20. I've noticed that when you apply a dye to some parts of a character's outfits, they're like a muddy dark colour that looks very unappealing when you look at it, despite the fact that the default colours on outfits are very bright so that they stand out in the world. I feel like dyes applied to areas that end up very dark should be brightened closer to the default brightness of the original outfits so that they stand out more and I'm less inclined to have the default red tuft on my Sentinel or the Pink shades on my infiltrator with colours like Teal or Green for their uniforms and actually dye them to match.
  21. Not to mention it's all emoji crap now. I don't even use chat.
  22. Gotta love this stuff. Pretty much the month reset and they don't have the next week of rewards set up.
  23. @hh_katherine (being hopeful for information, at-ing ya as player per player information isn't always 100%. I only say that because I have gotten false information in the past and lost stuff.) I thought this was a bug that was meant to be fixed... Do I have to die with it on me to activate it or something? I'm very confused and I don't really want to risk wasting this.
  24. I really feel as though they should visibly show some kind of mark, like greying out a panel if you've missed too many days, and/or adding a small lock on it. Either way, I can't pick up my next daily till 10AM on the 1st of January, which would be when it resets. :v @hh_katherine Just to make this a little less of a waste of time, I think some sort of flaming cape would probably make people wanna do the Daily rewards, and yeah, the above mentioned "Locked" rewards if you missed too many would be ideal so there's no doubt in peoples mind that something can be gotten... instead of the whole "Oh, it's fine. You're aussie so since you're in the future, if you miss it it's your fault" argument. Using ESO as a base, It's going to reset in 20-ish hours. There's no way I'm getting these wings since I've already collected todays reward.
  25. @hh_katherine, just to make sure this is seen. >//>
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