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  1. I tested the damage from ground effects, and they seem to work a little differently. I'll use lava as an example: This lava does +30 damage over time. On the first tick, it will do 30 damage. On the second tick, 60 damage. On the third, 90 damage. If a player has 140 damage reduction, their first hit will be for 10 damage on the fifth tick. So it'll be like: DoT (Actual) 1. 30 (0) 2. 60 (0) 3. 90 (0) 4. 120 (0) 5. 150 (10) 6. 180 (40) 7. 210 (70) 8. 240 (100) 9. 270 (130) 10. 300 (160) From the ground effects I saw on the overworld, Resin has +15 DoT, while Lava and Tar both have +30. For a player with very high endurance, there will be more time before they start taking damage, but the actual damage progression should be similar to a player with lower endurance.
  2. They're in no particular order. Just random things I've been thinking about, or +1s for other common suggestions. 1. In the auction house, setting the bid price and buyout price to the same bloodstone value should not add +100 to the buyout price. Currently, if a player sets the bid price and buyout price to the same number, the game adds +100 to the buyout price. In this case, the game should either not change anything and only allow buyout, or only add +1 to the buyout price if this is not possible. It's a little odd that if a player sets the bid price and buyout price to 10, wanting to sell an item at the minimum value, the buyout price will become 110. Players currently need to manually set the bid price to 10 and buyout price to 11 to avoid this. 2. After bidding, there should still be a "Buy Now" option available. Currently, if a player bids, say, 10 bloodstones on an item that has a buyout price of 25 bloodstones, that player is stuck with no options until another player bids. If the player bids and then decides they want to buy the item immediately (or as I've done, accidentally clicked bid when I intended to buy 😮), there should be an option to pay the 15 remaining bloodstones to buy the item. 3. In the auction house, the bid column should show what the minimum bid price is, even if there are no bidders. Sometimes, items have a very different bid price than their buyout price. An item that may appear more expensive may have a much lower bid price than other items, and it would be very helpful to know what the bid price is at a glance. Currently, players can even technically sort the column by bid price, even if the price is hidden, but they would have to click on each individual item to see what the bid price actually is. 4. Stackable items should show their quantity overlaid on their icon, or in a place easily visible without having to investigate every stack. A player currently can't tell if someone is selling a stack of 1 wood or 99 wood in the auction house without actually clicking on each individual entry. Having numbers overlaid on an item's icon would help a lot when looking at items in the auction house or inventory. 5. Materials should be split into more categories, or have an option to further narrow items down into sub-categories. The materials section in the auction house covers many items like resources, imprints, keys, and charms. It would be very helpful to have items like these separated into more categories, or have sub-categories to further narrow these down. 6. Equipment should also have the option to narrow down items by class. This would basically be for any menus where equipment is managed - auction house, bank, crafting, etc. There could be buttons or a dropdown menu to show equipment only for a certain class or classes. 7. The electrum/bloodstone exchange should have sortable columns like the auction houses, with columns sortable by quantity, price, and price ratio. 8. In the store, cosmetics (dyes and accessories) should show a character preview when the item is selected. Currently, selecting a dye only shows a large picture of the bottle of dye. It would be very useful to see what my character would look like instead. 9. Female avatar option. 10. In the auction house, sorting by a column should sort the entire auction house instead of only the current page. The way sorting in the auction house currently functions doesn't feel intuitive. Currently, the pages in the auction house are ordered by how much time is left on the auctions. The first page shows the items that were most recently list, while the last page shows auctions that have nearly ended. I would expect that if I sorted from high to low Tier, the game would search through all listings across all pages, showing all T10 equipment at the top and having T1 equipment on the last page. However, it currently only sorts results on the current page you're looking at? This means I'd have to go to page 1, sort, look for T10 weapons, go to page two, sort, look for T10 weapons, go to page 3, sort, look for T10 weapons, and so on. 11. Have the teleporter in The Tower be usable with silver stored in the bank. 12. The "Restorative Response" Ancestral Legacy technically has no effect and should be removed or reworked. This AL has a % chance of a 3 second boost to health regen after being hit. However, it takes about 3 seconds after being hit for health to start regenerating at all. By the time your character would start regenerating, the effect has already worn off and no benefit was gained. 13. While managing Ancestral Legacies after dying, there should be an extra layer of protection for accidentally destroying ALs. Option to lock cards? Undo button? Temporary discard pile? 14. A rework the vortex buff things that appear after killing an enemy. These buffs are very difficult to use. When they appear, I usually ignore them because I know I won't get much out of them. Even if I do stand in one, it doesn't feel very rewarding. Without changing them too drastically, one idea is instead of lasting for 5 seconds and giving a buff while standing inside them, the vortexes could last for 10-15 seconds and give a ~5 second buff to the player, allowing the player to keep moving and dodging while encouraging the player to stay near the vortex, running in and out to renew the buff while the vortex is there. 15. Revamp menus/UI. This seems to be a common suggestion, and it looks like it's already being worked on in part with the crafting menu redesign. A lot of the menus feel like they were inspired by mobile games. (Large buttons for tapping, and a lot of "swiping"/scrolling.) I think there's room for a bit of compacting. It would be very nice if the menus could fit more items on screen, had less scrolling, and more sorting/narrowing options. 16. Be able to assign weapons to shortcut keys to quickly swap weapons. Prefix weapons can completely change a player's strategy and playstyle, some with more situational uses. Being able to swap a weapon out without stopping to dig through the inventory would be very useful. 17. More uses for boss resources. Resources from bosses have almost no value since they're so easy to get compared to how expensive and time consuming it is to craft weapons or armor. I'm often dropping stacks of 10 because I know I won't be able to use them nor be able to sell them for minimum price in the auction house. Possible ideas: crafting extra keys, crafting weapons or armor with prefixes/suffixes, crafting some other kind of upgrade for weapons or armor, crafting cosmetics or tombstones themed around bosses, and maybe more that may or may not involve crafting! 18. Info on how to use the Standard Ancestral Legacy item in the description. Just a little text making it clear the player needs to die with the item in their inventory to gain the extra AL! I had more suggestions on here, but some of them were fixed in a recent update. Thank you devs for your hard work!
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