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  1. Sephos

    T2 Dungeon DeadEnd

    Also got the nowhere to go on 1008376582 @amethyst_hh
  2. Sephos


    As a sentinel main, I think it is perfectly balanced. Just kidding, energy loss should be based on damage blocked and have a way to scale that energy loss with damage with stats/equip. Also the invincible infiltrator build needs looked at too.
  3. Sephos

    Invasion/Resurgence Review

    @BreadSlice Good read and overall I agree with your points of problems with the event, we do differ on play style for sure. This is what T10+ should feel like, not necessarily this event. But if they applied this event to T10+ that would also not be the way I would choose to improve difficulty as we've talked about in discord.
  4. Sephos

    Invasion/Resurgence Review

    After talking with some great friends about the words I've said here, I would like to add: I think this event is fun and well designed. That doesn't erase the other problems which I have posted already, and this event can NOT be applied to the entirety of the game.
  5. Hi everyone, if you don't know me my name is Sephos and I've played this game since Early Access Launched. This is my review on the Invasion/Resurgence event we have going on at the present time. This is the best content I've done since first playing this game. I've never had this much fun as I am right now in this game. My favorite part that wasn't really shown in the dev stream was the difficulty of T6+ invasions. Some information that I want the devs to know is that invasions weren't being ran and feedback seemed negative, until the news broke out of how exciting the later tiers were because of how scary they could be. T7 deals 850 damage to me on the catapults large lobbed fireball shot. That puts me at 150 HP. Based on the calculation for T8 damage, it would insta kill me with maxed gear. I have been looking for something challenging and this really excites me. Thank you for this content!
  6. Sephos

    Hardcore Server & Few More Ideas

    I like the idea and I think the differences presented to make it hardcore would be perfect for a hardcore server. My only take back is the possible unforeseen consequences of splitting the player base between hardcore and normal servers.
  7. Sephos

    T5 Drops are horrible

    You're just having bad rng. Keep trying
  8. Sephos

    almost 1 month feedback :)

    I think his name was sliced bread but not sure @BreadSlice
  9. Sephos

    almost 1 month feedback :)

    @ChrissDive " this a bad idea. This boss shoots constantly in cricle. Removing rocks would g´╗┐rant no cover. " Make the rock move, pop up somewhere right before he goes to fire. There's a spot you can stand where you can hit the boss and it can't hit you. That is not very interactive. " that would cause the whole fight to be just longer." Good, and more difficult because you can't safe spot. " So your idea to make boss fights harder is to make them more tanky and shoot faster? This idea is very shallow. Just make boss fights more complicated by adding to them more abilities that would make them more unpredictable. " When i think of "bullet hell" I imagine more of a fight like the last one in undertale against flowy. Might just be me tho.
  10. Sephos


    Yes, this be cool. That's about all I got to say about that.
  11. Sephos

    Character Dead from nothing (Strange Bug @ T2 Dungeon)

    I went into the Dungeon, after 2 seconds i took damage again, 1 second after, i was dead. Sounds like you were poisoned from outside.
  12. Sephos

    Roll back duped my stuff

    @RedBlooded I understand the frustration. If you want my opinion I've never met better devs. Also something you might not of known Is the team is very very small and came back from vacation to fix these issues. I have a feeling they are going on 0 sleep.
  13. Sephos

    Roll back duped my stuff

    @RedBlooded Lawsuit threat /= upset player. If they just voiced that they were upset I'm sure the response would have been different. Also every-time something has happened we have been compensated for time lost. Since they are still fixing issues from the roll back I am pretty sure we would hear about compensation after the issue is fully resolved.
  14. Sephos

    Roll back duped my stuff

    That's not how lawsuits work and an outside source messed up the game. Based on what happened it would be 10000x worse if what happened wasn't reversed. Knowing the devs we will probably all get something for the time lost, but dont need to go throwing around the word lawsuit meaninglessly to do that.
  15. Sephos

    Roll back duped my stuff

    @HH_Amethyst Plebku has the screenshots and the additional info I am second hand information as I am at work currently.