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  1. I really liked this game. It is a pity that it was all over and I did not understand why you say that you returned the Steam money. The money was returned to you by the developers as promised in another topic. I did not regret the money invested in the game. I liked everything.
  2. It looks good. The problem is that it is not usual for those who played on the old interface.
  3. I also do not see this skin
  4. https://discord.gg/survivedby WTB - Want to Buy WTS - Want to Sell WTT - Want to Trade It is a pity that administrators do not want to introduce a reputation system. -rep @Discord_adms
  5. Med0nt

    Week 11 Hotfix 1

    The game freezes after choosing a character.
  6. There must be a feeling that I have become stronger and it is easier and safer for me to play, but the higher the level of my relics the more terrible I am to play. I'm afraid that I will remain my main character and continue to play another character without relics, and the main character will be like a mannequin with high-level relics. I don’t think anyone needs such a system. I also don’t like the T10 in which there is nothing but relics and this is sometimes very annoying.
  7. I do not agree. I farm valor in two weeks in December, getting 150-200 thousand for 1 time before the developers greatly increased the amount of valor received, which many thought was wrong. My friends and I were incredibly sad when people wrote about what they get by the millions. Now it looks perfect, as it should be.
  8. Med0nt

    t10 craft

    I had two swords. Level 8 on craft and level 7 is dressed on a character. Three pieces of resource t10 - disappeared. Sword level 7 - disappeared. 150,000 silver - disappeared. 4 imprints Frag. - disappeared. 1 imprint Precision - disappeared. The remaining resources remained.
  9. Med0nt

    t10 craft

    Hello. Five minutes ago I tried to craft a sword t10. Each attempt gave me nothing. I tried to change the scrolls in places and all the frag. scrolls, 150k silver and frag. weapons of T9 7 level disappeared from me (why level 7? Lol). It really ruined my mood. What do I need to do to get my items back?
  10. Will this update be this week or next?
  11. Nooooooooooooooooo I hope we do not need to occupy the forge for crafting relics - it will be very bad as the time for crafting keys takes all 4 forges and it takes a very long time.
  12. I think aura stones have no influence on the fall of things in the bag at all. I checked many times and I see no difference, except that you must not leave the computer for 3 hours and stay on your mobs to pick up resources or a tiny amount of silver.
  13. I would like access to the inventory of each character in the game menu and the ability to shift items.
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