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  1. Nice update, really the game got a new air.
  2. Atualmente a maioria dos players BR estão aqui: https://discord.gg/djKSUTW
  3. I remember you. Thank you for your comment. The guys gave me motivation not to abandon the game. I really love this bit of bug. I'll probably get what I lost back. I realized I had no way of proving to be true just after telling it all. Really, thank you for believing in me.
  4. Thanks for the feedback and suport @BreadSlice.
  5. Texto em PT-Br TL; DR Today a full vault, almost crowded, with 100 spaces. It just disappeared! 5kk + Silver has dropped / 3+ 100% Drop Rate and Exp / T10 Items and other items with imprint / Various T8 + materials / and many of my charms N5 and 6. In addition to other items I can not remember. What I spent more than 150h + to get. Maybe 200h. My game is almost 400h currently in steam. Simply, everything there was. It's gone! All! "Okay, I'll go to sleep after that." - Title I thought nothing in this game would make me give it up. No matter the bug. I went with full understanding that it was in Early Access. However, no matter how slow I am, this bug for me was the worst I've ever heard. Okay. I'll tell you my story. Play since the game came out of closed beta. I focused on studying all the mechanics of the game and stayed connected in everything that was possible to stay strong. What turned out to be my sin. I arrived at the end of the game fast. Soon I had my sets of T10 items and at this stage I had already spent real money to support the game and get some improvements to my account. I played while there was still the auction. And I've done enough business to unlock as many things as possible for my account. I release all inventory spaces and all vault spaces. So I started to pool resources and after realizing that there was a bug, which disappeared with the most expensive 100% drop rate potions or experience that only came in the support packages, I started to buy the same ones that were sold cheaper at the auction. I gathered 10 of each more or less. And recurrently they disappear after I leave the server or even switch characters. All they told me about the ticket is that they were aware and would return it. But do they really know how many potions I've lost in this joke? 7+ Exp Potions and 5+ Drop Potions. Or rather, I doubt they will give me the exact amount of how much I lost ... I imagined that and so I made a point of buying more at the time of the auction. BUT... That was nothing. After continuing playing, I managed to stay strong and soon had practically all the legendary cards I wanted. And in an attempt to finish the cards I wanted. After completing a successful well and creating a character. When trying to enter the new character to make The Well again. An "Error" appeared when trying to enter it. I've tried 3 times. So I went in with another character and I tried again. I got it! But when I went to store my items in the vault, I realized that there were only the new items I had placed there. My vault counts with 100 slots released And there were all my imprints. All my silver. Several of my main charms. T10 Items I keep for when auction back and Many T8 + Matters .. EVERYTHING WAS MISSING. More than 150h in the trash. My "100%" pots left over and many more things I can not even remember now. Today I was creating a guide with everything I know about the game for the steam community. I would post the guide in EN and PT-Br. I had projects to make videos like Kelphaz for my language and already had a discord with more members and with much more noise than the own created initially here in the forum of survived by for our country. A group that started small for only the people who played with me and who took epic proportions in my head. My sense of frustration has no description. This time, after suffering with several bugs of the game, nothing compared to this. Sincerely for the team of the game. I do not know what's going on inside the team. But every update of the game, no one has seen practically nothing of corrections and I can say on behalf of many people who have played with me from the beginning. That the complaints are many. But that you have a precious game at hand, with enormous potential and are sincerely wasting everything. Nickname on Game: Zenboy Link Discord quoted: https://discord.gg/djKSUTW
  6. Let me be a little dramatic ... I beg. I beg. Please give us 999 stacks on the materials. This would make the game much more fair and fluid.
  7. I get only 50k full t10(lvl12) without no charms of Critical Damage. Legacys: Harb Master (Legendary)/Target Vitals(Legendary)/Target Weakness(Legendary)/Followup(Rare) Any tips to maximize skill damage?
  8. The game is getting very stationary after we get the last tier items in the game. I have many items to sell. Both me and my friends are exhausted from waiting. Many have complained about wanting to stop playing the game. We are eager to be able to make the game flow again.
  9. This bug has completely nerfed my fun when it comes to progressing. My character is almost completely end game. And every time I try to make a tier 10 and this occurs, my willingness to stop playing increases. What I do not want to do, because I really like this game and want to see more of it ahead. But in addition to being ultra humiliating with its exorbitant waiting times, it is with this horrible bug that makes us spend absurd amounts of time and resources to create an item that is not "Defective." I hope developers can repaginate craft soon. A game that claims not to be pay to win, should have the decency of not trying to take our money on such a basic function in character progression. The game itself does not need this in my opinion. It may well drastically decrease the wait time and keep making money with the expansions of slots, skins and other things we like to have in the game. I feel like an idiot every time I do a tier 10 and it comes with repeated imprints inside it, being that I put only a prefix and suffix.
  10. My friend is color blind and it's hard for him to see me in the minimap. Could one of the developers think about this ahead? It would be of great help to people with this visual flaw.
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