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  1. Can we get small version of consumable Aura Stones (3h duation the current existing one) and make them cost and duration reduced to 50% or even a 1h version. I and probable many other players dont like to do 3h sessions to use them fully. To be true I'm not really fan of boosts like we got here multiple buffs ++30%xp/drop, that makes you fill no sens to play without them (near double the efficient is to good not to mention adding to it the 100% buff and you triple your speed in drops and xp compared other players).
  2. Milder

    Dungeon T2 Bug

    I had same map on T2 Hard.
  3. Milder

    silver going from x to 2

    lost 150k silver.... no money for teleport, common please it cant be we go from one bug into another..