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  1. The guild is still pretty active during the day and night even with the population being so small. We have many dedicated players willing to help out new players. join the guild if you'd like to have an active group of people to play with, to ask questions or get help.
  2. I think this sounds excellent, Thanks for the hard work.
  3. Yeah I could see T5 dropping "rarely" in T10 and T3 dropping in T9's. This makes sense to me, but currently its way to much.
  4. Been meaning to ask you @hh_katherine why can't I edit my original post anymore, I'd love the ability to be able to update the post as time goes on.
  5. Endgame players can probably agree or disagree (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ that endgame crafting went from a serious grind to a complete snoozefest. The chests in T9 dungeons felt super rewarding before T5 was implemented, Everyone would be very excited to see one just to ping and hope for a rare T8 material drop. Now you can spend 1 hour farming materials for about 40 sable. Prices for materials were in a good place but now everything is worthless by how common and easy everything is. I have barley tried to farm and I have like 1.5k enriched metals after constantly crafting items, I have so much I had to create a mule character just to hold them all. First world problems. I understand the need for obtaining better resources for end game players, but T5 dropping was to much. I could totally see T3 material drops being much more practical and would bring back chests feeling rewarding and end game crafting. Please swap the T5 for T3. Thanks As always if you have constructive feedback Id love to hear why you agree or disagree.
  6. @hh_katherine talked about the sub classes today on the dev stream, Pretty similar to what I suggested here, Id be interested to see what you guys think about my idea?
  7. Thanks Katherine as always, The one thing I wanted to really know about was bloodstone? Do you have any thoughts or opinions you could share with us about bloodstone? It seems to be a pretty big issue/concern with new players? I was wondering if you'd increase the quests rewards only if a little?
  8. You miss a lot of my points unfortunately. Lets try to further explain my logic behind these "temp" solutions that I have suggested. These are quick fixes until they completely redo many of the systems the game offers and stated that they will infact be revisiting many of the current systems/content. My point of this post was that they need to slightly adjust priorities "imo". It doesn't seem like you fully read my post. I could be mistaken. You are missing the point here. If you rise bloodstone for quest suddenly everything on AH would jump in price. So that's not the fix. I think it would be nice to be able to buy HP pots for silver. I'm not even talking about the vaule of existing bloostone that players have, it would drop drastically. 1. I believe YOU are missing the point here my friend. You cannot add a currency where you get a total of 15 per 8 hours, for 99% of players, thats 15 per day. A simple key, or 3 hour buff is 20. Not including health potions which I could see them changing to silver, this seems fine to me. The prices of vendor items that sell for bloodstone don't match the output of bloodstonte the game gives you. They have already stated that this isn't currently enough and are aware of the issue. This is just a "quick" fix until they get around to fixing it as a whole. Regarding point 3. U want to make imprints more rare, that would casue the price for imprints, gear etc. to be higher and u complained ealier about not being able to buy anything for Bloodstone beacuse you cant get enough of it. 2. Yes "I" would like to make imprints more rare, This is infact my post. This is why I posted it. I don't believe in rng bullshit such as buying an item for next to nothing only to be rewarded with an item that should feeling rewarding and rare to get. Might as well afk and farm out the best item I can craft because I spent 24 hours breaking down t1 items from the vendor. How is this rewarding and doesn't seem like an issue? " Remove the dang rocks in front of the t7 boss " this a bad idea. This boss shoots constantly in cricle. Removing rocks would grant no cover. 3. The boss fight is a complete joke, Might as well take a nap hiding behind the rock and slowly killing it. Why does this seem acceptable to you? Remove the rock and change the attack pattern so some sort of skill is involved? I don't think you should be rewarded for being able to kill a boss and not worry about death. " Make the amber in front of the T5 boss hurt you instantly as the lava and tar does, Standing in the amber just negates the whole fight. " that would cause the whole fight to be just longer 4. I'm starting to think you just want things handed to you without any effort? oh boy gotta do the boss the way it was intended. Whats funny is you agree that you can complete t9 t3 to quickly. What? " Everybody already hates t6, just remove the rocks and increase the HP of the tentacles and boss. " People don't hate it because of kraken. People hate it because waters makes it so slow to move around and because of that t6 runs are pretty long for not much reward. 5. I hate t6 because of the reduced movement personally, but boss is another joke and can be killed easily. I believe it needs to be buffed a little. "Let's start with the first boss? It dies in about 0.001 seconds " how did u measure it? 6. Really my man? Have you even completed t10? The Dryad? Do I even need to explain myself? Any end game player can back me up on this, A few shots and it dies. Its a t10 boss.....anyways.... " If you add silver drops to t10 then reduce t9 selling price to 5k and t8 to 3k or something. I believe that t10 should be the place to get silver, Not spam t9 for drops only to sell to the vendor. I’m sick of t9 just like everybody else….. " What's wrong with silver? At the moment it's pretty useless (crafting and buying keys for normal modes). I would love to see some things for high silver pirce being added to the game. 7. If you believe silver is worthless then I pity the fool. I do agree I would love having more items to buy with silver. Silver is king. My point though was that t10 is very unrewarding. Just adding another reason to 'want" to do t10 over t9. Currently very little reason to do t10 after a few runs getting the relics. " Make t8 boss shot her purple and green bullets in every direction randomly and quicker. " " Actually just increase the HP of mobs and bosses by like a lot. " " Make boss projectiles like 50% faster or something, 90% of the time I run t9’s I’m usually watching movie or youtube on my mother monitor because nothing is really dangerous once you have seen it a few times. " So your idea to make boss fights harder is to make them more tanky and shoot faster? This idea is very shallow. Just make boss fights more complicated by adding to them more abilities that would make them more unpredictable. 8. Once again this proves you didn't read my post. These are "quick" changes UNTIL they get the time to look at and adjust/correct some of the content regarding bosses and dungeon difficulty. I am suggesting "semi" simple and fast edits to the content while they get around to make the endgame feel more rewarding for the dedicated players sticking around. The idea is very shallow and I'm not a big fan of it personally, But it would temporarily make the game feel like a semi challenge. Anyways please my post fully next time, If you don't understand something message me on discord.
  9. Recap: We’re about 1 month into the game and unfortunately due to the poor timing of release it feels like little has been done up to this point ( harsh I know sorry ). The game was announced on game awards which drew in thousands of players only to break the game for about 1 week. After a week the servers stabilized after most of the players who joined left and many server adjustments. Following the next 2 weeks we’ve received some minor improvements to further help fix the servers issues and combat duping (darn rascals). The christmas event came and I think it was very enjoyable and implemented wonderfully, No complaints from me. Now comes along christmas and new years where the developers go on vacation which is to be expected. We’re all humans and deserve time off with family for the holidays, I’ve been off work for about a month myself. They come back the 2nd. I hope they had a wonderful time off and sorry about what incident that happened during it Recap done. Intro: Continuing on always I honestly love the game I’m really enjoying it, I currently run a guild that is pretty big in size, about 70-80 members currently and we consistently discuss the state of the game, The positives and the negatives. I just want to take what my guild members and I discuss regularly and put it into some quick feedback/suggestions since were about 1 month into the game. We have the invasions coming up sometime in the next couple weeks which look really awesome, but I feel like releasing invasions will be a mistake with limited manpower. Every hotfix/change usually breaks something else, We currently have some pretty big bugs still lingering around the game, Friends lists don’t work, Potions don’t stay, vaults wiping, crafting being broken...etc. I can’t imagine if we release invasions what might happen, and even if everything comes out of the gate and everything else seems to be fine, I’m sure they’ll have some kind of issue with the invasions that needs to be addressed. This will be another week or 2 of not looking at existing problems. The team is small I don’t know what anybody's roll is and who works on what, but with the past month and how much work their already is to do, I afraid invasions might do more harm than good to the current state. I think focusing on the already existing end game and systems in place are far more important. Crafting, Potions, bloodstones, t9’s and t10’s. The player base and developers already know these are issues and I’m sure have been already working hard on figuring out the issues, but I think all the attention needs to be focused on fixing these issues right now before they linger on any longer. Its driving away the already small population the game has. I just want to make it very clear that changes/fixes to this game are not a click of a button, I get that. It takes time and work hard. I understand that fixing a problem or implementing a hotfix can easily cause another issue to occur, It happens. Onto my suggestions First and biggest issue currently is with bloodstone, This has been brought up time and time again. Many of my guild members that have quit the game or struggle to play have told me time and time again, “Zesty I just don’t have bloodstone to buy HP potions to do any content. I have done all the quests I can for today” “I have tried to farm chests but its very slow”. Instead of changing anything dramatic to fix this, Please just increase the board quests from giving freakin 2-3 to like 50-100. This will give players many more options and prevent people from quitting. The auction house will be much more active because majority of the player base will actually have some currency to spend each day. I think it needs to be at least 50 bloodstone minimum, They reset every 8 hours. The supply of bloodstone is like 1% coming into the game and the demand is 99%. This needs to be fixed now. Not a few weeks from now. Make lava and tar instantly hurt you. It should still start at 2-4 and keep doubling like it does, but you can cheese t10 and t9 in minutes by doing this. This would instantly make drops feel a little more rewarding by actually having to kill enemies. Remove imprints from dismantling t1, I think this is a complete joke and has gone on far to long. Why are you able to get any and every imprint from dismantling an item for 15 silver. Sure its rng but do this for a day and you can get 20-40 imprints if you kept at it between runs. Remove this and force an item to actually be rewarding and rare to get them you run t9 or make them drop, or craftable for 2k silver and cloth and leather t5. 5 minute craft time, and make the imprint random on creation. Something a little harder to get. Everything is legit worthless currently when the AH is back up. Highest price is like 2k for a frag t10 which will eventually just keep dropping until something is done. We all know that T9’s need to be gutted and redone, Attack patterns, Boss abilities, Rewards. T9/T3 hardmode takes mere minutes to complete for the biggest gain for time spent, The influence board shows this with boss kills. There is little reason besides the 1-2 runs for the relics to complete the other T9’s, and even they are a joke. You can just run through the enemies and not have to worry about ever dying, once you get to any boss you just run in a circle around them and they eventually die. We all know these are existing issues, but I think it'd be a mistake to wait until they eventually get fixed. I believe small adjustments could go a long way until the dev’s get around to making the adjustments they need for t9. Increase the rate of fire for enemies (Not entirely sure how this one would play out, I just think if the enemies fired more quickly you wouldn’t be able to skip every mob in the game.) As suggested above, make lava/Tar hurt you instantly(Skipping 80% of the map makes it boring and obviously ruins the intent of the dungeon) Make boss projectiles like 50% faster or something, 90% of the time I run t9’s I’m usually watching movie or youtube on my mother monitor because nothing is really dangerous once you have seen it a few times. Remove the dang rocks in front of the t7 boss Make t8 boss shot her purple and green bullets in every direction randomly and quicker. Everybody already hates t6, just remove the rocks and increase the HP of the tentacles and boss. Actually just increase the HP of mobs and bosses by like a lot. Make the amber in front of the T5 boss hurt you instantly as the lava and tar does, Standing in the amber just negates the whole fight. (I could probably keep listing them but you get the jist) T10 is a fun instance but like everything else in the game, You can just run through/past everything to the boss. Let's start with the first boss? It dies in about 0.001 seconds, Just increase the HP and damage by a good amount. Second boss is fine. Last boss is fine I suppose for a (easy) version of the raid. Add silver drops to t10, like 250 silver randomly off mobs or something. If you add silver drops to t10 then reduce t9 selling price to 5k and t8 to 3k or something. I believe that t10 should be the place to get silver, Not spam t9 for drops only to sell to the vendor. I’m sick of t9 just like everybody else….. I know the team is small and you guys have been pushing out small hotfixes for server stability often and It's appreciated and great. The communication from Katherine is amazing. I may or may not have come off harsh but its out of love for the game. You guys really have a wonderful team but you guys need to send out some small quick fixes to the current content/game or you’ll lose even your dedicated players. The servers have been pretty stable as of late and I I think it's time to focus on the current content rather than invasions or bigger updates. Even if you don’t use any of my suggestions something has to happen when you guys are back from vacation and fast. People are leaving and the game feels pretty empty. P.S a concerned player ❤️
  10. The very first dungeon T1 can only be soloable. T2 and the rest can be done together.
  11. Hello, I’m zesty the leader of the bloodstone pub and lately I’ve been brainstorming ideas for the future and I recently thought of one that would be really neat. Intro: So instead of adding new classes into the game anytime soon it seems they’d like to add sub classes to game through ancestral legacies which sounds like it could be a really cool design. Currently the legacy card system is decent and gives a large variety of choices, but I think with some tweaking it could really bring the system to life. I have a few thoughts Id like to share with everyone, I’ll try my best to explain and I apologize for my English, I’m terrible at writing walls of text like this. I’m not saying this idea will definitely work out or if It’ll be any good at all. I just wanted to see what others think. IDEA: I think it’d be interesting to add a 5th card slot in front of the already existing 4 card slots for legacies. This newly added slot would bring in a new line of cards which would really change/define the sub-class you’d be interested in. This card slot would change the way your already existing ability acts. So for “example” Alchemists default special ability is he throws a puddle of goo onto the ground that damages what is in it. What if you equip a card that changed it from damaging to maybe a boost on the ground, Such as attack speed? Protection? Maybe evening a BALANCED healing? This is what it’d look like if this was implemented. You could have the ability changing card slot that would immediately define your classes ability. Simple and straightforward. You would then have the already existing 4 card slots, Not much really changes here. You have a change that doesn’t really change the system as a whole, It just adds onto it but really brings it to life. You would need to add 2 new card types, the ability changing cards for the class(sub class cards), and cards that would go into the 4 slots that affect the ability changing card. You could spice it up even more by adding the subclass set bonuses attached directly to the card to make it a little more simpler for newer players Alchemist Example So my first thought for alchemist was, He throws a pool of goo on the ground which is small and doesn’t move. What could you do with this? He seems like he’d be a solid support class, I think most can agree. Healing? Healing could easily ruin the game if done incorrectly. You’d need a balanced version, no instant or targeted healing abilities. My thought was just to turn his little puddle of goop from green into a light blue, If you walk into this “small” puddle it’ll slowly heal tick over time and heal you, nothing really to game breaking there. You would need to stand still, in a small puddle. Seems more risk than reward due to the fact that standing still could easily kill you in later content, this would have a very situational use. So this is where you would bring in card’s that could further improve the ability changing card slot. The heal by itself would be weak, but maybe add in a card that could increase the radius? Increase the rate at which the healing proc’s or ticks, Increased healing? The options are pretty wide. If this was added you could really define your character because you could use 2 slots to maybe further enhance your ability changing slot and maybe use 2 to add maybe add increased energy gain? Increased energy pool? I really think this system would really bring cards that are currently useless to life such as energy pool? Regen...etc. Maybe you don’t think healing has a place in the game? I disagree, if done correctly you could design raid boss mechanics around specific sub classes, maybe you do want a tank druid. Or a support sentinel or alch? I think it would really be unique and interesting. Other alch sub-class suggestions: You could do basic buffs instead of damage or healing, Maybe the alch special would throw down a purple puddle that would increase attack speed? Defense? Health? Maybe you could throw down a puddle and if someone ran through it, it would give them a temp buff of movement speed? Health Regen? Many options here if balanced correctly. Now if done incorrectly like anything it could easily be exploitable. For example stacking attack speed and standing in an attack speed puddle and you kill bosses in 0.01 seconds or something. If this system was in fact added or something like it, You would most likely need to make it so class buffs don’t stack together, Sentinel would be a good support class and could have similar abilities but would wouldn’t want alch and support stacking buffs together on the ground which could be OP. Conclusion: What would really need to be added for this to work? First you would add a new slot on top of the already existing 4 card slots, A main ability changing slot. You would need to add cards that further define this new subclass card. So alch’s healing sub-class you could add in increased healing, radius, tick rate...etc. I had plans to design some more sub-classes for the other classes but I wanted to see what everyone thought about this first. I can always come back and design more sub-classes at a later date. Some quick thoughts of mine were maybe assassins could instead drop a fan of knives, maybe a small bomb or trip wire? For sentinel I think the classes ability does to much and needs to just be broken down into different sub-classes, Currently it blocks damage, heals, hurts, increased regen….etc.Those could easily each be a different class. Druid could have different forms instead of a bear, wolf, bird?...etc. Harbinger could possibly have different effects instead of outright damage. Instead of the special damages, maybe it'd bleed, slow, push back...etc. If this gets decent feedback I'll create many more sub-class idea's. Thanks for reading guys, Hopefully you give constructive feedback
  12. Zestygoobs

    Square One

    They have already stated they will not be restoring items from the rollback, It sucks but everyone got rollbacked, It wasn't just you.
  13. Yes, Known bug If you buy one at a time the UI loads very quickly..
  14. I need a better spot to keep this thread from falling down to the bottom
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