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    Ha you guys are crazy I only have 10 hours so far. 😁
  2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Post #2, 12/11/2018, Harbinger 1, Starting Level: 18, Ending Level: 25 The Legend Harbinger This post will be short and sweet because I actually gained these last 7 levels within 2 or less hours. My first post ended with me having completed the Frozen Haven cave. I used the teleporter I had made sure to find in the Frozen Haven cave area and returned there through it. When I got back to the cave there were at least 10 people going in and out of the cave--doing speed runs to the boss at the end and gathering the lootz. I had made sure to bring two keys with me that I earned by completing Targeted Enemy quests. However, I ended up being able to go through the cave about 6 times before needing to use even my first key. After about 9 runs everyone in the area dissipated and I had used both of my keys. I was level 23 at this point and on the last boss fight my character was glitching out, so I headed back to the Tower. Come to find out, the reason my character was glitching out was because my mouse had died and my character got stuck in auto-shoot mode in a single direction. At this point I actually had to hop the game for a bit until I could get some fresh batteries. Upon hopping back on to finish completing my first character I was met with a terrible fate--all of the map that I had discovered up to this point was now gone. All of the shrines I had found were now lost and I was no longer able to fast travel. But, glitches and bug are part of any game, so I buckled down and started making the 15 minute journey to where the Frozen Haven Cave was located by foot. I was determined to see what happened after "Perishing in the Well", and unlocking the Druid class. Once I finally arrived I ran the Frozen Cave three more times. At that, I was finally level 25! I immediately headed back to the Tower and began storing in the vault what I thought would be important to keep. Important Note 1: Store whatever you don't want to lose in the vault prior to visiting the Well. Whatever you are carrying and wearing will be lost (assuming you don't want to spend money to keep it). I kept most of the gear I was wearing on because I wasn't sure if there would be an advantage to having it on when I stormed the well. I headed straight up from the Tower, went down into the World Tree, and headed straight down to the Well. After confirming a warning letting me know this would be it for my precious Harbinger, I was greeted by wraiths. First one, then 10, then 100. I knew as soon as they reached me I'd be done for, so I focused all my arrows on a single target determined to get at least one kill... which I succeeded at doing. After death I was first met with a card outlining my kills: After clicking Continue, I was able to upgrade my Ancestral Legacy's... and I earned a lot. Enough, in, fact, where I couldn't continue until I deleted some of them. Here is where I found out that there are different ranks to Ancestral Legacies: at least bronze, silver, and gold for sure exist. I knew my next character was going to be a druid so I leveled up all relevant legacies. Then was born, Seth the Druid. *Notice my tier 4 equipment on a brand new character. 😉 Important Note 2: Store whatever you don't need but will be useful for future characters. Until Next Time, -Lapsey
  3. Do you lose all the gear that is equipped when you "Perish in the Well"?
  4. Thank you for your kind words! Since I finished my associates degree and started my major at university I haven't gotten to write in awhile and was itching to do so. Thought doing this might be a good stretch of the mind
  5. Appreciate that. I did happen to discover that at one point, but thought my bloodgems to sacred to spend them 😛
  6. Hello Fellow Survivors, I wanted to make a post outlining what I do each time I hop on the game with one particular goal in mind: To get a character from each class up to level 25. As of this first post, I have been playing for a total of 7 hours. This play time consisted of getting a Harbinger up to level 10, then creating each of the other two unlocked classes to see how they felt and to explore on a character I didn't put any time into (no fear of death). The final 2 or 3 hours was spent getting my Harbinger up to level 18, which is where he resides now. Each time I spend a few hours exploring, looting, and powering up I will make a post afterwards outlining my progression and explaining what I did. The purpose of writing this is to be the guinea pig for figuring things out so that others who may be lost on what to do can reference this. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Post #1, 12/10/2018, Harbinger 1, Starting Level: 11, Ending Level: 18 We start out in the grand ol' Tower. My guideline up to this point has been to follow the instructions of the Captain of the Guard. At this point, he wanted me to go to Cinder Valley to find obsidian for making better weapons. So I went down there, opening up some more of the map, and scavenged for a material called "obsidian". After 15 - 20 minutes of scavenging with no luck I pressed R and returned to the tower. I walked around talking to all the vendors (which would be the third time I had done so in hopes of finding a quest). Finally, I arrived to the Cryptographer who, after clicking the Cinder Valley location on his map, showed me the history of that location. Upon reading this I made an audible, "Ahh" sound as I realized that you had to kill an enemy type called Infernals to get the obsidian to drop. After making my way back to Cinder Valley and killing all the enemies I came across (since I didn't actually know which ones the Infernals were) I realized my first realization must be incorrect, because nothing was dropping obsidian. Once more I returned to the tower and this time decided I would I ask in chat if anyone knew how to obtain obsidian from Cinder Valley. The response: "Just craft it", followed by, "You will need tier 3 crafting". So I made my way to the Craftsman only to discover that I needed 200 silver and some materials in order to craft tier 3. I had the materials already, but I had spent all my silver crafting gear and thus was close to broke. *IMPORTANT NOTE HERE: DO NOT craft tier 1 or tier 2 gear... it is cheaper to go buy it at the Equipment Vendor. I wanted to maximize my efficiency in gaining the necessary amount of silver, so I headed back down to the Cinder Valley since it was the toughest area I had unlocked so far. I happened upon a cave while I was there, and it just so happened to already be unlocked. *Important Note 2: If someone is already inside a cave/dungeon, you don't have to have a key to get inside. Hop in for a free cave with the help from a teammate. Once the guys inside killed the boss, I not only got a hefty amount of exp, but I was also awarded to a new bow and a good amount of silver. At this point, I proceeded to farm Targeted Enemies, which are provided by the scrolls that randomly drop from killing normal enemies. I knew that the keys for caves/dungeons dropped from killing these Targeted Enemies. After receiving these keys, running the cave, and repeating, I finally managed to scrounge up 200 silver. I returned to the Tower and crafted some obsidian. To my merriment the Captain of the Guard accepted this and gave me my next instruction: Complete the Frozen Haven Cave. At this point, I remembered I had an experience boost from purchasing the starter pack. I usually don't go for micro transactions, but because the game was free and I needed to spend $5 on Steam anyways ($5 to add friends! 😱) I went ahead and got the starter pack. Once more utilizing chat as my aid, I discovered that the Frozen Haven Cave was located in the snow/ice area shown below as an orange cave marker. *Important Note 3: The Frozen Haven Cave is recommended for levels 15 - 19. At this point, I was level 16. I headed in the direction of the cave and for the first time was introduced to the sliding effect of walking on ice, which wasn't very hard to get used to. After completely the cave, I followed the Walking Path upwards to find a teleporter for when I needed to return. *Final Important Note: Anytime you're exploring a new area make sure you find a teleporter so that you don't have to run all the way back when its time to return. And that's the end of my journey from level 11 - level 18! I was answering the door to customers in my shop between playing so it may be the case that you can complete the same amount of work in less time. If you read this far then thanks for reading and hope is was either useful or interesting. Until next time, - Lapsey
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