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  1. Overall changes. In this patch the charm change
  2. Changes u're making are way too casual friendly. On that note, I suggest u give maxed gear, max lvl charms, all legendary cards as 3rd day login reward.
  3. leveling up a suffix to level 10 isnt easy u need 5x same imprint + 41+hours of crafting
  4. When you craft T10 gear, prefix/suffix from t9 doesn't transfer to newly crafted t10. My suggestion is, that if your suffix is leveled up to max [lvl 10 atm] It's going to transfer to new gear. Example: I have a T9 bow with power suffix and penta spread prefix. I level up my power imprint to max. When i use that bow to craft T10 bow it will have lvl 1 power suffix on it 100% guaranteed. Prefix won't transfer, cuz it's not leveled up [I can still add 5 prefix imprints to be 100% sure my weapon has prefix and suffix]. I think this is a perfect solution, cuz right now THERE IS NO POINT TO LEVEL UP your suffix, cuz t10 won't be the highest tier and it's a huge waste of materials to level up your suffix atm. Btw to level up a suffix to level 10 isn't easy and it would be a perfect balance imho.
  5. i've seen them too he is botting imprints
  6. Let's say i'll craft T9 weapon with prefix and sufix, then i'll use that T9 weapon to craft T10. Will suffix/prefix from T9 transfer to T10 weapon?
  7. ok thx, i was just confused, cuz wiki said u can buy it from NPC and hard dungeons drop different relics.
  8. can anyone tell me where do i get them? I want the extra loot relic
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