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  1. Madily

    Holidays in the Heartlands!

    😍 I hate I have missed a few days of this!! Happy Holidays!! and Thank you!!!
  2. Madily

    Inventory Count Total

    Hey! New job? Haha!! I am glad I am not the only one ;). The first time my gaming buddy was like "Liz- its telling you its taking up space.. The number changed from like 29140 to 30140, so then I was like- Wow.. Its taking up 1000 units. haha - so then I am going - So this must be 1000 square bits, Sure ok. lol
  3. Madily

    Inventory Count Total

    Thanks Katherine You guys are working so hard!
  4. Madily

    Constantly getting Error Request Timed Out

    I am so sorry to hear that! I wish that trick would work for now!! Hopefully it won't be long before its fixed
  5. Madily

    Constantly getting Error Request Timed Out

    Have you attempted to change to the EU servers for now?
  6. Hi! So- Number 1 - I LOVE this game, and am grateful for all of you. #2- I am ashamed to admit this but I think there needs to a little more separation in the inventory count. When I look at the below: I see 14150.. So when I first started playing, I just thought it was some random id that was every changing. Yes, far-fetched I know, but with these old eyes, it is what it is. After my husband and friends finally said "its 14/50 " 😰😰 LOL I like the font but I think the | needs to be replaced with either a clear / or a more defined space between the counts : 14 | 50
  7. If you go to the shrine at [742, 816] it is just a north east run between the two deeper waters. Additional Info on Dungeons .
  8. Madily

    In game help

    They are going to be adding a "guild" system. I joined to this game too late, so I missed the update just recently, but will be interesting to see how it develops.
  9. 100% agree, I am very new as well, just started yesterday. This game has so much potential and is currently already pretty awesome.
  10. Madily

    Constantly getting Error Request Timed Out

    If you are still trying to connect to the North American Servers, that may be the error. Try using a Europe server and see how it goes. The ping may be a little bit more, but it hasn't affected me (100's range) and I have been problem free all afternoon as long as I stay on the European server.
  11. Madily

    CARD BUG!!!!

    There is another topic that is also the same bug- Dev/Staff says it has been sent for investigation.
  12. Madily

    Rollbacks kill the experience

    Try changing to the European servers for now. There doesn't seem to be as many bugs on those for some reason.
  13. This is kind of wild to me too. But some parts of the saving is there, it has to do with the servers, and if you see any time of message telling you you have been disconnected, logout and reconnect. That will help. Also- Per the Discord Channel, they say to try the EU servers for now, they seem a little more stable at the moment.
  14. Madily

    Server Issues

    Agreed. Even with the server issues- Me and a few of my friends definitely have a great time!
  15. Madily

    Game froze after dungeon completion

    Yes, the servers seem to be continuing to experience problems, no doubt to the high volume. Have fun