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  1. when i click a friend from my list and choose send a message it opens a message with a seemingly random friend rather than the one i clicked on. this happens to me alot
  2. I thought the missing commanders were intentional like some waypoints were too important to have gone down if no one was around to defend them (eg. t5) please consider changing the dungeon lvl range from 2 to 3,4, or5. its become hard to find ppl to play with now that, as a lvl 25 i can only play with ppl lvl 23 and up in dungeons loving the new resurgence mode btw, i hope its a permanent feature
  3. I just wanted to suggest an equipment slot for a secondary weapon, so that I could hit a key or mouse scroll and switch between, say, a Penta shot and a long range weapon on the fly. There are two additional beneficial effects that would come from this change 1. when a player dies, if they have 2 good weapons they are more likely to buy more insurance from weapon guy 2. players without added insurance will benefit from likely having a second weapon to turn to valr on death I absolutely love what you guys are doing here and I've been with Warframe since ps4 launch. i owe you guys not only for my favorite game. but also my new favorite game. can't wait to see what else you will do. thank you for your time and consideration GeNe
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