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  1. Nojaw

    The 250K valr cap is ridiculous!

    I think both of you have made good points. I think that the 250k is slightly low and when people were exploiting the well relog bug to have as much time as the wanted 3 million valr was far to much. I think that 500k would be a much more reasonable number because even if you were to get 10 legacy cards you want to keep currently that is still 4 more well runs required to level those cards and at about 1 hour each attempt that is 4 hours of grinding not including the time it takes to get those cards. At 500k you are more likely to get a card or two that you want to keep and level it. As far as spiders go, I helped with the 3 minute level and that was someone with the xp potion and stones, but spider power leveling was broken and I am glad to see that it was fixed. And I am hoping once parties is introduced in the coming weeks that the level requirement for dungeons is not considered so we can help friends power level. It will still take at least 20 minutes to level I believe, I could be wrong, and there seem to be some decent alternatives to spiders that is not running dungeons right now anyhow.
  2. Nojaw

    GUILDS! :)

    I love a lot of your ideas Kelphaz thanks for posting. That being said I would like to add to some of your ideas. You should be able to change this for a fee HH still needs to make money and guild does not effect game play and people can change there minds. Guild Leveling- you say leveling will take teamwork yet people can just play solo to level the guild. I recommend a slight boost in experience gain towards guild leveling when in a group solo you get 1x experience, duo 1.25x experience, three people 1.5x experience etc. Also I think starting Guild Roster of 10 is a good number, but 35 at max level is a large amount of the player base currently so maybe cap it 20 for now. This number could change as the player base grows. Guild Competition sounds fun, but I think guilds should be limited to one prize per week so No lifers(Kelphaz) do not discourage other guilds from attempting to win. Also similar to guild level possible give more points to running in groups to encourage group play.
  3. Nojaw

    Early Access Week 9 + 10 PREVIEW!

    Rank 99 requires 4950 relics. Are we still going to lose all progress on death?