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  1. Some people might have bugged chat, which means you cannot use the fact that they don't responde on chat as evidence.
  2. " Please just increase the board quests from giving freakin 2-3 to like 50-100. This will give players many more options and prevent people from quitting. The auction house will be much more active because majority of the player base will actually have some currency to spend each day. " You are missing the point here. If you rise bloodstone for quest suddenly everything on AH would jump in price. So that's not the fix. I think it would be nice to be able to buy HP pots for silver. I'm not even talking about the vaule of existing bloostone that players have, it would drop drastically. Regarding point 3. U want to make imprints more rare, that would casue the price for imprints, gear etc. to be higher and u complained ealier about not being able to buy anything for Bloodstone beacuse you cant get enough of it. " Remove the dang rocks in front of the t7 boss " this a bad idea. This boss shoots constantly in cricle. Removing rocks would grant no cover. " Make the amber in front of the T5 boss hurt you instantly as the lava and tar does, Standing in the amber just negates the whole fight. " that would cause the whole fight to be just longer. " Everybody already hates t6, just remove the rocks and increase the HP of the tentacles and boss. " People don't hate it because of kraken. People hate it because waters makes it so slow to move around and because of that t6 runs are pretty long for not much reward. "Let's start with the first boss? It dies in about 0.001 seconds " how did u measure it? " If you add silver drops to t10 then reduce t9 selling price to 5k and t8 to 3k or something. I believe that t10 should be the place to get silver, Not spam t9 for drops only to sell to the vendor. I’m sick of t9 just like everybody else….. " What's wrong with silver? At the moment it's pretty useless (crafting and buying keys for normal modes). I would love to see some things for high silver pirce being added to the game. " 9/T3 hardmode takes mere minutes to complete for the biggest gain for time spent, " I agree with that one. T3 is way too fast. " Make t8 boss shot her purple and green bullets in every direction randomly and quicker. " " Actually just increase the HP of mobs and bosses by like a lot. " " Make boss projectiles like 50% faster or something, 90% of the time I run t9’s I’m usually watching movie or youtube on my mother monitor because nothing is really dangerous once you have seen it a few times. " So your idea to make boss fights harder is to make them more tanky and shoot faster? This idea is very shallow. Just make boss fights more complicated by adding to them more abilities that would make them more unpredictable.
  3. I got the same problem, you should write to support. Don't expect a fast fix though. " At this time, after the server hotfix and rollback we are having difficulty accessing user data, and until the issue is resolved we are not able to fix your items in question. "
  4. If you remove silve cost suddenly silver becomes useless.
  5. This is ridiculous, it is second bow I make and both bugged.
  6. It says Pyroclast Master (I) Bow of Fragmentation of Fragmentation. What concerns me is the fact is says "of fragemntation" twice. Is it going to be bugged or it's just a normal thing?
  7. You should get it in yur ingame mail. At least that's how I got it after buying.
  8. I've ended up with double prefix somehow. I've already submited a ticket to support.
  9. If i put 5 diffrent prefix imprints into a weapon (while crafting ofc), do i get 100% to get one of those on that weapon or it doesn't work like that. Anyone tried this?
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