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  1. You may have died with the Boosts and stuff in your inventory, you need to make sure you store that stuff or else you will lose it all, Would've been smarter to give those items life insurance but what can you do. Anyways, contact support, they may be able to help.
  2. So I quickly read through this thread, I do love the ideas set in place for Sub Classes, it allows for a well co-ordinated raid where you've got the right amount of dps. Say a sentinel with the protective ring that follows him, but rather than stopping bullets, it buffs players attack strength and strenghens their armour, the more players affected by his buff the faster his energy drains, though with a good setup it wouldn't be an issue. You could have an infiltrator where instead of a shurkien slowly shooting out projectiles they come from the player (sort of as if it were a full radius shield in RotMG) which would allow for faster clearing of a group of bunched up enemies. As you stated, an Alchemist with a Priest Subclass would work wonders in harder raids, as i'm sure you wpuldn't normally rush the dungeon it may help to throw some down in a hallway so when your teammates need to heal they can run back into safety for a few seconds. (Thats usually what i do with sents ability) Theres so much more that can be done with the subclass system that class combinations would be endless and would then allow you to play the game your way. Even though new classes themselves would he great the addition of subclasses will be so ever versatile.
  3. Yeah may have to, on a day that i played it didn't register through the calendar, i'll have a look, I know i definitely missed 1 day (due to my sister going into labor) but i couldn't have missed 2
  4. I can't, mine bugged out one day and didn't give me my daily reward, so even though theres 3 days or so left i'll only be getting the legacy, really a shame which is super annoying for me..
  5. Yeah i'm kinda annoyed that i'll be missing it by 1 day for some reason even though i've logged in each and every day since launch. really wanted the wings so that they'd go with the rest of my attatchments
  6. I'm glad to hear that you are working with your providers to try open up more servers around the world! Really raises my spirits hearing that, Thank you Katherine.
  7. You've probably not heard yet. They've since rolled back the servers from before the attack happened, and locked off all forms of "trading" temporarily until a fix is found and applied, which means that although people can still spawn in bloodstone, they shouldn't be able to outsource it, though i do agree that security should've been top priority, you also state that it's the internet, and there will always be people like this no matter where you look. It's a shame but you do what you can to keep the game running.
  8. Hey there, minor in my case but major in some others cases, but a player ingame has stated that the friends lists are broken and do not display any friends online or offline. I'm thinking this may have occurred during the temporary removal of the "mail" option though i could be wrong. Any information on this would be appreciated! (I promise i'm not actually alone.....)
  9. It's especially annoying when it's the "slowed" effect, it means you need to find a patch in the map that actually slows or speeds you up just to move fast again. though i think it could just be an issue with latency.
  10. Any time Amethyst, My continued support will never diminish, Although i wasn't around for the BETA I have been playing almost every day since launch, I love seeing new games evolve over time and overcome obstacles such as these, As I'm aware that every time someone breaks through your team is quick on their feet to patch up the holes. So long as the Dev Team and Community co-operate with one another theres nothing we really have to worry about. I'm sure everyone's annoyed that they'll be losing progress (Some may be happy as they'll possibly have their chars back) but given the circumstances It's totally understandable. Even thought the trading and whatnot is being taken down for the time being that'll atleast stop the spread of people abusing Bloodstone hacks. making the currency basically worthless and even easier to crack down on and find who's actually doing it. I'm sure in a month or two (could be more, who knows) the game will have defenses against intrusions such as what we witnessed earlier.
  11. It's our jobs as a community to help the newer players that were affected by this disaster, Really a shame that people had to go and do this,
  12. An unexpected turn of events to say the least, To think that you guys would need to rollback progress so early in development due to players that just want to ruin the fun of thousands of other players, really don't like some people. Nevertheless, I didn't do much progress, if anything i may have lost a few items but nothing worth while. Love yours and the team at HH's work in dealing with the abundance of unruly players, must be hard trying to keep composed when things like this happen.
  13. I know how you feel, I'm in Australia and i'm constantly battling with 250+ ping, restricting me from doing dungeons t8 and up just because of the massive amounts of lag and rubber banding i go through, it's not worth the risk at all, I will still play the game but it sucks that 70 odd hours in and i still dont even have a single maxed legacy, because i die the second i enter the well just because of that 250 ms, enemies start shooting before i can even move. It's a shame that because of the lack of global servers i've been hindered in my own progress.
  14. That's fairly odd. I only encountered a border problem upon starting the game for the first time. Have you tried re-installing the game?
  15. I appreciate this HotFix, a shame that I lost some BloodStone due to it, but it feels good knowing the scum that continuously ruin the game are being dealt with accordingly.
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